February 2023 - Part II

Wed 15 Feb 2023 08:28:40 PM CST

Hoping that's the last of actual winter, butchaneverknow. Beautiful weather, wet but that's ok, gonna be some wind, that ok too. Kitty cat first summer. Green stuff growing. Watching people all talkin' bout stuff, AI, all that. Some feller said, artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity, something like that. Never cared for the term, but I guess artificial intelligence is about as good as artificial sweeteners. Never was fooled by one, and damn few didn't gimme a headache. Damn! Read the label. There it was, aspartame and sucralose and such. Apparently my chemistry breaks down the stuff to soon or something. Nasty They got pretty good at makin' it so you gotta look close.

Simulated intelligence I guess be all right. Somebody said this, wrote it actually, printed in a computer magaine. 1980s, computer biz cranking like crazy. Ataris and Commodores and the Z80 CP/M machines becoming Mess Dos when the sheeple follered IBM off the cliff. Billy Gates ripped off the CP/M and hopped in bed with IBM (or they with him, made the critter with two backs in any case) and financed one of the great evils of the day. I never been so glad to be a pureblood. People droppin like flies, dunno how the cabal gonna handle it. More like try to handle it, and from they way they goin' so far...

Anyhow, everybody an expert all of a sudden. Few dozen computer mags out there, people gettin jobs writin stuff as fast as they could read up on the latest and spout it back, so you got, well, watch the news, TV or Interweb, people ain't got sense enough to come in out of the rain reading stuff written by others about as dumb. Just too ugly for the camera. So I'm reading one of these dudes (or dudette, lot of women got in the biz) wrote some to the effect that "there are x million computers out there now. If one of them acquires sentience.."

Hafta admit, I'm sittin there thinking this person actually thinks one of them Atari 800 or Commodore C64 (of a couple dozen million) suddenly goes "I think. I think I am. Therefore I am. I think."


Later we learn....

"Why do you test for humans?" he asked

"To set you free."


"Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them."

"'Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a man's mind,'" Paul quoted.

"Right out of the Butlerian Jihad and the Orange Catholic Bible," she said. "But what the O.C. Bible should've said is: 'Thou shalt not make a machine to counterfeit a human mind.'"

Naten e mire miq.

Thu 16 Feb 2023 08:58:02 PM CST

Always suspected, whenever I thought about him, that Andy was laughing his ass off his whole life, doin' whatever he pleased and people talkin' bout how significant this or that is and analyzing, he just havin' fun and makin' money. Dunno though, what was goin' on in that head.

Joetato come out and read something they cooked up for him. Incoherent as anything he'd make up on his own if he could. Said they been shooting down some kinda ballons or something, not sure what they were, coulda been this or that. Some other garbage. Some kinda club flies balloons, said one of theirs went missin' about the time he said one of the was. Too many possibilities to have an idea. You got a can of worms, you take out a worm and look at it, is that the one? Who knows, looks like the others. Could be any of'em. Maybe the Chi-coms tole him to say it. Maybe his handlers just got together and threw together something they thought would work, for a while. Just get through another day any way you can.

Didn't hear him say anything about Chernohio. Leaving that to the Rear Admiral. That thang is ugly. Buttgig is too. Suspect it'll vanish from the state-run media pretty quick, but be surprised to see anyone living there in a few years, even if it isn't evacuated and quarantined.

No way to guess the result of the people dropping dead. It's been mostly ignored, but now they puttin' out some explanations so lame you wouldn't believe anyone would say if if you didn't hear it with your own ears. Probably be a while.

Stopped in town to get some stuff at Wallyworld, not payin' attention, got a little colder. Apparently some weather authority or other said may snow. Store crowded on a Thursday, half the self-checkers now workin, not enough to start with, not enough associates, screen sez "an asssociate will be here shortly" or some such. She wasn't, so the one I was usin was unavailable fer about ten minutes. Don't look like snow. Guess we'll see.

Sat 18 Feb 2023 09:35:40 PM CST

A weekend playlist, good for most of day, time I'm in the house. Which isn't much now mild weather here. Lotta outdoors, not as much time for drinkin' and bloggin'.

Asia - Basel Switzerland - 2010

Asia in Asia - 1983

Asia - Shibuya, Tokyo - 2010

Asia at the Budokan 1983

John Wetton and Geoff Downes (Icon) - London - 2009

John Wetton - Krakow - 2003

Ken Hensley and John Wetton - London - 2001

Ken Hensley and Live Fire - 2005

Not sure about all the dates. Asia had a ton of live recordings, doubt I'll ever get around to collecting them all. The shows in Switzerland and Japan are similar, but I could watch and listen to a dozen shows from any year. If I'm working and not watching, I'll watch and turn up the volume when "Open Your Eyes" comes along.

The "Asia in Asia" and Budokan shows seem to be the same TV broadcast from 1983, with Greg Lake standing in for John Wetton and doing an excellent job, as he apparently had little time to prepare. Watching it and the shows from over twenty years later is interesting.

Not sure what the status of the band was when John did the show in Krakow. That was in the John Payne era, and Geoff appears to be the only original member present at the time. John does a number of Asia, King Crimson, and a U.K., a band he was in earlier.

He joins onetime (and briefly) Uriah Heep bandmate Ken Hensley in 2001. I believe this may be the "More Than Conquerors" album, or is a performance from about the same time.

And finally, Ken and a band of Norwegian musicians play some Heep songs along with some of Ken's long solo career.

Sadly we have lost Ken and John in the past few years, and Greg passed on as well. Watching the Asia performance with him, we get to see a much younger Steve Howe and Geoff Downes (and Carl Palmer too, though he doesn't seem to age).

Mon 20 Feb 2023 10:18:24 PM CST

No comment needed. Seems to be the modus operandi of the regime. With maximum ineptitude. Whether Chernohio was deliberate or not it only piled on to the ongoing disaster. Smart people can to some degree make it up as they go along if they have to. But smart people don't find themselves doing it often, because they're smart. The current regime seems to have literally (literally as in the literal definition of literal) no one with an IQ much above room temperature. The handling of Chernohio. pretty much confirms that.

Ultimately it depends on when or whether the improvisation fails to keep up with the disaster. Chernohio lookin' bad, both in the reaction of the regime and the likely long-term results. The state-run media is already moving on, even as the situation deteriorates. And the disasters continue, too many for more than the occasional one to not be deliberate.

Some, including yours truly, have posited the idea that the disciples of Cloward and Piven, a pretty big part of what's happening, assume that once the system is wrecked they'll be around to pick up the pieces and rebuild as they see fit. Assuming is a bad habit, as I suspect they will find. At best they can break it, but there is no way the Republic continues to exist in one piece unless something along the lines of MacArthur's Freehold happens. And that will be the end of them, any that survived the crash.

Busy day, not much left. Gottago, Oidhche mhath.

Tue 21 Feb 2023 06:26:16 PM CST

Worked pretty well, put a couple of the Little Buddies by a window in the main living area. New house, super tight and efficient. Probably if the electric had gone off coulda been pretty comfortable. Still gonna upgrade to a couple Big Buddies, either move the little ones to the pad over in the west wing, or just stuff a couple more big ones there as well. Mr. Heater makes some seriously good stuff, got heaters I've had over five years, just store'em in the spring and they good as new when I set'em up for winter.

Dunno if the Veritas thing over or not. Seemed so, James made the mistake of letting infiltrators in. And of being naive I suppose. He one of the smartest young warriors out there, made Veritas but was too successful for someone's comfort. They's after him from the beginning, but intimidations and the usual fakery failed, got bigger, and sooner or later them that come in with some big money wantin' to help, end up taking control and throwin' you out. Pretty dirty from the looks of it, but the cabal was desperate. Not that they ain't dirty when they ain't so desperate.

Figured it to be just him leavin' and takin' the good ones with'em, Veritas goes the way of the Sludge Report. Still there but nobody payin' attention. Take a while for him to get started again, but he'll do it. Meanwhile Veritas no longer has any influence beyond what disinformation they can get anyone to listen to. Donors move on with James, the other organizations won't have anything to do with'em. But they OK, 'cause they got it shut down. For a while.

Now it seems most of the staff sayin' they're outtathere if the board doesn't resign, idea being to put James back. Doubt it'll work, the cabal more interested in shuttin' it down than getting any mileage out of the name for a while, and it wouldn't be long anyway. So they got the name, probably take the money that was in the bank. Few millions.

Beginning to think it is about to be WW3 as some been saying. Joetato went over to Ukraine (the U.S. president installed by he cabal went to visit the puppe they installed in Ukraine) and read a speech. Read the cues too ('end of quote') and was about as ridiculous as he is here. They set off an air raid siren when he showed up. Don't even care anyone looking can see through it. Not enough people looking. Not yet anyway.

But the managers concocted an inflammatory diatribe, he going to visit Poland, see if he can get them a little more solidly into the suicide pact. They determined to do it though, and never can see a way for it to not work. Guess they're sufficiently convinced there's no way to lose the 24 elections, no matter what they do. May be right, for all I know.

We still got close to two years of this, and whether the sheeple awake enough in a couple years to change things, Idunno. If they don't we going some other route. Most of them don't look too good. Still got feeling though, this much weirdness all swirlin' around, things bumpin' into other things unplanned, some of the planned things not goin' as expected, some way complete chaos sometimes turns out good.

Head ööd

Wed 22 Feb 2023 09:58:35 PM CST

I can almost see Schwarzenegger doing that. "Ahh, cumm fawth, you old wahh-dog" in what actually was a pretty good voice for the first film. The great John Milius. Favorite Schwarzenegger film ain't that though, it's True Lies. And not because of Ahnold. Jamie Lee Curtis stole the show there, and Tom Arnold pretty decent.

Decent, rest of the Conan flicks pretty much sucked. In a perfect world... nevermind. At least Conan and ERB's works for the most part escaped desecration at the hands of the unwashed, comic books and Stardreck having taken the brunt of the assault.

Drove into the city today, Wednesday decently slow and they mostly got stuff restocked. To the extent that stuff gets restocked. Still a lot of stuff not being replenished anywhere. Big Wallyworld in Jonestown good as it gets, and when I remembered I needed a pair of houseshoes (them I got when I escaped the madhouse was all Wal-Mart had then, size 9-12 or some such, no backs. Shoes have backs dammit. Grabbed a pair of Dearfoams from the meager selection, 11-12. Figured a little big OK for houseshoes, considering what I'd been wearing. Turned out to be just right. Bein' as I wear a 10 in regular shoes. See how kitty cat likes'em.

Remembered to grab a couple jugs of Old Charter. Hadn't had the stuff for near on thirty years, or more, got a bottle couple weeks ago, remembered, something different 'bout Charter. Dunno what, from my youth. Probably have a snort or two sometime soon. Quest for the perfect quickie cigar continues.

When it comes to cursing, much as I like the effword (to the dismay some friends and family) one of my favorites seems to be rather rather rare. 'Satan fart me out' is from Poul Anderson's "The Merman's Children"" is the only place I have ever encountered it.

Ar labunakti.

Fri 24 Feb 2023 07:43:55 PM CST

Just another day of folks droppin' like flies. Dunno when them chickens gonna come home, but at least I got a pretty good chance of surviving. Waitin' for'em to start payin' for pure blood. Might fetch a pretty good price.

Looks like a few more days of winter. Gonna be wet, that's OK, long as the cold gone. Got a feelin' kitty cat enjoy the spring and summer. Long as he don't tangle with a chickenhawk competing for mice in the field. See if the shrike shows up, didn't see too much of his prey tacked up on tree limbs. Anyway he be happy, and I happy he a he and don't hafta go go the vet for demasculation. Ain't no other cats anywhere around, he hafta go a ways to knock up somebody else's pet.

Likin' our new governor. School voucher bill the other day, things lookin' good here finally. I suspect she got the RINOs in the legislature whipped into shape. They not only RINOs but milquetoasts. Actually I reckon about all RINOs are, but these rollin' over and doin' the right thing at least.

Usual foolishness goin' on in the big scene. White people bein' murdered daily by those people, dunno when that reaction happen. For now I guess there's enough able to flee to the free states, the pressure ain't building too much. 'course them as inclined to take action, accumulating down here. Imagine the militia be considerable, even in unorganized condition. Governors don't even have to do anything, just don't get in the way of the partisans. Cabal enforcers show up, look the other way while they take care of business. May come to that, hope not but it may. It's up to them on the other side, and damn few of'em got the balls.

Boa noite.

Mon 27 Feb 2023 12:52:15 PM CST

February about over. Good that they used the shortest month for that, but they they went and put in Juneteeeth, and that ends up being' close to a week. A week not much different in Chiraq and other places where killin' is 24/7/365, but some extra in other places where there somewhat less. Whaddyado?

Very nice day, sunny and wind about died down. Dry up a little and do some gardening. Tomatoes and artichokes first, both destined for marination. Don't grow any regular food here, 'tween prepper clans on both sides of the family, the ag surplus both animal and vegetable more'n I can handle. Writin' mostly after dark now, and not much happenin' that likely to make any big waves over the next two years. Even'f Joetato keels over, still pretty much on autopilot. Same crew as before, only they don't have to deal with diaper changes. And it looks like Fetterwoman may be the object of a Weekend at Bernies's scenario. But whether they can conceal his death another six months idunno. Allegedly he plum brain-dead, but if he don't start rotting and technically alive, hoonoes? BTW, Catherine Mary Stewart might just be the most beautiful woman on earth. And I've known one or two personally that was in the runnin.

Mon 27 Feb 2023 10:11:50 PM CST

Coogan's Bluff is one I ain't seen too many times. Certainly nothing like the Dirty Harry films or the spaghetti westerns, or most of the westerns. Directed by Mark Siegel, who did quite a few good ones. Charley Varrick a fave, Walter Matthau great in a kinda unusual role for him. Few action, crime films I remember. Lot I ain't seen. Great actor, they about all gone. Joe Don Baker good in that one, and Andrew Robinson, the psycho from the first Dirty Harry, pretty good too.

Them French Vanilla Good Times gettin to be a favorite too. Can't seem to find the minis in that flavor though, bout an inch shorter. Like them sometimes. Anyway, Gotham Cigars good source. Do have the shorties in green though, so that's pretty good.

World still big mess, goverment and it's appendages lyin' nonstop, satanic minions continue their assault but people fightin' back. Be a while 'fore we see how it shakes out. Does it get big ugly, like Red Dawn with about fifty thousand groups of Wolverines out in flyoverland, cities boilin' over. Or does the cabal get desperate enough to try the big one, whatever form that may take. What I've seen of their intelligence it gonna be clumsy. My suspicion some of them made some assumptions that are way off.

Labos nakties.

Tue 28 Feb 2023 08:55:46 PM CST

Guys at Hide 5 don't pull any punches. I agree.

Listenin' to the radio. I do that, pay by the electron when I'm out here, which I will be most of the summer. Talk shows on AM stations, why pay them for what I can get free. End of the billing cycle I use up the surplus downloading movies and music. Anyway, the little lesbian cannibal pygmy troll ain't gonna be mayor of Chiraq any more. Dunno why she ever was, except maybe to piss off as many taxpayers as possible and run them out of the state.

However it goes they'll replace her with something as bad or worse. Same as NYC, got rid of one and replaced with Idi Amin Jr..

Nice younger lady, came over with a friend last night, talking 'bout the elections. How the dummies in NY, CA, etc. all voted to keep the people oppressin'em where they are, knowing they gonna get more oppression.

Showed her the stats on NY, CA, etc. Got easy 50% parasites. More in most. Automagic dim votes. Remaining 50%, quite a few dumb woke types. Always some fraud. Wokesters ain't worried, they're in the suburbs, gated communities lot of'em. Figure it good, not seeing what comin. People don't think for themselves, think whatever someone tellin'em. They think nothing will ever go wrong, even with stuff like Chernohio. That flyover country, won't happen here.

Except it will and when it does, some people are going to have an awakening an order of magnitude (or two) above rude. No sympathy from this quarter, in fact things like Chernohio or whatever the recent ones have been will be fresh in the minds of those in flyoverland. Looking at NYC, a conservative estimate of the parasite population at 50% is low. Even if it is considerably less, a major infrastructure failure that leaves four million or more with no food within 72 hours, water and lights off, even partial interruption of transportation from the outside - I would guess even most current visions like MacArthur's Freehold don't really describe it.

As I said though, no sympathy will be forthcoming. Whether it happens soon and the clips of Joetato saying he's 'running out of patience' or something more recent, a serious rage will boil over one of these days. And as my friend Enak observed, revolutions are not made by peasants with pitchforks. The middle class, some upper class, intelligentsia, get it started. Once the fires are burning and heads are rolling and opportunities for looting revenge (upon oppressors real or imagined - think French Revolution) the peasants grab their pitchforks. Or ARs.

Tomorow a new month.

Nos da.

I stopped at the psychic tent at the carnival. Asked if she could contact Andy Warhol. He said that due to overuse the fame limit is now down to 7 minutes. And tell Will Smith there are no renewals.

Quiescent Benevolence 1649447142

Patience my ass. I'm gonna go kill something.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. If you don't have a good crisis, create one.

Not even Conan could spy, in that darkness, an ambush set by Zhaibar tribesmen. As they swept past the black mouth of a gorge that opened into the Pass, a javelin swished through the air and thudded home behind the stallion's straining shoulder. The great beast let out his life in a shuddering sob and stumbled, going headlong in mid-stride. But Conan had recognized the flight and stroke of the javelin, and he acted with spring-steel quickness.

As the horse fell he leaped clear, holding the girl aloft to guard her from striking boulders. He lit on his feet like a cat, thrust her into a cleft of rock, and wheeled toward the outer darkness, drawing his knife.

Yasmina, confused by the rapidity of events, not quite sure just what had happened, saw a vague shape rush out of the darkness, bare feet slapping softly on the rock, ragged garments whipping on the wind of his haste. She glimpsed the flicker of steel, heard the lightning crack of stroke, parry and counter-stroke, and the crunch of bone as Conan's long knife split the other's skull.

Conan sprang back, crouching in the shelter of the rocks. Out in the night men were moving and a stentorian voice roared: 'What, you dogs! Do you flinch? In, curse you, and take them!'

Conan started, peered into the darkness and lifted his voice.

'Yar Afzal! Is it you?'

There sounded a startled imprecation, and the voice called warily.

'Conan? Is it you, Conan?'

'Aye!' the Cimmerian laughed. 'Come forth, you old war-dog. I've slain one of your men.'

Flight Instructer Ma Suddenly Mid-Flight: 'No Indicatior
Pete Buttplug REALLY Doesn't Want to Talk About His "Persc
Tucker Completely Obliterates the Warmongers in BOTH Parti
Triple VAXXXED 25-Year-Old Medical Doctor i Suddenly
Weird, Right? Fetterman's Wife Abruptly Fled the Country /
Warm Up Your Bedroom With Cozy Comforters And Covers From
Cop, 24, WET After Collapsing In Gym Heartbreak as
'Healthy' Canadian Boy, 13, Dies Suddenly
Girl 6 Dies Suddenly
30-Year-Old Police Constable Dies Suddenly
Air Albania Flight Attendant, Dies After Plane Lands
Tragedy as Mum-of-Two, 40, Suddenly After Collapsing at Home
Tom Tierney: Former Ireland International and Women's Head Coach Suddenly at Age 46

FOX NEWS FLASH Published February 27, 2023 9:05am EST
Lori Lightfoot slammed for suggesting voters oppose her because she's a Black woman in power: Her 'time is up'
Chicago mayor trails behind two other candidates ahead of Tuesday's election
Taylor Penley I Fox News

unpercedented037 9 minutes ago If her claim is true, how did she ever get elected in the first place... if she was fairly elected to begin with?
Reply do 1 rP Share
H hyperyme.com 24 seconds ago Reminds me of a local school where I live, small town, probably 80% white. The school board was woke when woke wasn't a thing yet, about 20 years ago. Decided the new superintendent should be black, hired one from some big city, raised salary, helped him get a loan on a house twice what he could afford. He messed up stuff so bad they didn't renew his contract. All of a sudden they were racists. Reply d5 4 Share
BauerTiger 9 minutes ago If her inept comment about race etc.. was true, then how did she get elected to begin with? Reply 1{'; (i.)1 Share

Coogan: You're the girl, aren't you?

Julie: There have been rumors to that effect.

Coogan: Well,you just sit back and act like one.

Julie: How?

Coogan: Take everything you can get, that's how.

Julie: Is that the way the girls act in Arizona?

Coogan: That's the way everybody acts everywhere.

Julie: You too?

Coogan: Especially me.

Coogan's Bluff - 1968

Venice hit-and-run driver who plowed into mom, baby in stolen car is murdered after light sentence II by Muddling Through 43 minutes ago
Strangely, my "Give a Crap" meter isn't budging.
"LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles-area teenager who ran over a mother walking her child in a stroller in Venice in 2021 and received just a few months of diversionary camp as punishment was gunned down in Palmdale this week, according to FOX News.
Kristopher Baca, 17, of Palmdale was found fatally shot on Wednesday on a driveway in the 38600 block of 11th Street East, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department."
https://www.foxla.cominews/venice-hit-a nce-gascon Gr

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