March 2023 - Part I

Wed 01 Mar 2023 08:59:40 PM CST

Love Clayton's stuff.   Little behind right now, just discovered a couple years ago.   Still ain't read all the old stuff.   Baer's right likable.   I write like the way he talk some, case you hadn't noticed.

What I gonna talk about?

May go watch a couple ole movies, ain't done that in a while. Picked a copy of The Giant Spider Invasion a while back, bunch of ole CDs and DVDs in a thrift shop. Didn't know it was there till I started lookin through'em the other night. 'specially bored I reckon. Only it when it was in the theaters back in the day, and later a couple times on the movie channels. Dunno if it ever made Mystery Science Theater, never watched it long enough at one sitting to even know what the movie was. Wasn't bad actually, especially considerin' the budget. Even for '75. Decent though, only thing missing was Marjoe Gortner I reckon. Maybe it was a little low even fer him. Although he did do Food of the Gods, so maybe he busy with something else. He didn't do a lot of movies though, as I recollect.

If I recollect accurately, if it was ever on that TBS show with Joe Bob (and may have been, didn't watch'em all, entertaining as he was) he would have said in the drive-in totals "and two boobs, which you won't see because it's TBS". The good ole days. Got people throwing terabytes of garbage, who's got time to pick through it. Don't feel like I'm missing anything.

Probably as soon watch the old Perry Mason (actually the latter ones, but they ole by now) and Columbo movies. Never did care much for the original PM, but like the ones in the late 80s I guess. The older Raymond Burr more engaging, quiet dignified wisdom and all. Few nice ones featured a young guy and gal, law student and heiress, she nuts 'bout him and he ain't a bit interested, 'til he gets framed for murder and she not only pays for the lawyer (Perry of course) but they team up and catch the real killer and then set out to live happily (and presumbably comfortably) ever after, after helping Perry out a couple more times. Alexandra Paul, awesomely beautiful and quite charming, was the wannabe girlfrient. Dunno who the kid was. Alright, I'll go look it up. Wouldn't be fair to him.

OK, dude name William R. Moses. Never woulda guessed, who would. He pretty good, but 'course I'm lookin at Alexandra the whole time. How can you top bein' one of the most beautiful wimmen on earth and being named Alexandra. Anyhow, might watch'em some day, just because. Raymond died during the last season, didn't know right away why he got replaced, interweb not so ubiquitous then. Couple dudes stood in, remember Hal Holbrook bein one. He no longer extant as of a couple years ago.

Speakin' of Clayton, a kinda rural noir affair just wrapped up while I was yakkin. Said the jury took three hours. Hell, the OJ jury took four or five hours to decide they'd find the murderer not guilty. Probably because they wanted one more meal on the taxpayers' dime. Fox website loaded up pretty good. Easy to see where people go for news.

Fri 03 Mar 2023 07:15:21 PM CST

Thinking about the lawyer murder dude in South Carloina, he goin' away forever. Looked him up, hadn't paid that much attention. He 54, figured him to be older. In his seventies or so. Figured life in prison not so bad, especially the shape he in. Still, they hadn't caught him he'd as likely gone on the way he was, probably been dead soon anyway. Or as good as. Now he in prison, drug addiction problem gone, whether he like it or not, head clear up some. 'course now he realize the fix he in, what he done, long time to think about it. They got 80+ year old prisoners, never gonna get out.

Made me think, some years back, some corrupt Arkansas pols -- OK what other kind is there? Just kiddin, got one or two -- got caught in a pretty flagrant case of rippin' off the taxpayers. Couple years after they went to prison, dude had a local talk show here, talkin' about one. Said he fat and outa shape, gettin' winded doin' one flight of stairs. Seen'em after couple years in the joint. Well, it club fed, so not bad. Except you locked up and can't be scammin' people and livin' the high life on other peoples' money. Anyhow, dude said, he seen'em and he'd lost a lot of weight, looked ten years younger, said he never felt better. 'course Murdaugh ain't gettin' out like Red in Shawshank. He probably will get cleaned up and thinkin' straight, be pretty hard on him I reckon. 'course he might be a conscienceless demon, in which case no help for him.

That pore woman in Massachusetts, even if she ain't locked up forever - whether in prison or a mental institution - probably never be right again. Probably hell, how do you come back from that? All because she blindly trusted a doctor. Seemed like real nice folks, little something go wrong, the Medical Industry latch onto you, may never get loose. I did, and lemme tell you even when you know what they did to you, the brain damage is hard to repair. If you ever manage it entirely and I ain't all that sure I have.

Sat 04 Mar 2023 09:40:30 PM CST

The room where they runnin' things sure ain't got any.   Idunno whether to call it a juvenocracy or a moronocracy .   Of course kids can be morons, and the current regime is both childish and stupid.   Watchin' senator somebody or other, Cruz I believe, grillin' the diversity appointee for the FAA administrator.   Guy don't know a damn thing about aviation, or much else apparently.   Seems to have an IQ maybe average, maybe not.   And John Kennedy (helluva name for a southern Republican senator) quizzing the quota judge appointee she didn't know jack about the law or constitution.   Stuff we learned in high school.   Charnelle somethin weird foreign, like parts of two or three foreigns.   But she just a tool, turnin' the law against good people and lettin' scum slide.   FAA dude, unless he got enough sense to just go and collect the paycheck and let them as knows what they doin' do it, won't cause as much harm. 'course diversity about gettin people kilt now, airplanes havin to have right quotas of pilots, them good ones left move on or retire before they'll risk their necks.   Used to be a quota hire was just hiring double, you hire the quota by hirin' one of the right kind and another one to do the work.   Only a couple pilot seats, and if they both diversly occupied, actually it's already happened. Well documented, ignored.   Glad I ain't havin' to fly any more.

Another train fell off the tracks in Ohio.   You don't think.. nah, that's crazy talk.

Sat 04 Mar 2023 09:40:30 PM CST

I's a kid in '66. In May of 66 a cousin died in Vietnam. Volunteered for a second tour (he was over before there as one of the 'advisers' as they called them) and left a pregnant wife behind. Kid never saw his father. In 74 I'm a seniorin high school. Turned 18 before graduation, high school counselor real helpful, makin' sure we registered for the draft. Dunno what'd happen if I hadn't gone, probably if refused it'd be ugly. Dad big patriot, WWII, uncle in Korea, said draft dodgers orta be shot. I signed up, they'd pulled out already anyhow, didn't figure they'd go back. Last ones got conscripted, don't remember what year, went to stateside posts or Korea or Germany or somewherelseorther.

'course Dad didn't know, and I didn't know, what we know now. No interweb, not much telly. Cable was new, just a few channels, no 24/7 news. Not that more news has improved matters, bein it about the same amount of lies as then. Got Fox on cable/satellite/interweb, tells a lot of the facts and far as I can tell no lies, just doesn't talk about certain things. Lots of interweb and talk radio of course, so far the cabal hasn't been able to shut'em down.

But I've gone if they said, scared as I was. Didn't stop me from enlisting in the Air Force after a couple of years, still patriotic. Had Reagan in '81, things looked good for a while. Took most of the first term just to stop the bleeding though, and they made sure a cabal tool was his veep, just in case. Slick Willie came in and while he did a lot of damage to security, the acceleration of societal rot may have been worse. Bush 43 did little to reverse it, and continued the hegemonic pursuits of the cabal. Ovomit really fed the fungus, it still bad enough to get Trump elected but they took care of him. Had to use the Plandemic to wreck the economy and the lives of millions, but they got him. Long as he's breathing they ain't sure though, so they still after him to finish him off one way or another. Wouldn't be surprised if somewhere a John Warnock Hinckley or Lee Harvey Oswald is being groomed in case he's needed. Be surprised if there isn't. More than one.

Back then though, they had us all convinced the commies was gonna take over the whole world if we didn't do it first. Probably a lot of them believed that, but them pullin' the strings didn't. Now they think they about to succeed in takin' over themselves, which considering the state of affairs causes me to consider them maybe somewhat reality-impaired. If they don't we may be looking at a draft again. And a couple of interesting factors there -- 1) the armed forces (especially the Army) are in seriously bad shape both in numbers and quality. Both the heightened awareness among the non-sheeple there won't many kids like I was and just as few parents who won't disapprove if their sons refuse to go 2) the fact that women are still not subject is going to be a problem. It can be mitigated by making them eligible, thereby preventing 'men' from evasion by 'transitioning' but the non-sheeple who won't send their sons will be really pissed if they come after their daughters. 3) And since homosexuals are no longer excluded, they can't get out by claiming to be homosexual, even if they do the deed. And plenty more problems if they come looking for them.

Anyhow, the Barry Sadler song was all on the radio, country radio anyway, which is what we listened to. It got used later in the John Wayne movie. Good movie, Always liked David Janssen, he's in there. Forgot the Duke's son Patrick was also it. He's a good actor, didn't do a whole awful lot of movies, 40-50 I guess. Liked him in The People That Time Forgot, really well done for that class of movie. Kinda like the Hammer films, a lot of them AIP movies were.

All for now. Catchyalater.

Mon 06 Mar 2023 05:01:27 PM CST

I was listenin' to the radio, only Memphis station those days that played good music. Call it 'classic rock' these days. Banker them days, out by 1500 or so lot of days, home turn on the steerio, as Kirby Leathers called it. He a dude had a chain of appliance stores in Memphis back in the day. The day bein't the 1970s. Started puttin hi-fi stores in the back of some of them, good high-quality gear comin' from Japan by then, and pretty cheap. He cheaper, had a chain of Scott Sound Centers before long. We kids, just outta high school, gotta have the best. Outdo each other. Bought my first high-dollar rig there.

Big Sansui receiver, Pioneer HPM-100s, Technics turntable, Pioneer tape deck. The works. Come home from work turn it on, didn't watch much TV, or had the sound turned down.

Plane crash, girl on the evening show, don't remember. Updates when they got'em. Multiple fatalities. Word I don't use 'cause it sounds worse, to me, that the eff one.

Time goin' by. Finally it came in. Ronnie, Steve and his sister Cassie dead.

Soon be 50 year, kids today not gonna get it. Girl in tears tryin' to read the news. Me too.

Last time I seen'em fore that, Mid-South Coliseum, guess not more'a year before, tore it up. We'd get together, three of four in a car, two three cars sometimes, go to the concerts in Memphis. And in the south, yeah, we all down. Probably for me the next time I felt that way was Dale Earnhardt dying.

Gary was the last of'em. He busted up pretty good, steel rods in his arm and leg, lot pain, problems with drugs afterward. Got over it, played in the reformed band until he died.

I look at what passes for music these days, especially what makes money, think there's no hope. But whether it's Skynyrd or Rush or Emerson, Lake and Palmer or Judas Priest or Uriah Heep or whoever from that era, if the world still here and ain't gotten totally hosed civilizationally, they'll be around. One thing to thank the digital revolution for. The ones I ain't gonna mention by name, creations of corporate entertainment, take a few million for everything from songwriters and composers and producers and makeup and media people, pick a warm body to attach to it to, you're good for a few billion.

Not many reasons I'd want to live another fifty, hundred years but I guess seein' how this all shakes out could be mildly interesting.

The creativity and artistry survives, in the forms of groups like Dream Theater, Nightwish, Within Temptation, and a host of lesser-known groups are prospering. Not in the mass market, but in that ten, fifteen percent maybe, of the population that isn't part of the herd. That probably corresponds pretty closely to IQ distribution.

What? The dimmer switch? Oh yeah. here it is.  

Tue 07 Mar 2023 09:16:46 PM CST

That about right.   Little dark, I can't use a digital camera worth a flip.   Old geezer grew up with 35mm SLR, look through the little hole and see what the lens is seeing.   Sunlight a problem outdoors, probably was takin' pics on a cloudy day.   Been meaning to figure out some kind of shade, ain't done it yet.   I cleaned up some, thinned them.  They some that for some reason never got very tall.   Kinda spread out low.   Got some, been training them to get real tall and skinny.   Some near ten feet now, see how that goes.

Lookin' on youtube for a link for another blog, had to watch a couple ole vids.   Roxette, favorite for years.   Listen to Your Heart, loved Marie.   I looked at them as being kind of ABBA 2.0.   Or .5, bein' as ABBA was two guys and two gals, beautiful young folks, happy looking and happy songs.   And Roxette was one guy and gal, beautiful lady with beautiful singing.   Mostly, some of ABBA stuff kinda sad with the relationships and all, and the darker tone of the last couple, the 80s comin' on.

But like ABBA, beautiful songs, impeccable production, happiness.   As Agnetha and Frida, along with their individual voices had, as you could say, blended into a third voice that was more than the two.

Marie's voice, not like the synthetic instastars, all electronics anyway, millions of dollars and armies of production people, mostly for marketing.   Not sure what I hear, like cigars, notes of this or hints of that.   Thought I heard a little Stevie Nicks in that one.   Just a little.   Don't have as much time as I'd like to enjoy the terabytes of music and videos.   World so crazy can't help but look out once and a while to see how much worse it got.

1980, Super Trouper had a little of the hints of the wear of the years of performing, and of their relationships dying.   Happy New Year is my favorite New Year's Eve song since I first heard it.   In the official video (the one with them at the piano) the looks they exchange occasionally.

Anyhows, clicked on a Chickenfoot vid, Highway Star.   Satch tearin' it up good.   Awesome guitarist, him and Sammy having some fun.   Forgot, maybe the bass player from Van Halen, dunno if it as the Van Hagar era or not.   Still love seeing Purple doin' it back in the day, Jon layin' it down on the Hammond.   Don't ever get the time to enjoy the old stuff.

Anyway, there a link to Yngwie doin' the awesomest metal song ever, a live show in Japan.   Had to watch.   It in the library, once in a while I make a playlist of about a dozen different live covers of Burn.   Coulda done without Mike in the bike shorts and black socks, or the bad word.   Sokay.

Night kiddos.

Wed 08 Mar 2023 10:00:39 PM CST

Nice cool spring day, grey with gentle rain. Be fun next few weeks, tryin' to keep mowing done with grass bein wet so much. Same as always. Winter kind of dry, extra spring rain be good for the farmers. Water table may already be high as usual or higher, lookin' at crawdad chimneys on higher ground than usual. Thinkin' to put in a couple shallow wells up near the house, expand the old pond and build another further down the draw. Go fishin.

Yesterday had some fireworks. Like they said, the Republicans got back partly in charge, they makin' as much trouble as they can. Had my doubts, but the House speaker went and done (among other things) unloaded the secret Jan 6 videos to the most hated man among Commies. One of'em anyway. Tucker been runnin'em on his show every night. You'da thought the Demonrats would hide or destroy them when they lost, but probably wasn't possible. And they didn't figure he'd have the balls. And if he did, nobody believe it.

How much good it will do remains to be seen. Perhaps the absence of a red tsunami is benefecial. A small amount of success, allowing things like the Jan 6 revelations (actually they were known but with the indisputable videos out at least some more people will know) and the Plandemic investigations. While ther will be no retribution until a responsible administration is in place, some of the groundwork is being laid.

And the regime knows. Chucky Schemer was in panic mode after the Monday show, delivering the usual hyper-hyper speech, but clearly unnerved, demanding that Fox suppress the remaining segments. Fun stuff. Joetato hasn't commented, in fact his whereabouts are uncertain. Maybe they'll fix something up for Brillo Head to read. As with Fetterwoman, only there's some question as to his extantness. This was pretty weird. Arkancides gettin that way.

Dunno if a passenger dyin' in airplane turbulence is as strange as a guy climbin' a ladder and tyin a lectric cord noose around his neck and the shootin' himself in the chest with a shotgun as he kicks off, but it's strange. Only thing about Arkancides usually means somebody bad got caught up with. Not always, for sure in the early days it was some innocent people. Even Vince Foster, guilty of bad associations apparently balked at doing the evil stuff they's into.

And finally this hilarious bit. I just hope he was careful and doesn't get caught. If there was more of this, statues being toppled as soon as they're up, perv murals covered with black paint or some other method, whatever. They'd get the message before long. Shouldn't be a problem financially to recruit teams to move around the country, make the abomination disappear and be gone without a trace. Easy enough to do.

Thu 09 Mar 2023 09:04:43 PM CST

Politics continues to be interesting. The Turtle took a spill yesterday, said he's a a dinner, no doubt alcohol involved. Some of the guys laughin' about, someone said maybe someone pushed or tripped. The Demonrats got three of theirs out of action, and whether Fetterwoman is even alive is questionable. So maybe someone is trying to even the odds by takin' out a Republican. Plenty of others ain't as useful to them as the turtle is, but somehow assaulting Ted Cruz or Tom Cotton isn't as practical. They did have that guy try to kill Rand Paul, but as likely as not he packin' these days.

Anyway, were I to believe in omens or karma (I believe in signs from the Almighty and retribution from the same source, which is what the pagans call omens and karma) so this may be another one. Ancient political animals getting sick and even dying, to be sure some of it is statistically likely, but the circumstances lead one to speculate. Their arrogance contributes to the situation the minions of the cabal find themselves.

The cancer that infested the Supreme Court for so long was urged by those she served to retire while a Demonrat was president, so that a similar minion could replace her. I suspect her refusal was a result of her inability to believe that she would die. As Willian Sayoran said "Everybody has got to die, but I have always believed an exception would be made in my case. Now what?" He said it aloud, but the others say it with their actions. When the Swimmer was told nothing could be done for his brain cancer. No, not the evil, he was born with that. The other cancer kills ya dead. Sent a letter to the Pope, Ovomit delivered it personally. Muslim delivering a letter from an apostate to his pope. Word was he asking for a special pope blessin. Man spent his whole life doin' everything he could that the church condemns. Now he wantin' a special blessin 'fore he goes into the afterlife. Somethin' in there had'em worried. Funny, and I mean funny as in funny, as in you laugh at it 'cause it funny, that brain cancer knocked'em down while he was at the luncheon celebratin' Ovomit's inauguration. Now that's hilarious. Later they found out it's gonna kill'em. It did.

So how much of it is indicators of what's to come, how much is statistical, is hard to say at this point. Of course you can look back at it and see the signs, but knowing ahead what they mean is not so easy. You know what you hope they are though.

OK, just leave this here. Duh. As they say. You selectively breed things. Cattle to be black or white or make milk. Dogs to look pretty horses to race or pull beer wagons. You discourage propagation (economically mostly, by penalizing people who work for a living, have stable families of above average children) and subsidize the parasite class which starts out not very intelligent, literally paying them to produce offspring, you get fewer of the former and more of the latter. Not only does the average intelligence drop, but behavioral problems increase. Nature culls populations of organisims when things get out of whack. In the homo sapiens population, we will do it to ourselves. The reason it will be successful is that the ones now being discouraged to propagate will survive at a higher rate than those bred to be parasites. The hosts die and the parasites starve in large numbers. Those that haven't been killed off in the competition for what little is left to eat.

Fri 10 Mar 2023 11:48:04 AM CST

First third of third month about gone. Last third have eleven days I guess. Nice spring day, windy of course, sunny and cool.

Need a shocked face pic to go with this one. Long as people been sayin' 'artificial intelligence' it's the wrong terminology no matter how you slice it, but since it don't exist in the way most people interpret it, and won't, probably don't matter much. Wheneveritwas, 70s, by the 80s for sure, with the advances in computer technology, instant experts out the wazoo. I never liked the term, lot of people probably do associate it with sentience, and understand one as much or as little as the other. Artificial flavors stuff they use to try to make somethin' taste like somethin it ain't, and artificial sweetners'll killya, no matter how many new ones they invent. I suggested synthetic intelligence, but that may be worse, again depending on what you think it means. I finally settled on counterfeit, and that seems the best fit for what you got now. As the Reverend Mother told Paul about the prohibition against thinking machines "Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind" should have been "You shall not make a machine to counterfeit a human mind."

About everything counterfeit these days. At some point it has to break down, and guess we see if them as lives through it can see real from fake, or if most of them care any more than they do now. Like to think so.

Lessee, what's 75 billion in 2007 dollars now? Something over a hundred billion. Some people talkin' about Enron in reference to this. Watched Enron go down back in the day, I's a year or more ahead of it, was watching some other signs. Same principle I guess, greed, coverups and coverups of coverups, til ain't nothing left to cover with. On top of everything else though, and the fact there are probably others about to happen. Interesting times.

Joetato probably doesn't even know he presented a budget. Whoever wrote it put in this garbage.

"How the hell'd I miss a hubbub?"

"Hell yeah, cop died in shootout with some pothead hippies this morning. Got our own Waco situation. 'Cept it was over 'fore anyone heard about it."

"Waco? Like Janet Reno brung in the Abrams tanks? Flame throwers on the babies?" says I.

"Nah, not like Waco. Maybe like the Ruby Ridge."

"FBI snipers shootin' pregnant wimmin on the doorstep?"

"Nah, hell. Just big government shit is all."

"The Feds?"

"No, the local."

"That ain't big government."

"Well you know. The dirty sons a bitches "

The Men I Sent Forward (Clayton Lindemuth)

In one hundred years we have gone from teaching Greek and Latin in high school to teaching remedial English in college.

Joseph Sobran

Politics is full of people who want to prove they're the smartest person in the room, but they almost never realize that the room they're in rarely has any really smart people in it.

Dominic Cummings

LIFESTYLE Published March 5. 2023 12 02am EST
On this day in history, March 5, 1966, patriotic song The Ballad of the Green Berets' hits No. 1
Song was originally a 12-verse epic ballad before it was trimmed to a radio-friendly length
Christine RousseIle I Fox News
H 40 seconds ago His "Casca" books were pretty good. About a mercenary soldier who lives and dies repeatedly at different times in history, from ancient to modern. I believe it was revived a few years back and some new ones written by other authors.
s smokeyj 22 minutes ago The significance of the "Green Beret" has been diluted over the years as now all branches of the army wear some color of beret. The Green Beret came into being as a symbol of an elite fighting force. The Navy Seals wear the uniform of the day along with all the rest of the US Navy but are one of the most lethal fighting force ever. Reply Share
A An n4Ju stice 28 minutes ago My dad was a high school teacher in a small town, and I was 8 when this song came out. My dad was deeply saddened, watching every male senior graduate, then immediately leave to Vietnam. Dad was a teenager in WW2. 3 of his brother's served. 1 brother died. Dad loved this song. He bought the single, played it, sang it everywhere, knew it word for word. My dad was a true patriot. Did I mention he had a masters in US History? Love my country. Reply 6 Share

Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird guitarist Gary Rossington passes away...
Posted by Kane on March 6, 2023 1:43 pm
When America was America. Stars and Stripes blowing in the wind, Rebel Flag on the stage backdrop -pretty certain nobody complained and a large image of Mt. Rushmore while listening to FREE Bird!! Look where we're at now! WTF!
Dying Empire
Don't forget the barefoot gas pedal!
Did you have the little one for the dimmer switch too?
Had one of those in my 62 Galaxy!
March 6, 2023 2:05 pm
March 6, 2023 2:28 pm
March 6, 2023 2:54 pm
March 6, 2023 2:46 pm

Sam put his phone away and opened the door.

"Let's go." he said. "Follow my lead"

She checked the pocket that held her ID card and badge, adjusted the crossdraw holster holding her gun, zipped her jacket up about a third of the way. Sam did the same, and they walked toward the house. She saw that Sam had his binoculars, reached back into the car and got hers.

"Should I lock it?" she asked.

"No, no need. We might have to egress quickly."

He grinned, and she hoped he was joking.

"Whatever you do," he said, "don't touch your weapon or reach inside your jacket. We're being watched, and as long as we don't alarm anyone we're in no danger."

Balance of Power (Enak Nomolos - 2022)

"How old are you?"

"Twenty-six. In a couple of months."

"You've barely completed your indoctrination. But education is irrelevant to whether you ever come to the realization that human beings are universally evil. Except maybe to make it take longer."

"Including you?"

"Especially me." He grinned. "But I know it and admit it. Knowing you're by nature evil, and choosing to resist it - first within yourself and then in others, those who surrender to it, embrace it - is the first battle."

"You believe people are intrinsically evil?"

"Broken is probably a better word." Sam replied. "But whether you were created that way or were somehow made that way, you are what you are. It looks like Chris has decided to join us."

Balance of Power (Enak Nomolos - 2022)

"Long time no see." he said. "Who's your sidekick?"

"This here is Special Agent Martha McElroy." Sam said. "Might want to ask to see her badge, keep things businesslike."

"Usually we shoot first and check IDs later" Chris said with no trace of humor, "but might as well. Ma'am, could I see your credentials?"

She extracted the small wallet and handed it over. He studied it briefly, looked her over and handed it back.

"What brings you out here in Injun country?"

"Injun country?"

"You're a few miles from friendly territory." Chris said. "We may be inside the official lines, but the League is in charge. They just don't bother marking the lines. In any case, once you leave the cities you're out of your element anyway. Most of you, anyway. You might get around without getting nailed, but your sidekick there..."

"I don't plan on trying." Sam said. "We knew you'd have us under surveillance once we crossed the river."

"We did." Chris said. "So, what's up?"

Balance of Power (Enak Nomolos - 2022)

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