The next two years

Fri 24 Mar 2023 12:06:36 PM CDT

More or less.   This is March 2023, the next presidential election is November 2024.   So call it nineteen months.   Close enough for government work, as the say.   Actually I'm now sure government work gets that close these days, except in breaking things.   Of course breaking things is the objective of the current regime, so it is pretty close.  

Where are we now?   The general impression among the brightest minds (we're talking the major talk radio hosts and Substack writers) is that the U.S. is a late-stage republic. The comparisons to the Roman Republic go back twenty years at least, but it's become more prevalent over those two decades.   They're all a lot smarter than me, but I go by the evidence. Vox Day has been right over ninety percent for that long, and El Rushbo I observed to be right for over thirty years.  

The major prophets of the day (usually referred to as pundits but pundit has come to mean for most simply potificator) so I call them prophets.   Prophets didn't just tell the people what was coming if they didn't clean up their act, they were the conscience of the people.   And like the prophets of Israel, as Stephen said "Was there ever a prophet your ancestors did not persecute?" (Acts 7:51) so today's prophets are mercilessly hounded by the corrupt and wicked regime.  

Who are they?   Well, El Rushbo has passed over so he'll be seeing it from Abraham's bosom.   The rest of us (depending on our own age) may have to experience it in person.  

El Rushbo's space was filled about as capably as could be done by the Clay and Buck show.   Clay is a lawyer and successful media entrepreneur, and Travis is a former CIA officer.   They continue Rush's work quite ably and they are every bit as smart as you have to be to get that position.

Jesse Kelley is a perfect complement, his three hours comes on a local station at 2100, and as I go to bed a little after midnight so it's a perfect way to end the day.   I listen on the radio wherever possible because I don't like listening to anything on a phone and I like paying the predatory phone providers even less.   I spend most of my time at one of my rural retreats where the nearest cable is a mile or more away.

Glenn Beck is a long time prophet, and usually is well ahead of things.   You can listen to Glenn and find out what the others will be talking about in a week or a few.   He's been around since the early 2000s.  

The Substack writers have some overlap with other media as some of those personalities blog there, as do many non-media and non-political types.   Wickedpedia doesn't like it because it doesn't censor, and anything that Wickedpedia doesn't like is probably good.   The only problem with Substack is that there is so much and so little time.  

Donald Trump, unless he suddenly departs this mortal plane or has some sort of epiphany that moves him to exit the political scene entirely, is apparently going to be a major part of the 2024 election.   What the effect will be is hard to say now and will probably remain so for quite a while.   So much depends on whether or not the election can again be manipulated sufficiently to guarantee a Democrat victory.   If not they dims can run Joetato (assuming he remains vertical long enough) and win no matter who the Republican candidate is.   In that case the Republic is finished.   It may remain in one piece as whatever regime comes after - probably a Marxist Russia model - and occupy the current boundaries.   More likely, I suspect, is that in such a case it will break up into two or more parts, depending on how and where the resistance prevails and controls territory.   In that case what happens in the next year and a half.

What role does Trump play?   I cannot arrive at any other conclusion than that he is a loose cannon and cannot be controlled or even guided by the best advisers, no matter how good they are and their dedication to preserving the Republic is absolute.   His personality, mostly impulse and emotion, will determine the course of his campaign in the primaries and if he receives the nomination, in the election.

I expect the situation to be sufficiently dire by then that he can be elected with relative ease, if the fraud machinery can be overcome.   It is possible, but is much more achievable if the Republican is both united behind him (a few RINOs and die-hard Never Trumpers will remain no matter what) and plays the game, as much as possible, as the enemy does.   Ballot harvesting (distasteful but necessary and not illegal or even unethical) and early voting.   The Arizona election was stolen mostly because Republicans did not vote early.   The sabotage of voting machines in heavy Republican districts was enough.   To be sure there were many fraudulent votes, and there will be more this time around, but the margins in the states that were turned through fraud were thin.

If the election is winnable, the Republican need not be Trump, or even someone like DeSantis.   Can Trump win?   He'll certainly give the enemy plenty of openings for attacks, where a more disciplined candidate would not.   It will be close with Trump, less so with someone else.

Trump could easily find a reason to retire, he could throw his support to DeSantis or someone similar and virtually guarantee a victory.   But that would require the epiphany.

The biggest danger is Trump losing the primary and, even if not running as a third party candidate and guaranteeing a dim victory, fails to support the nominee with sufficient enthusiasm.

Trump will probably remain a wild card all the way through.   It may be we are destined for a breakup of some sort, even if it is as benign as a divorce.   That would be the ideal scenario, but the enemy will, once they realize where it would end - decentralization leaving the blue states bankrupt and stuck with their parasite population - will do anything to prevent it.

The signs point towards something like that, as resistance from the free states grows.   But so do the attacks, facilitated by the left's control of both relevant branches.   The Supreme court is irrelevant as it can not enforce its rulings.   For now chaos grows.   What happens after another six months of pain?   A draft to enable more military adventures could get ugly. And continuing, even increasing inflation to fund the Ukraine and possibly new wars will inflict some severe pain on people who are already hurting.

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