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Southern pronunciation guides are common in these days of the InnerWeb, but the first one I remember seeing was a paperback book published after the regrettable election of Jimmy Carter to the presidency (that lamentable era began in 1977 for you younguns).  It was a humorous litle and mostly accurate book that probably made its author a few bucks, but southern speech is not universal in the south.  Georgians like Jimmy Carter don't sound like Arkansans (or we don't sound like them, thankfully) and Missippians and Alabamians and Louisianans and Texans don't all sound alike.  So this is an Arkansaw dictionary.

And by the way, movie and TV southern talk ain't raht neithuh.  When I was a child I cringed when Cher (is she still with us and if so why and what was Sonny thinking) sang "rode with us tuh Mayamphus". ARRGGH!.

Of course, stereotypes are a staple of pop culture (that's an oxymoron, unless you mean culture as in growing bacteria like Clostridium botulinum - now that would fit) they identify the south with words like gunnysack (pretty sure I have never heard that word used in an actual conversation) or you have the lovely Cheryl Ladd as one of Charlie's angels going undercover as a moonshiner's intern (?!) and being shown a shotgun and asked if she knows how to use it. "Scattuhgunn? Whah shore!" How much... nevermind.  And I ain't never heard nobody say 'cornpone' neither.  Except on TV.

Anyways, this here is kinda how we talk in Arkansaw.  It is always in an unfinished state because I add new entries as the inclination arises.  So no, there aren't any southern words beginnint with the letter 'x'.  If I find one I'll add it.



accordin - Depending upon some condition or event. Not in common use these days - some geezers remember it.

Billy Joe: Ew goin' to thuh movies with Priscilla Friday?."

Jim Bob: It's accordin'.

Billy Joe: What on?

Jim Bob: Whether er not her daddy's takin them tuh visit her cuzzins in Pocahontas."

aggervait - Annoy.

"Billy, you kwit aggervatin' yer sister."

Aingland - Part of the United Kingdom, were most of the population lives.

"Lester's boy joined the Air Force and he's going to Aingland"

Ainglish - The language spoken in Aingland and much of the world, including the USA.

"Dang son, whatcha sayin? Speak Ainglish."

aint - Female sibling of one's parent. Or the woman married to one's uncle.

Aint Cecilia she's come down with thuh flue."

ain't - Is not, are not.

Ain't a one em Tucker boys worth killin."

At ain't the right size wrench fer this."

air - Indicating the location of something or someone.

Bobbie Sue, you seen my readin glasses?"

Raht air they are on the kichen table."

airup - Inflate an inflatable device to proper pressure.

Y'better airup that raht front tar for you go anywhere."

allovem - All, every last one of something.

Clem: How many of them thangs you git?

Perry: Allovem.

anar - An hour or so.

Ahm goin' to walmarts. Be back in anar or two.

anshit - In addition to everything else.

"At burrel's plum full of trash anshit"

"I wooden mess with thuh Presley gang. Ey won't jes killya, they'll torcher you anshit"

arsh -- relating to Ireland, its people, or the Goidelic language.

We allus plant a few rows of arsh pertaters in thuh garden.

ass (also ats) -- Contraction of 'that is'

Assalright, Billy Bob. Ass jest uh chicken snake, it aint poison.

attair -- 'That there', prepended to names of persons or objects, for some reason

Attair tree limbs gonna fall on your car wunnathesedays.

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battree -- Device for storing electrical energy

"At old trucks gonna need a new battree fore it'll start."

bigass -- very large

"Rodneys gottim a new fourbyfour with some bigass tars onit."

buggy -- a shopping cart

Elmer: Aincha gonna git a buggy, Clarice?

Clarice: Naw, we just need a kuppla thangs.

buttload -- a whole lot of something

Harvey sez him an Jimmy Wayne pulled a whole buttload of crappie outta Murphys lake yesterday.

bitecha -- what a spider or snake or dog or other creature with suitable dental apparatus will do if provoked or merely given the opportunity.

You keep aggervatin at dawg he gonna bitecha.

bushawg -- Rear-mounted rotary mower mostly used for shortening vegetation, usually heavy, e.g. weeds, brush, etc. but also used for general mowing.

Ernie: The weeds on the old Perkins place gettin purty high.

Joe Bob: If yew ain't needin the tractor next kupladaze ahll git ovair and bushawg'em

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chocklit -- Substance made from the seeds of Theobroma Cacao, used primarily in foods and beverages.

Henry: "Ahm goin in whahl ya pump thuh gas. Yoantanything?"

Roy: "Yeah, git me a chocklit bar en uh coke."

coke -- a carbonated beverage

Stop at thuh gas station so ah can git a coke.

cocoluh -- a carbonated beverage made by the Coca-Cola company

Dwayne: yawanna a pepsi er uh mountain due?

Earl: Ain't there any cocola?

commode -- (Archaic) A piece of furniture, usually containing drawers or shelves. A bathroom fixture used for the disposal of bodily waste

Jessie: How'd Father McGuire break his arm?

Billy Joe: Said he fell off the commode.

Jessie: What's a commode?

Billy Joe: How'd I know. I ain't a Catholick.

crishtal -- 1. A solid material whose constituents (such as atoms, molecules, or ions) are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure 2. A feminine name

Bobbie Sue: Less go see the fortune-teller when we to to the fair.

Jimmy Wayne: Aww, BobbieSue, emmair ole wimmen lookin' in a crishtal ball all just superstishen.

Margie: I dint see Crishtal at the dance Sadderday night.

Mary Jane: Naw, she come down with a cold. She's a delicate little thang.

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dawg -- One of the approximately 900 million Canis lupus familiaris believed to inhabit the world.

Ernie sed he run over uh dawg las naht cummin home from town

dreckly -- Without detour or delay.

Ahll be there dreckly.

Now Billy, you go dreckly to yer Aint Sylvia's house, en don't dawdle around no thuh way.

dreckshun -- 1. the position towards which someone or something moves or faces 2. Instructions or guidance.

Didja see what dreckshun ey went?

What'd you do with the drekshuns fer the microwave?

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emersom -- State of being something or other.

Mary Jo, emersom fahnlookin termaters ye got there.

eyestea -- Beverage made from the cured leaves of Camellia sinensis, in a container with an approximately equal amount of ice.

It shore is hot out here, I'm gone in and git a glass of eyestea.

eyestray-- Kitchen utensil used for freezing water into conveniently sized pieces, often for use in eyestea.

Bobbie Sue, how many times I gotta tellya to refill the eyestrays when you empty'em?

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fahr -- 1. Something burning. 2. To discharge a firearm. 3. Dismiss from employment.

Ayrs ah far ovair at Jessies place.

When Sammy fahrd at ten guage it 'bout knocked him on his butt

Ah sware if Dean don't start gettin' tuh work on tahm ahm gonna have to fahr em

faints -- A barrier

At ole fox dun got under thuh faints agin en got wunna Miz Robinson's chickenz.

far-ant -- Insects of the genus Solenopsis, noted for painful stings and deserving of being made extinct by the most painful method available.

Mah hands all swole up where em far-ants stung me.

fixin -- Preparing, or intending, to do something.

Iris: Whenner yew gonna brang in thuh growshreys?

Roy: Ahm fixin to.

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ginnerly -- Commonly, most of the time.

Thuh mailman ginnerly don't come by much before noon.

growshreys -- Foodstuffs (and other household necessities) acquired at the growshrey store in town.

Henry, if we don't get started tuh town thuh gwrwshrey store'll be crowded.

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hunnerd -- A large amount, relatively speaking.

Lookout, Herman. Em boots cost me over a hunnerd dollars.

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ignernt - Lacking knowledge or undertanding.

Ah sware emmair Creasey boys is plum ignernt.

inshernts - What you need if you have a wreck. Same as inshoeants in Boston.

I gotta see Earl down at statefarm bout inshernts on mah new truck.

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jeetyet - Did you eat yet?

Hank: Jeetyet?

Earl: No, 'djew."

Hank: No, yoantu?"

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kwane - A female monarch.

Jessie Wayne: Izzat old woman still thuh kwane of England?

Dwayne: Idunno, aint heerduhver dyin, whatizshenow, bout a hunnerd or so?

kumpny - guests, visitors

Irma Jean, gimme a hand with supper. We got kumpny cummin.

kuppacoffy - Beverage necessary for beginning the day. Usually more than one is required.

Mae Belle, would you git me a kuppacorry while yer up?

kuppla - Also kuppluv, kuppluvem. Two (usually) of something. Maybe more. Usually more than one is required.

Clayton: What's em thangs over there, Ernie?

Ernie: Looks like a kuppla dawgs from here.

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like - Deficit or remainder of something.

Elmer: How much you like bein' done with that?

Luke: Jes three more and ah'll be done.

lillole - Small, insignificant.

Quit carryin on so Margie, is jess a lillole garder snake.

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misssippy - The state to the east of Arkansaw.

Buck: Didja know Tabitha had got married?

Elrod: Yer kidden. Hutu?

Buck: Id'no. some feller overn misssippy.

manaise - A white (more or less and most of the time) substance found in jars in growshrey stores and generally used to liberally on sammiches.

Martha Sue, er we all outta manaise? I's gonna make a bloney sammich.

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nekkid - Not wearing any clothing.

Emmy Lou's brother seen her comin' outa thuh bathroom plum nekkid.

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ortah -- Also ort-two. An obligation or need to do something, as in "ought to".

"Tommy Joe, I ortah tan yer hide fer lettin emmair chickens git out again.

"I bin thankan bout buyin' Elmer's coonhound puppies. Thank I ort-two?

ortnt -- Advice against doing, or having done, something.

"Ey ortnt tuh dun gawn en dun what they dun went en dun."

ovair -- Indicating where something is located

"Hidy, Bobby Joe. Where's your paw?

"Ah bleev heez ovair in thug pashter checkin on thuh cowz."

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pitcher -- A representation of something, such as a photograph or drawing.

"Melvin's sister caught him lookin at pitchers of nekkid women and threatened to tell their mama."

plum -- Completely, thoroughly

"Thuh ole Carter house done caught on fahr en burnt plum down"

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reckin -- To guess or suppose.

"Ya reckin ole man Bennett's ever gonna get around to mowin his yard?."

reggler -- The cheapest gas.

"Fillerup with reggler."

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sammich -- Normally, two slices of bread with various things between them, usually including various types of meat, sometimes vetegable matter, and condiments such as manaise or mustard.

shar -- 1. Cleanse the body under a fixture that sprays water., used for cleansing the body.

            2. Light and brief rainfall.

"Ahm gonna take me a shar. Where's the warshrags?"

"We had a little shar Monday, but it ain't rained since."

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tar -- 1. The circular rubber wheel on the outside of the metal wheel on some vehicles 2. An unclassified and apparently non-essential part of a person.

"Ah got uh flat tar comin' back from Bernies las naht."

"Ef at Creasey boy don't stop cuttin' cross thuh yard ahm gonna go whup thuh tar outa'em"

torcher -- Inflict physical pain upon a person, usually to extract information or cause compliance, but in some cases just for fun. Sometimes done to animals by really mean people.

"Ey say Tarbutton boys torchered ole man Graves tryin' to git him to say where is munny was hid."

trial -- 1. Garden tool. 2. Tool for working with concrete.

Ah left mah trial in the garden where I's plantin termaters.

Git that there trial and smooth up that spot there.

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ustew -- The way something was in the (perhaps somewhat distant) past.

Will: You ever go hoggin catfish anymore? "

Barney: No, I ustew but ain't as much fun as it was when we wuz younger

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vie-een-ah sausage -- Them little sections of pale weenies, usually six in a can and about three inches long, presumably safe to eat.

Lester: Ya got anything to eat around her?"

Chuck: Just some vie-ann-ah sausages and salteen crackers.

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walmarts -- Where you buy stuff.

Ah gotta go to walmarts en git sum stuff. Be back in an ar er two.

warshrag -- A small cloth made of absorbent fabric, used for cleansing the body, among other things.

"Ahm gonna take a shar. Where's the warshrags?"

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yat -- Contraction of 'you' and 'that'

I ain't gonna let Martha Jean drahv mah truck no more, ahl tell yat raht now.

yewstew - Occurring or existing in the past.

Dalton: "Does ole man Baskins still fix lawnmores?"

Jessie Wayne: "Idnunno, he yewstew."

yewstuh (also yewstuhbee) - Yewstew when precding a word beginning with a consonant (kindalike 'a' and 'an')

Yewstuh be they didn't have any runnin' water at the Simmons house."

Yewstuhbee an ole barn 'hind Carver's cotton gin. "

yoantu -- Do you want to?

Hank: Jeetyet?

Earl: No, 'djew."

Hank: No, yoantu?"

yonder -- Indicator of there something is, relative to one's present location.

Maurice: Wherez Donna Sue's family move to?

Wilbur: Over yonde.

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