Fri Jan 21 01:56:31 UTC 2022

To the enemies of the Republic

To the enemies of the American Republic

We speak to those who actively seek to overthrow the Republic and replace it with the autocratic regime which they desire.

You will not succeed.

It may well be that those who seek to prevent you from doing so will fail, but you will not win. The United States will never be another version of China, or whatever socialist paradise you envision. It is said of such people as you that you will burn down the country to rule the ashes. If you try, ashes is what you will have. Let me explain, as you do not seem to perceive reality in your headlong rush to dominate your fellow beings.

Your plan, which has been in progress for many decades, now seems to you to be within reach. You believe that with the electoral process completely under your control, perhaps within the next few years, you can simply use the existing governmental structure to remove all remaining rights and liberties, leaving the population as your slaves.

Over a hundred million Americans stand between you and your goal. A hundred million armed Americans, with over four hundred million guns. There are, at a minimum, five million actively preparing to act to prevent such a government from coming to power, and the number of those who would join in the resistance number millions more. The total strength of the armed forces is just over two million, with only a million in the army. The Marines add only another three hundred thousand. The Navy and Air Force are useless in the conflict that will occur. And in such a scenario much of the Army will desert, much of it joining the partisans.

Now, the elitists will be clustered in some small areas on the coasts, with most of it concentrated in the northeast and in California, with the two large population centers on the west coast separated by almost 400 miles. The interior of the country is about three million square miles. When the final acts of repression begin, the resistance will be occurring in the vast, sparsely populated areas. The millions of partisans will be there, hidden beyond the ability of the government to find even a few of them with the available resources. An army of ten million would not suffice to suppress the resistance. Meanwhile, the would-be rulers will be clustered in their coastal enclaves, while everything they need to survive - energy (gas, electricity), water in most cases, food and other necessities must come from, or be transported across, the millions of square miles of country they do not control. Highways and railroads will be sabotaged, with destroyed bridges closing them for weeks at a time. Electric transmission towers will be destroyed, darkening entire cities. Food scarcity will cause massive riots in the inner cities, and even the privileged suburban residents will not be able to obtain food. Apocalyptic conditions will exist in the cities, and escape will not be possible for many. Implementing the new order will be impossible, and the organization responsible will break down.

This does not mean that the resistance will be able to restore constitutional rule. The country will most likely continue in a state of chaos, with small areas restoring some semblance of order, eventually resulting in a patchwork of autonomous regions. Probably the Republic will be ended permanently. Whatever takes its place will not be what the plotters of the new order envisioned. Many of them will die in the resulting chaos

In the end the area that was once the United States will be balkanized, with a few regions with varying degrees of freedom but most likely, never again a free Republic from coast to coast.

Respectfully yours

The Citizens of the Republic