March 2023 - Part II

Sat 11 Mar 2023 12:30:39 PM CST

Humorous little pic, been around for years. Here's a couple of variations.

Pretty good assessment though, which is why the cabal has probably always figured that the present plan was the only possible way.   The nation seems to have been designed, by Divine Providence as the founders said, to be unconquerable by any conceivable means, and it remains so.

The eventual expansion of the nation to span the continent, with wide ocean barriers, made it difficult enough, but then populating it with a wide spectrum of mostly European peoples - mostly western at the beginning, eastern and Scandinavian being added in - made it a place poplated by free-thinking, independent and freedomloving, and generally intelligent and industrious people. It is believed by some that Vikings may have been the earliest, centuries before Columbus, but apparently permanent colonies never materialized or survived.   Was that part of the plan? Dunno. (back to semi-backwoods) I suspect that the Columbus voyages coming just as the Muslim invaders were finished off in the west is not a coincidence.   As Chad C. Mulligan said defined coincidence: "you weren't paying attention to the other half of what was going on".

Even the addition of Alaska and Hawaii, separated from the mainland, seem to have a purpose.   Hawaii out in the big Pacific, Alaska becoming part of the US removed Russia from the continent.   Both are stragegically placed and Alaska has enormous natural resources.

And as for an invasion, even if an invading force, sufficiently large and well-equipped and supplies (very difficult to begin with) could be landed the civilian population would prevent control of much outside of (most likely only parts of) the coasts.   Much is made of indigenous peoples (Afghanistan a recent example) making things difficult for the superpowers.   Russia wasn't capable of occupying Afghanistan, particularly being bankrupted by Ronaldus Maximus, and subsequent events in Russia precluded continuing the war.   The U.S. intervention was from the beginning a neocon adventure, one that ended badly.

The only to subdue a place like Afghanistan is to, as someone said of North Vietnam, turn it into a glass-surfaced self-lighted parking lot.   A three million square mile parking lot isn't of much use to anyone except extraterrestrials with really big (or a lot of) spaceships.   Maybe a Guild Heighliner or three.   OK, quite a few, they just a few miles long.

Red Dawn showed a little slice of what an occupation force would be in for.   Actually Milius reportedly said that Russians represented the U.S. government, but... anyway you'd be looking at a force of 20-30 million guerillas, and the infiltrators (pretending to be collaborators to attack from the inside) would wreak considerable damage.

A possibility would be the thing they used in Battlefield Earth to gas the humans.   Used selectively it could take out the population.   Kinda the way Colossus threatened to nuke cities.   Depending on the objective (not needing live people) it could work.   Wiping out a few millions might make an impression, but getting rid of the pools of parasites (the cities) wouldn't affect the real resistance.

Some people really are so dim that they think airplanes and nukes can do it.   Hope they never get desperate enough to try it.   As Ishmael said in MacArthur's Freehold "you would burn down the country provided you can rule the ashes, but if you do you will be part of the ashes."

Gottago. Seeya.

Sun 12 Mar 2023 11:27:47 AM CDT

License to Kill may have been the last Bond movie I watched all the way through, and doubt if I ever watched it again.   All the earlier ones I seen dozens of times, theys always havin' Bond marathons on the cable teevee and satellite channels.   Dunno what they do now, so much stuff, everybody binge-watchin' thisthatortheother.   Wasn't in the middle of somethin' more relevant to the future of humanity about now I might into some of it.   Got a hundred or more books piled up while I was out of it, sittin' there in the library, probably couple hundred more I'd like to read again.   Did sit down and read Moorcock's Elric series a while back.   Probably the best of his Eternal Champion cycle.   Certainly Elric is one of the most fascinating characters anyone ever created.   Bit of Zelazny's Amber Chronicles vibe in there, for me at least.   Woulda been good movie material, but way too deep for mass audience. Ya'know, If I won one of them Powerballs for over a billion I'd probably take my half (after the gummit got theirs) and do projects like that, if I could find the intellectual integrity in enough people to get it done.

Anyhow, liked the old Bond stuff. Diamonds one fave, Jill S t. John was just, what can I say? WOW.   I younger then.   Her character good, kinda sassy.   She one of those, celebs and such got the idea if I ever was around her much, outside the showbiz world, probably find her likeable. People like Chuck Norris, that sort.   Bunch of'em downright crazy these days.   Didn't see he in much, later she did Hart to Hart, liked that.   Like her and Robert, whoever Max was too.   Still some good television back then.   Outa curiosity I got to googlin and found our she married Robert Wagner a few years back.   That whole thing strange, no sense goin' into it.   The kid that wrote the letter to the Russian boss, gets famous and then gets killed in a plane crash where she most likely wouldn't have been if not for that letter. 'cause she wouldn't have got famous.   But that got her into acting, and that can turn out real bad for kids.   Dunno how these things might or might not go with the ifs.   Anyhow, Robert seemed a nice feller too, and idunno bout that whole thang with the wife and the boat, so won't go there.   Very sad, she always seemed nice too.

The famous letter is, for those with sufficient knowledge of history and understanding facilitated by the available knowledge of our age, is a succinct display of the indoctrination of the American mind at the time. Andropov's response is even more illuminating and while probably carefully crafted by advisers is quite accurate in its portrayal of Russia's position.   But we didn't see it then because of the limited information resources.   Ten years earlier, with my eighteenth birthday approaching, I had registered for the draft and if the war had continued would have gone to Vietnam even after having had a cousin die there in 1968.   After school I enlisted in the Air Force, such was the mindset I had at the time.

But that just me.   I like stories about a backwoods moonshiner turned into an avenging angel.   So there's that. And I'd like to sit down and read a set I picked up years ago, Ben Hur, Quo Vadis, and The Last Days of Pompeii.   Some of the book clubs back in the day, always doing them collector sets.   Got collections of Dickens, Twain, et al.   Picked up the Annotated Sherlock Holmes for couple dozen bucks. Time was it'd been probably worth a couple of c-notes in pristine condition, but it got wet while in storage and these days even a never-opened copy probably wouldn't bring much more'n I paid for it. Ain't enough people care 'bout books anyway, and ones that do pay good money for the ephemeral electrons they don't even own.   Fun read though, and I ain't even a big Holmes fan.   Liked The Lost World though.   Reminded me a bit of Pellucidar, think they probably written around the same time.   Of course Burroughs used the hollow earth thing.   The Holmes books would be good for serious fans, if you don't already have them.

Today's playlist is the same as yesterday.   Handful of Nektar live sets, from the 70s when I got my first on 8-track to recent ones just a few years ago.   Seem to remember one of the founders or earliest member died a while back.   For me Nektar could do what Yes couldn't.   Whatever that is.   Yes just was never quite sufficiently absorbing to get me over the discordance. Tales is the only one I listen to regularly. Really liked Steve Howe in Asia though.


Mon 13 Mar 2023 11:43:05 PM CDT

The world doesn't want to be saved.   Just those of us stuck in it.   Things lookin' worse every day.   Dunno if the latest thing will put us over the edge. Probably not. Others know more'n I do.

Does look kindalike the snake, used to be, livin' on a farm, we outside and see a snake, we kill it.   Try to anyway, sometimes it get away.   But you grab somethin, usually a shovel or a garden hoe (I said garden 'case someuvu didn't know that a hoe is) and try to kill it.   Snakes long and slinky, you whack'em and they try to leave, but you got'em trapped, they thrashin' round, bitin' stuff.   Bite whatever you tryin to kill'em with, sometimes they bite theirselves. Kinda like the different parts of the regime.   Fed usin' the only tricks they know to keep if from totally crashin, others doin their best to make it crash.

Beast not quite coordinated, got some conflicts (the real serious nutjobs kick up when they try to do somethin sensible, just to keep it from going dark right away) and like the serpent you wailin' on it bite anything, including itself.   Buddy retired to Florida, spends a lot of time on his houseboat.   Neighbor is a marine biologist, retired professor, still pursuing it as a hobby.   Said somethin' about sharks. Says they get in a feeding frenzy as they say, they snap at anything close enough.   Other sharks, even parts of themselves that been ripped off by other sharks.

Kindalike what goin' on now.   Hope they eat each other up pretty good..

Busy day, nother tomorrow.   Night kiddos.

Thu 16 Mar 2023 06:27:21 PM CDT

Tough crowd, as the standup comedian says. Fox is about the only TV news site that allows commentary. NY Post does, and the climate over there is more civilized. The Post is almost entirely conservative, while the Fox site is under constant attack by trolls. A lot of them look like bots, and they're deployed on certain articles and mostly leave the other stuff alone. Articles about the black plague get a lot of commentary, pretty much the same on all. Of course there ain't much variety, just the methods and how many victis. Choice of weapons - mostly guns in the cesspool cities and sometimes knives in one-on-one killings. And of course expensive cars purchased by NFL types (already having the multimilliondollar salary) and usually provided by the wealthy college football groupies for that class.

Sure don't look good. Good to see them that deserves it gettin' it, but it don't hurt them, for now. That fact that they will is small comfort for those trying to survive to see the retribution. And of course some are so old they'll be dead by then. I may be, hate to miss it but better off. President of one of the fedbanks, talkin' about'em bailin' out the big woke bank the other day, sez "There is an infinite amount of cash at the Federal Reserve." Sure, which is the problem. We're pretty much down to monopoly money now. Looked up the monoply rules. Here ya go.

That from the rules. Guessin' the govermint do it the same way. See what I did there?

Sheeple still grazing, same as they was they they said 15 days to flatten the curve and two years later they maybe, some of'em, figured out it was a long fifteen days but it was too late to stop it. They heard this dude on TV sayin' it's OK, we got plenty of money, never run out. Okey-dokey.

Went ahead and accelerated the metals buying, all kinds, including brass and lead. Got plenty, group got plenty more. Right. No such thing as plenty. We'll be all right, some won't.

Buenas noches.

Fri 17 Mar 2023 09:26:13 PM CDT
Sayin' they gonna indict and arrest Trump soon.   Like we didn't know, just a question of when.   When the regime strategists say go.   With no one above average IQ including Ovomit (whatever role, if any, he plays) they resemble a tangle of demented worms, each with its own delusional ideas of how to accomplish the objective.   Apparently the decision is to have him indicted with the objective of keeping him out of the race, either by court judgment or killing his primary chances.   One would think they must know that with Trump out pretty much any decent candidate (e.g. DeSantis) would win handily IF the fraud apparatus can be overcome.   Which is the big question.   Conceivably things could get so bad that the dims can't vote even while holding their noses.   But it's iffy.

Tellin' the guys, you can't expect Trump to not react emotionally, but if he could he should do the perp walk like John Gotti.

If the Republicans don't regain control it's pretty much lost, in terms of a restored Republic.   According to a recent poll some 66 million want a national divorce.   I'd guess most don't know what form it would take.   A gradual separation over the next 10-15 years, with the free states gradually regaining a sufficient degree of autonomy, could work.   The blue states could stew in their cesspools and we could do our thing.   But they won't let it happen.   Once they realize that it means they will have to pay the expenses of their parasite population they won't go for it.

And in any case their hatred for all that is good and decent, and knowing the it will flourish in the free states is intolerable.   So it will never get that far, and relief of the taxes that fund the welfare state is essential for the free states.

If a successful separation can not be managed and the system breaks down, a smaller number than 66 million but still considerable (30-40 million) concentrated in the two large free regions may be able to keep the feds off their backs.

Unless there is a "MacArthur's Freehold" scenario quietly progressing to that end, things will probably get ugly.   A national divorce scenario would take too long, and with the presidency in hand (even losing one or both houses) there will be another four years of continued destruction.   A separation might occur, as the federal forces are too feeble to deal with a serious resistance:

A large resistance in the north-mid-west and another in the south could keep the feds out and allow the 30-50 million people who want to be left alone to enforce their will.   If the two areas remained connected (Kansas was the keystone described in "Balance of Power" ) the regime holdings would be in two parts, with no land access.   With surface transportation broken the east would be in serious trouble.

Given that the U.S. Army is pathetically undermanned to take on even one of those regions ("law enforcement" and other federal agencies are negligible") probably a contest of some length (a handful of years at most) would ensue.   Whether at the end a reunification would occur, who knows? Possibly.   If the main areas of resistance cooperated to form a new goverment (i.e. the original form with some safeguards built in, with the benefit of history) it could happen.

Hasta la vista, amigos.

Sat 18 Mar 2023 01:24:12 PM CDT

She got a point there. Road Games was a reasonably charming flick, mainly due to the presence of Jamie Lee Curtis and Stacy Keach, Jamie in the midst of the slasher phase that made her famous and Stacy before his (too-brief? Idunno. It's TV) Mike Hammerseries. Always liked both of'em. Anyway. Watchin' vids other day, been came across one I hadn't watched in a while , and naturally hadta go watch Dio's Egypt (The Chains Are On) again, live versions of course. Doro did a nice cover of that one. Valley of the Kings and Egypt have a similar vibe, little bit of Dio's Stargazer with Rainbow. Blue Murder sadly wasn't around long, couple of albums, think something like grunge or rap or something killed music about that time. Who knows.

Still a little chilly, be OK if not for the wind. That's March forya. Should be good fore long.

Today's playlist is the Blackmore's Night studio albums, finishing off sometime tonight from the looks of it with the three live sets.

Sun 19 Mar 2023 04:13:47 PM CDT

Wonder if Don was starting out today what the weaponry would be. Would the 9mm Beretta be replaced by a .40? Lot has changed, and guns in in film and literature no exception. They started in '69, I's a kid readin'em on the school bus. Wasn't thinkin about Vietnam yet, still just something on the nightly news, didn't know then most of it lies. Still a few years from graduation and 18. Couple older kids on the bus, loan me the books they was readin when they finished. Bottom center is the original first run. Newer ones got fancier covers. Ones on the end of the bottom row look like Nick Carter covers, girls nicer to look at on the newer ones. Don a pretty smart guy, good writer too, some would probably say he wasted his talent. Served in the Navy, some kinda tech work, then and afterwards. Didn't start writin til he in his forties. Anyhow, read his Executioner books for years, even after I grew up. Chronologically speakin. Dunno when I quit, probably when work got in the way and was always reading tech documention. Probably ought to dig out a few and read'em again, just because.

Anyways the 9mm (not clear how that became preferred over the original 9mm Luger, guess parabellum is sexier) was pretty much it in police and security, and of course military bein a NATO thing. Nowdays the .40 the goto for advanced pistoleros. Still a lot of 9mm though, things change slow. Back in the day the 9mm vs .45 ACP was unending discussion in the shooter society. The general consensus was that if you ain't got a lot of attackers (one or two) you better off with a .45 'cause generally one shot apiece would do it. Forty-fives generally didn't get to the high-capacity possible with the nine, the cartridges being so wide. Double stacking not so easy. We used to tell they guys that had fourteen or fifteen rounds in their nine, that good cause you'll need'em.

Anyhow Jeff Cooper settled that one with the 10mm, about as close as you'll get to the best of both worlds. Little hot for the average cop I guess, or FBI supposedly downloaded a bit and noticed they could also shorten the case to use in smaller guys. Anyway its close.

So would Mack use a .40 if he was startin' out today? Beretta makes'em in forty, lose two, maybe three rounds but as we forty-fivers used to say, if seven ain't enough ten or twelve probably won't help. So if twelve ain't enough you might want to consider a less stressful line of work. And stay away from blue cesspools. The denizens of those areas aren't very good shots anyway, lucky to get 10% kills in a shootin. Dunno if it's cause they hold their guns layin over on the side like in movies (used to do that in comics too, afore I ever seen it in a movie) or just general incompetence.

Think the Brigadier didn't even have twelve though. Anyhow, guessin' he'd go for a forty.

Did see Jerry Ahern talkin about it, a few years ago. As for the AutoMag, I figured and the Weatherby .460 were just drama. Jerry's article and the comments indicate the Executioner did get updates over time, like a Desert Eagle in place of the AutoMag. Reckon if I was outfitting an avenging angel, personal sidearm be a pair of .40s, Glock or Beretta or such. Probably something in .300 Winchester Magnum for long-range takedowns, good .40 carbine be handy. Some of those can use Glock mags, that'd be useful. Things like a Charter Undercover for a hideout, or one of them American Derringer DA .38s. Haven't tried one, had a .22 Mag version and it had a terrible trigger pull, so dunno. Knives are essential for real-world stuff, and depending on size constraints anything from a tanto of average size (about a foot long with just over half of it blade) or a wakizashi if don't have to conceal it. Small boot knives handy, a good size Bowie. Not huge though.

Mon 20 Mar 2023 08:45:58 PM CDT

Know what I'd if I had a zillion bucks. Or a few million. How many's a few? Anyway, I'd take some of my favorite cars that I'd buy in a minute, maybe a couple, if they had two doors instead of four. Or pay someone to mod them for me. Four doors just fucks the looks of a lotta nice looking cars. Used to be, back in the day, probly most of an automaker's line, the yewstabe big three, could get'em with two or four, whichever you wanted. Everybody went cheap. Greed. Pure'n'simple. If greed can be pure. Unadulterated.

Sometimes it completely ruined if for me. If I wanted a new GMC Terrain wouldn't mind, since they don't have that look the I guess 2013-2017, somewhere in there. Did that squarish fender flair, looked real nice. But the back door seam cut through the flare. How fucked is that? I ain't much of an artist, my girl sees that she, nevermind, she one in a zillion. Probably insist on redoin' it for me, but I happy with what little talent I got.

Saw a nice-looking Pontiac Bonneville the other day, local feller gets clean older cars. This a tenth generation, 2000x something. Still there today, stay there much longer I might take a look. Like I got time for another car. Bonneville used to be available in two-door, Grand Prix too. Grand Am, picked up a super clean red two-door couple years ago, three now, fell into the clutches of the Medical Industry for a few months, tole me I wasn't likely to leave that bed again, much less drive. Told'em to sell it, new engine and all.

Last day of part two. Later.

In "Diamonds are Forever" 007 gets into a hearse supposedly carrying his dead brother, sitting in the front seat between two thugs. Two or three thugs get into the back seat.

Thug 1: The stiff, ehm, the deceased back there... Your brother, Mr. Franks?

Bond: Yes, it was.

Thug 2: I got a brudder.

Bond: Small world.

NFL DRAFT Published March 16, 2023 4:02pm EDT

Jalen Carter, top NFL Draft prospect, pleads no contest to reckless driving, racing charges

Carter will not face any jail time for his alleged conduct in Jan. 15 fatal car crash

By Paulina Dedaj | Fox News


38 minutes ago

He is very lucky he did not cause my child's death - he wouldn't ever play ball again! Guaranteed! 2. Share


Just Now

Usually that comes after they make the NFL. Like Henry Ruggs, buy a fancy new Corvette with some of your first million, rear-end a young woman at 120+ and cause her to burn to death, the rescue people hearing her screams as they tried to get the wrecked car open. Nice work, National Felons.


40 minutes ago

That's it?? Bet if he were white he would have more than misdemeanor charges and he would have gotten jail time and his career ruined. Now he gets a Pat on the back and he can grieve his friends. Whatever.



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37 minutes ago

Hitch: I mean, you can lose an arm or a leg without necessarily being dead, right?

Quid: Yeah, but...

Hitch: But if you lose your torso, you are definitely dead. But...

Quid: Lose your torso, I think you've had it.

Road Games (1981) Stacy Keach, Jamie Lee Curtis

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