String of Worlds

I began writing this around 2015 or so. It has been interrupted a few times, the biggest one being my experience described in Human Harvest (in progress) and the need to finish Macarthur's Freehold. The companion Balance of Power remains in (slow) progress. String of Worlds languished on a computer at home until my escape from the beast, and I am now uploading to HypCryme, a little at a time.

I believe it is about half to two-thirds complete. I haven't looked at the end of the completed part yet. It's a first draft, written at the keyboard as I have time, usually with a little strong drink if it's late enough. After dark. OK, starting to get dark. So all the typos and stuff are intact.

SF fans may notice the inspiration. Most SF aficianados are familiar with Larry Niven's Ringworld books, and I enjoyed them and all of Niven's work immensely. Especially his collaborations with Jerry Pournelle. The solar system I describe is something I thought about many years ago, probably ten or eleven. I had not yet started reading much SF, and it would be some time before I read Edgar Rice Burroughs' Beyond the Farthest Star. Wherein he describes something similar. I am surprised that it has not been used more, perhaps it's a little too pulpish.

In any case, it's unlikely to be finished, much less published. I'm an old geezer with my health destroyed by the Medical Industry, and unless I become famous for some other reason it will not matter if it is found among my papers. C'est la vie.

~~ Enak

Thursday 06 Oct 2022 12:47:23 PM CDT : 1665078443

Alright. Seen a few people looking lately. I'm adding what I've written so far, but I hafta warn you, I was barely half finished, if that when I was interrupted. And I done gone and got into a legal fight with a hospital (they suing me, their former patient, for sayin' bad things about'em) so who know's where that'll end. Their company looks like the mob done took over the medical industry, and maybe they have, at the low levels anyway. Have me Arkancided or something. So if it's a cliffhanger, feel to finish it your way.

I'll do some cosmetic work when I have time, so you can at least read it. If yer human. It's an old site. 'night kiddos.

~~ Enak

Wed 09 Nov 2022 09:32:28 PM CST : 1668051148

Well, all I had written up to about two years ago is in. Chapter 50 is the stopping point. Got a general idea of where it was going, but Human Harvest has priority at this point. It's something that has to be done, and soon. In the Belly of the Beast is a short companion piece that tells how it got that way. Catchalater. Why does that sound like a name?

Hmmm.. OK, hasta maƱana. Or whenever.

~~ Enak

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