Sat Jan 8 21:33:42 UTC 2022

Samizdat Solution?

Samizdat is a Russian word meaning 'self-publishing'. It was used in the socialist Eastern Bloc in which individuals reproduced censored and underground makeshift publications, often by hand, and passed the documents from reader to reader. This was necessary because most typewriters and printing devices were restricted by the state, requiring official registration and permission to access. Thus, dissidents resorted to other methods to communicate with others of their persuasion.

While the publication and dissemination of information is not (yet) restricted by the state, it has become increasingly difficult in recent for information to flow freely due to the near complete control of all media (television, print, internet) by the state/media cabal.

Something similar to samizdat could be employed effectively to counter the indoctrination of the left, and without official repression (i.e. armed force by the state) it could be much more widespread, covering the entire country. To accomplish this several things are needed (and already available): money, leadership, and workers.

All three are readily available, the most important is a leader. Given that the most likely person to be able to fill this role is none other than Donald Trump. His following is easily enough - almost all of those who voted for him (and by now probably many who did not) would support him. Should he be willing to serve as a leader, for the purpose of attracting and uniting the necessary people, while at the same time leaving the actual operation to those most capable.

Given a leader, the followers can then be organized. This is the job for Mr. Trump's organization. He needs only to be a symbol, and perhaps contribute financially. There are many people of considerable means, and even more of lesser, finance the operation. Which works as follows:

The messages are composed, adjusted for maximum effect (i.e. focus-grouped), and then distributed simultaneously (within a 2-3 day period) to all fifty states, in a suitable density that the entire population will be exposed to the same message at the same time.

This can be accomplished with cells of volunteers in every state, sufficient to achieve sufficient coverage considering the population and geography. For example, California, with its population and size, would need a large number of workers while a smaller state, with a smaller population (e.g. Arkansas) would need fewer.

As a message is approved for distribution it can be transmitted instantly to the distribution points, where as many copies as needed can be printed and distributed. With sufficient personnel millions of copies can be distributed simultaneously. Further exposure will be achieved as they are reported in the news and shared by the recipients (who would be encouraged in the message to copy and share). A million copies is about one per hundred people, ten million is one per ten people. As about 20% are under voting age that ratio is even higher relative to the number of voters.

Besides the additional exposure through sharing by recipients, the messages have persistence. The printed copies do not disappear when the television is turned off or the reader moves on to another website. The longer they exist, the more people are exposed, and each time they are read, even by the same person, the message is reinforced.

An advisable first message would be distributed prior to the 2022 elections. A simple one or two page flyer succinctly delineating the reasons every eligible voter should not only vote, but vote for Republican candidates only, could have a significant influence on the results.

Whether or not this could be done in time to affect the next election is questionable, but is not a reason not to try. If only the most critical states can be reached by then it would be helpful.

In the future, some subjects that might be addressed could be countering the disinformation about the 'pandemic', climate change, and other leftist campaigns. In the event of a dangerously corrupt and inept administration such as the current one, issues of great importance could be exposed in this way.

The organizational costs would not be great, and a few participants of some means would suffice. Much of the production cost (printing and distribution) would be paid by the volunteers (and a means could be found to distribute funds to those of lesser means).