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The state of the world today is presents such an array of possiblities for the near (10-50 years) future, and given that the eventual outcome can not be guessed or controlled, we'll look at one of several that might serve to preserve a remnant of the best parts of our civilization (such as they are) thus far and provide a place from which to rebuild.

I look at my homeland (since I am too old to go on an Abrahamic mission - he lived longer than I am likely to) so I'll think about now to do what I can with my remaining years. One theory which I find credible for various reasons is that the U.S. does not have any major part to play in the end of the age, and may not exist at all.

Most of my countrymen who for the most part (even the relatively enlightened) blissfully ignore that fact that their country constitutes about five to six percent of the world, both in population and geographically. Current events suggest that at the least our nation may soon become a minor player in world affairs. That is probably still a decade away, but the transition may be well underway in the next few years.

One possible scenario that appears to have a fairly high probability of a scenario such as that in Enak Nomolos' "Balance of Power" (BOP) or any number or similar works. The BOP scenario finds the continental U.S. broken up into four major parts, with the east and west coasts under the control of the old regime, while a southern region (a map of which is very much like a map of the Confederacy) and most of the northwest under two rebel forces which are largely in agreement on most matters and cooperate to finish off the old government.

Other scenarios have the current regime remaining in relative control, but with large areas outside the population centers being in rebellion but able to avoid suppression.

Conceivably a number of sub-societies could emerge. One idea that has long interested me is a Fremen-type society, and it's options for surviving (indeed thriving) in such a situation.

One the most likely scenarios is for the country to become permanently locked down by 2026 at the latest. This assumes that the U.S. branch of the cabal will again succeed in installing a puppet president as in 2020, and reclaim both houses of Congress with substantial majorities one or two seats being sufficient in the Senate and a handful in the House. At this point the cabal becomes the absolute ruler and implements, at a minimum, the following:

1. Abolition of all means of commerce except approved digital currencies. Possibly only one, controlled by the regime.

2. Total control of education, beginning at age three or four.

3. Control of all news and entertainment media.

4. Complete surveillance of all communications.

5. Confiscation of all firearms.

That should to begin with. As the present regime demonstrates, they are both not very bright and insanely confident, i.e. Dunning-Kruger. So if they succeed in the required parameters - complete control (at least as they see it) they will go for the kill this time. Obviously item #5 is the problem. Not the only one, but the one that will ensure failure. Underground currency (gold, silver and other commodities) is widely distributed among the dissenters, and propaganda is ineffective against them. A considerable amount of communication can be managed even using the authorized media, and underground networks can operate due to the inability of the regime to control the entire territory. They can easily control the cities, and even many of the smaller population centers (down to 5,000 or so) but the millions of square miles of open country are uncontrollable with ten times the resources now available. And that is where most of the 500 million or so firearms and somewhere from 30 to 50 million resisters are.

Depending on how the country (mainland U.S) is divided a resistance can take different forms. One is a division such as that described in Balance of Power. That one places one or two large rebel territories inaccessible to the regime. They can be defended and can launch attacks.

More likely, I suspect, is this:

The two regime strongholds are on the coasts, and only part of the east coast. Cities like Chicago, Detroit and are isolated in hostile territory.

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