February 2023 - Part I

Wed 01 Feb 2023 07:48:22 PM CST

I'll just do two parts for February, since it's so short. Got some winter finally, couple days of ice. We was about on the edge of it, no power failures, not all that cold. Walked out on the back forty a bit, would have taken some pics but didn't quite have the energy for it. Dunno if the Medical Industry stuff will ever be fixed.

Thu 02 Feb 2023 05:49:03 PM CST

Just a few fun sudden death notices. One of the places that keeps a body count on slab jab victims. Like most things, dunno where it's going. Nowhere good I expect.

Kitty cat experiencing his first winter. Havin a ball, dunno how their feet don't get cold, walkin' on ice. Much as they eat, the central heat must take care of the extremities. Fell down in a little (frozen) pond and skittered and scampered around before he figured out he didn't like it much. Good thing the ice didn't break, ole man hafta wade in and get'em out.

Not much interestin' news today. One nutjob (Occasional Cortex) got mad because another nutjob who is also a rabid Jew-hater from Minnesomalia got tossed from a committee, like they didn't expect it. Actually given the linguini-spined Republicans last eight lustrum or so have been, guess they were.

McCarthy doing pretty good though. Had some doubts. Important thing is not to fold even once. Hopefully he gets it.

The Arkansaw version of Heavy D is doin the rebuttal to Joetato's SCOTUS speech. Sarah is indeed a DeSantis clone, and is already dismantling the work of the RINO who preceded her. Luckily we got term limits in some years ago, and Ass Hutchinson is a prime example why term limits should be in effect everywhere. Congress most of all, obviously. I know, there's a dead rapper called hisself Heavy D. Makes it more fun.

Gotta go write some sex and violence scenes for ongoing projects. Heavy on the violence.

Hmo ntuj zoo.

Fri 03 Feb 2023 09:50:38 PM CST

The folks over in Memphrica finally got a little joy. Not much, I'd be surprised if they even prosecute him. But he's a white face. They'll probably pillory a couple more, down to the EMTs now, see if they can blame them for not keeping five cops from beatin' a guy to death. Seeing as how the word is the "victim" was messin around with the wife or squeze or whatever of one of the beaters.

Found this interesting, had been wondering. Looking at the drugs they put in her, the doctor needs to be in prison. 'course one that did it to me ain't there yet. He still killin' folks. Hard to figure what'll happen, but I know from experience if she had that in her she wasn't in her right mind. Depends on whether the lawyer can explain it to a jury with the sense to process it. As they say, better judged by twelve than carried by six, but depends on which side you're on. If twelve are not smart enough to get out of jury duty....

Got some Chinese blimps cruisin' around over the joint, that's fun. Watching the attempted damage control that is. I think I may have made up a word for this kinda regime. A Juvenocracy is a goverment run by junior high level adults. And not even the smartest ones. Whatever the regime says you know they're lying, unless they don't know the truth and actually say it, so hoonos. Apparently another one been seen over South America. How they'll handle if remains to be seen.

Funny bout high school kids though. Starting in seventh grade they cherry-picked the top 20 for each year and they was the H class. At my school anyways. 'course they used them other tests we's takin' since third or fourth grade, idunno. Spent a couple of days coloring little dots for the answers so the machines could grad'em. But I's the H class all they way through, and tellya truth, me and one other guy, far as I know was way above the other 18. He smarter than me by the way, and somewhat weirder. Now idunno what the average was for the 20, actually 19 cause one was, well, you know. Now that don't mean that me with a 245 IQ, or 247, Air Force tested me again to check, different test same result. They about to put some money into training me and wanted to be sure. The others, dunno if they 130-180 maybe. One kid, he became a doctor, pretty reserved type, sometime struck me as bein' up there close to me and Dan. Tryin' to think of others, probably was one maybe two. Anyhow, even if them junior high was the best and brightest, the ones I's with didn't seem super-bright.

At lunch and smoke breaks I hung with kids in the M class. That was average. Had to have multiple M sections since most of the kids was in that, three I believe to have manageable class sizes. K class was hear unteachable, just babysittin' til "graduation". And about 10-12 SE. Guess that's 'special needs' now. Interweb link wiggin out just now, catch up later.

Sun 05 Feb 2023 08:45:15 PM CST

They didn't forget the soldiers because they never thought about them to begin with, except as numbers in plans and reports. The first verse apparently is believed by some to be a reference to the Falklands War (although it began about the time the album was released, so maybe some people just connected the two) but it could be about any war. My father fought in WWII. Actually he was a combat engineer so he got shot at from time to time but didn't have anything to shoot back with. Trying to build a bridge over a river and the guys on the other side don't want you coming over... well you know how that goes. An uncle went to Korea, Navy, came back had pretty good life. Died a few years ago, 88. I cheated and googled the obit. Whole family lived pretty long, Dad 97 and Mom 87 (she thirteen years younger) and thought dad might've made a hundred sometimes, but wasn't to be. Cousin died in Vietnam, near the end of his second tour. I'm about 14 or 15 then, came home from school and mom told me. Went back to the war with wife expecting first kid, a kid that would never know his father.

High school them, peace protests, Kent State happened, between the government propaganda and the commie propaganda, no one got it right. Young'uns protestin' cause they told we was evil for bein' there, government tryin' to shut'em down cause they got plenty of problems (real or imagined but mostly imagined as it turned out) without folks at home in an uproar. But I knew even then that the peaceniks blowin' up and burnin' down stuff and killin' cops and all was not people with peace and creamy goodness in their minds. And my folks old country types and Dad a WWII vet, bleeved in the death penalty the more the better, like the ole lady on the jury in 'My Cousin Vinny' sayin fryem! 'course they come from a simpler time, mostly honest decent hardworkin' people everywhere, even the politicians wasn't all that bad. LBJ really got the serious badness going, not all on his own of course. He was a tool but a prototype of what was coming. Not there's nothing but tools.

So I'm goin' through high school, country bumpkin didn't have the sense to fake bein' average so I'm in the elite class - 20 cherry picks in each grade for advanced educafication. Which includes indoctrination. Our commie teachers was old ladies, near old enough to be my grandma. First wave of the commie infiltration after WWII, 50s and 60s. Smooth job, and they smooth. Of course the non-country-bumpkins in my classes was also socially higher - kids of doctors, lawyers, bankers - and those were more liberal anyway. Wealth a generation or two before their parents. Not that farmers weren't well off, just not that well off and anyways we didn't build big houses in town and hobnob with society. We minded our business and took care of our own.

So bein' in the same mindset I got at at home, 'fida got drafted ida gone, just like that. Didn't lik the idea for sure, especially after my cousin with the pregnant wife back home got kilt. One thing I liked about Richard Nixon, he ended it 'fore it was my turn.

I enlisted anyway, in the Chair Force, got indoctrinated them for sure. They's gonna anyway, but I aced tghe ASVABs and got tagged for a closer inspection at Lackland. Got pulled out of regular training several times to take some special tests. Then havin' go for some special interviews. Seems there's a couple or three wanted me, but the language recruiter sweet-talked better. Year at least, maybe more, in training at the military language school in Monterey California. Nice.

Apparently people who can easily and quickly learn foreign languages aren't that easy to find, especially military grade. I took four years of Espanol in high school, an easy four elective credits. Learnt Latin on my own outta curiosity. Later found computer "languages" dirt simple. I signed on the line. Hadta sign for another two years, they didn't think much of training you for a year or more for three years of use if you didn't stick around. Damn security check took six months anyway. Send people back to hometown see if anything in your past would make you a risk. Already asked me how often I got stinkin drunk or if I knocked up any chicks, stuff like that.

Where'n tarnation I goin' with this anyways?

Well, now we know the government has been lying like one of those rag rugs, thick and soft but limp as a kleenex. And the domino theory we're seeing with Ukraine is the same thing they used in the 60s and 70s, only then a lot of people in the government and armed forces believed it. Let Russia take one country and they'll move on the next. Admitting that Korea and Vietmam were nothing more than delaying tactics, and (probably with many not realizing it) they were assuming an eventual loss, and were only pushing the inevitable another generation away. Meanwhile fifty thousand men died for nothing. And assuming that the thirty-some thousand in Korea died for something. Besides South Korea. The fact that less than ten thousand perished in the Iraq-Afghanistan debacle is no comfort to anyone except drinking he brandy back home.

Probably most Americans today are unaware that the Soviet Union was acting out of fear from the beginning and continues to do so. Turning Ukraine into a Swiss army knife with its tools used for drug trafficking, human trafficking, bioweapons development, arms trafficking, and every other trick the Euro-US hegemony can dream up was bad enough, but attempts to put a puppet state on Russia's doorstep into NATO was going too far. The Russians saw things going south fast if that happened.

The dirty rotten shame, as my granddad used to say, is that it was unnecessary. The greedy members of the cabal used Ukraine to enrich themselves personally, and pursue things even worse than mere material greed made it infinitely worse. Now they have doomed the unipolar dream, and the US and its European collaborators are likely to soon find themselves a third-rate power even united, and that unity may not endure.

Anyway, too late tonight to yak about much else.

Magandang gabi.

Mon 06 Feb 2023 10:26:22 AM CST

Asia is with ABBA, Rush, Judas Priest among my top ten. One of a few reasons I might want to live another century (in at lest as good shape as I am now) would be to see where the iconic (in art as opposed to pop culture) musical groups of the 80s and beyond. The talent was off the scale, and even with frequent absences by the original members (Geoff Downes gone only for a couple of years) they produced a considerable body of memorable work. Only thirteen studio albums over thirty-some years, but almost 40 live recordings. Don't know how many are available these days, but I have a few good ones. If I live another hundred year I may try to collect some more.

The Alan Parsons Project only produced a dozen (only the first ten really worthy of the list) in almost forty years. I wish there were as many high-quality live recordings as there are of Asia.

Favorite Asia live sets on my playlist are 'Live in Moscow' from 1991 and the live show from Japan in 82 or 83. John Wetton was absent at time and Greg Lake filled in. Reportedly he had little time to prepare, if so the performance is all the more impressive. Watching it along with some of the others is interesting.

Asia, like bands such as Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, is best experienced live. I especially enjoy the 2010 show in Basel, Switzerland. The high point in these later shows is Open Your Eyes, my favorite. Seeing Steve Howe, in his sixties or maybe early seventies, still knee-bending and jumping a little at the climax, is priceless. The camera work is good, moving from Steve to Geoff to Carl and John at the right times.

Sadly John left the mortal plane just a few years ago, but one of the treasures he left us with is a performance with Geoff at London's historic St. Mary-Le-Bow Church in 2009, performing a variety of songs from Asia. They were joined by Hugh Mcdowell, one of the ELO cellists and the very lovely and talented Anne-Marie Helder of Panic Room. Sadly Hugh was also taken from us just after John.

The references to watching the TV news (Geoff is famous for the song 'Video Killed the Radio Star', which marked the launch of MTV, which in turn set out to destroy music and normality in general) is reminescent of watching as a teenager the daily news of the Vietnam War. It's a song for all generations, as it seems we will always have wars and rumors of wars. Sadly we always have wars.

Tue 07 Feb 2023 05:05:13 PM CST

I remember reading a story, many years ago, entitled "Youth in Asia". In those days I thought that youth in Asia smoked too much and rode their motor-scooters too fast. But we all smoked a lot in those days. Lung cancer stats don't look like I'd have thought, so many quit smoking. Now commercials encouraging people to get checked for lung cancer, something relatively new. That's radio advertising, dunno about TV, don't watch it. Don't see fakebook ads for it. Hoonos.

Anyway, the story was in some magazine, dunno if I could find it. About an old man, been draft-dodging for years, one or those nonstop wars like in 1984 or Stand on Zanzibar, and they been after him for years to send him off to war. Brunner hit closer to the mark than Orwell did, but Orwell was writing about 20 years before.

As for euthanasia, getting more of it. Europe and now Canada getting close to it being required for whomever they don't need around. For now they're just gettin' people to volunteer.

Joetato gonna give his Hate of the Union speech in a couple of hours. Which is to say he'll read the teleprompter for however long. Usually they run 40-50 minutes, all of Slick Willie's run over an hour. Ovomit run right around an hour. Now you might think it's just scumbags yak longer, but the best president since Reagan (talk about damning with faint praise) ran over an hour. At least he had said something worth hearing, and wasn't lying every time his lips moved. Then Joetato's two so far have run a hair over an hour. Which is the only curiosity I have. Can they get him fixed up good enough to perform that long? Or is there a body double? If in spite of everything he expires mid-rant, well....

Anyhow, if there is any hope for the survival of the Republic it lies in the hands of those like the bearer of the refutation. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the awesome new governor or Arkansas, will do the honors. Smart, articulate, and presumably clean. Come to think of it, I never thought of Ovomit as any of those things, especially clean. Reckon if you got up close he'd smell, as... YKWIM She's in the Trump and more importantly DeSantis mold. Got right to work undoing as much of the her predecessor's damage as possible without legislation. With DeSantis in Florida and Abbott (finally getting some stiffener in his spine) in Texas, looks good. For those in to omenage (seeing omens - I guess I just made that up, nevermind, how about omenology) here's something interesting. Slick Willie, then governor of Arkansas, got noticed (though not in a good way) by making a ridiculously long speech at the Demonrat convention in 1988. Revealed him as the buffoon he was and most, including his own, figured he'd blown it good. But Bush41 screwed the pooch hard and Ross Perot jumped in and finished him off. So his buffoonery didn't matter, and with slick operators like Serpent Head Carville and the state-run media running cover he would infest the presidency for eight long years. Pretty well guaranteed Bush 43 got elected though. For what it was worth, which consists of keeping Algore out. So Sarah will get a lot of press tonight, put her on the stage to may be a VP at some point and from there to the presidency.

So the clapping seals will praise Joetato's awesome speech and spew hate at Governor Sanders, and Speaker McCarthy will not tear up a copy of the speech (would be hilarious if he did, but he actually has some class). Can you imagine the reaction if he did? Would be kinda funny, 'cause you know the cameras gonna be on him, if he fiddled with it a bit to keep them in suspense.

So we see what goes next couple of years. Maybe there will be a 1980 type event in 2024. An order of magnitude (or two) bigger. If nothing else it forestalls the eventualible. Surveys and polls and such say 51% are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Hell, probably 30% ain't worried about paychecks, they ain't working. Welfare gets adjusted better than Social Security, EBT card always works no matter what, Medicaid pays if you get shot or diseased by your fellow leeches.

I's a mostly waitinsee. Gets bad enough might be 1980 on steroids, but unless the winners go after the perps big-time, roundups and trials and lawsuits and fines and shut down some of the enemy operators and operations, just puts it off, eight, maybe twelve years.

Gotta work on some other stuff.

Thu 09 Feb 2023 09:34:49 PM CST

Saw a good many of these on cars back in the day. The day being late sixties. Dunno if LBJ was the most corrupt or wicked president ever, or both. Slick Willie and Ovomit more, and Willie wicked, Joetato more corrupt, don't imagine any in the past was more of either. The lists with Nixon at the top are made by commies or just stupid/brainwashed people. The irony is that Nixon was one of the least corrupt in terms of shady dealings in or out of politics. Main reason the cabal was able to make Watergate work was Nixon didn't get the idea to throw Liddy and company under the bus (Liddy was quite willing to go, the others probably weren't) and if he'd done that he might have been able to prevent the coup from working. The fact that he wasn't so quick go heave people over the side so readily says a bit about his character.

Of course LBJ, whether or not he was involved in removing his predecessor (I guess about 20% likely he was involved, maybe 70-80% he knew beforehand) he done screwed the pooch enough to know he wouldn't survive an election. Gettin' 50K boys killed in 'nam was the worst I guess, although laying the groundwork for the commie takeover that followed was plenty bad. The Great Society was for Johnson a way to power and aggrandizement, the cost in human suffering probably exceeds that of the wars spawned by Johnson and his successors.

Elderberries puttin' out first leaves yesterday. First time I got to be here for the event. Deer chewed on'em, noticed in time to get protection up. Ought to lay in wait and pop a few, put'em in the freezer. Daylilies coming up, dafffofils won't be far behind. Prairie sunflowers probably off a bit. See pretty soon how the new trees do.

gutt Nuecht Leit

Fri 10 Feb 2023 08:46:32 PM CST

Priest ultimate metal band? Probably. Them and Maiden pretty spectacular live shows, and of course the studio stuff impeccable for years. Maiden more on the socio-historical side than Priest. Missed the last couple Priest tours, sokay, gonna miss plenty of stuff 'fore long. Ole runnin buddies don't get around as well as I do, for the most part. Headin' Out to the Highway has had some signifance personally in the past, reminiscent of Musashi's comment about 'crossing at a ford'. Glenn a brilliant guitarist from way back, didn't get the attention guitarists in bands where there's only one. Probably fine with him, didn't seem to be someone that worried what people thought, just makin' music. Summathose live performances of "Beyond the Realms of Death" are priceless. Fortunately there's a lot of good high-quality recordings of their live shows.

Joetato's handlers figgered they'd clean up the latest mess. Lettin that Chi-Com spy blimp meander over the country for a few days looked pretty bad, dunno why they thought they needed to. They're covered, the state-run media take care of people think they informed because they watch the news of read the slimes or compost, the ones know better they figure aren't numerous enough and have no power anyway. For now they're right, about the powerlessness, not so much the numbers. Time will tell.

Summovus was listenin' one of them Interweb radio shows. Talk shows, got news at the top of the hour and short blurb at the bottom. Them "on this day" things sometimes. Said on this day in 1825 John Quincy Adams got elected president by Congress, on account of none of the contestants gettin' the majority. Back when Bush 43 was running, and got elected, him and his pa was the second time a father and son was president. 'course John Adams and his son John Q, bleev that's how it was, was patriots and, whether or not they got something or other right, was for the good of the nation. The Bushies was globalist tools, ole man a bit of a milquetoast in my opinion, only good thing about him was he that he wasn't Dukakis. Like the best thing about 43 was he wasn't Gore or Kerry. 'course we didn't yet know how rotten things were, even though I looked sidewise, and most of us did, but chose the lesser evil.

Sat 11 Feb 2023 05:35:16 PM CST

Daffodils pokin' their heads up. Hope no more bad freezes. Had a bad'un few years back, downright ugliness. Put in a big industrial generator year or two before at the office, big ole gas tank in case the pipeline got interrupted. Didn't, don't remember how many days the gas was sposed to hold out. Thirty-forty people livin' in their offices, eatin' whatever was in the breakroom or could get brought in. Had a good new kitchen put in bout same time as the generator so idus good long as there was something to cook. Probably next bad'un was couple years ago, I's incarcerated in the hospital with mad doc sperimentin on me. Failed to kill me tho.

My home installation fine, overheatin' the place now to burn off the gas and refill the tanks for next year. No regrets about not needin to use the generator. Use the diesel in the tractors and refill later in the year.

World still noctambulating to wherever it's goin. Some kinda embarrassment over the Chi-Com blimp, not they shootin' down all kinds of stuff over the north U.S. and Canada. Hear Canada had to call USAF for help, something about their chair force bein' worse off than ours. Fact that the country's bein run by a bunch of junior-high level (if that) and not even the smartest juniorhighers so scary ya can't laugh. Apparently they sanctioning China some more, like they ain't done about all the sanctioning on China and Russia a feller can do. Wonder if they doin the same sanctions over and over. Ain't like the BRICSIQWERTY bunch worried. The sheeple part of the five percent that we are here in the US may be paying attention, and that flock gettin' thinner by the day, seein as how most of'em got the quackzine. Seems the flies droppin thicker the whole time. Seriously though, I am watching the situation in Thailand. King's daughter took the slab jab and one or more of the boosters. In a coma now, and at this point not looking good. Couple of months already. The cabal mouthpieces are paddling furiously to keep their ducky moving, but the king of Thailand, while nominally as much a figurehead as most monarchs (except for the one that live in houses made of unprocessed vegetable matter and have dirt floors) wields a bit of power. In addition to the armed forces being under his command, they seem loyal to him and he apparently does a good job of keeping things on an even keel. Rumors coming out have been that some sort of off-the-books justice may be in the works for someone, but just whom isn't clear.

I never regarded RFK as being all that bright, and often figured his boy was the same. For some reason or other he been uneasy about vaccines for a long time, not without justification even before the plandemic. Now he after the quackzine affair pretty heavy. Wickedpedia dedicates about half his page to ranting about his antivax activities. So he sure ain't dumb, and having him not toeing the lefty line gotta irritate some folks.

Rest of it, waitin and watchin. Don't look for any kind of insurrection to fix things, so looks like 2024 is the first indications how it'll go. The whole peaceful realignment thing has a lot working for it, but no way are the commie states going to let if happen if they can stop it. The whole national divorce looks plenty good to me (easy for me in the southern free state bloc) but a lot of things have to go right for that to happen. And that psycho wife that you wantin to make an ex-wife can do some serious damage. So we prepare and watch closely.

God natt folkens

Sun 12 Feb 2023 19:16:42 PM CST

First saw Priest on Top of the Pops in 79 or so. British TV them days had three channels (and only wanted two but somehow the un-government one managed to stay alive, saw the premiere of Dallas over there, and was still there for the Who Shot J.R. reveal. Couldn't specialize so TOTP had all kindsa stuff, and Priest was on there with Take on the World. Instant fan. Time Screaming for Vengeance came along they were seamless perfection. While the the longtime configuration with Glenn and KK ended, they remain with little competition besides Maiden, and there's some differences that make having both at the same level a good thing. Not gonna compare frontmen, like their bands they're at the same level.

Got first wasp sting for the year, lookin in some boxes out in the shop and found a hibernator. He about asleep and no more'n a pinprick. My personal best is somewhere north of twenty, rollbar on the tractor hit a low limb and them yellow-striped wasps didn't like it. They regular paper wasps, not yellerjackets. Had a feller doin' some cleanup on the farm on a little dozer, no shirt the way we did then, dozer slow movin, he screwed. Big one, maybe with a cab, be all right. This a small one with no cab. Looked he turned into a body builder in just a few minutes. Coulda been bad of course, but strong young feller OK. Obviously not allergic. I'sa movin a little faster, still had a cloud of them things. Stopped countin' at 20. Couldn't see with my left eye till the next night. Red wasps easier to get along with, just about gotta go bang on the nest to get'em riled up.

You get enough often enough they don't bother you. Brown reclusen same way with me. Had so many they just do the nasty kinda painful and then it dries up and usually a little chunk of dead skin fall out. Dunno if you develop any resistance to those, heard tell their venom varies considerably but dunno if it's consistent in a particular population. One of the early ones though, thought might lose my leg.

Arkansas gettin' polluted pretty bad with what about every state got. Used to be Jonesboro had two or three killins in a year. Believe they still came in at under a dozen last year but still gettin bad. Just had a twofer (so far) in Marianna.

And ASU had recruited a college kid from Tennessee, looks like he may not be coming. No point in belaboring the obvious. Something will have to happen before it changes, and them not wantin' it to change gonna do their best to burn down the house if they can't have it their way.

Mon 13 Feb 2023 09:56:02 PM CST

Popes, kings, whatever. About all scum then. Kings just relics now, dunno how they managed not to do away with allof'em. Didn't work out for Cromwell of course, but in an age when they literally do nothing influential, good bad or ugly. I know the Brits probly never change their governmental structure, which needs a monarch if they gonna have a constitutional, so maybe another ten to twenty years. That's gonna be interesting to see, but of course what we doin' here may have our attention too much to laugh at them.

Popes are still about what they always were. Last murdered one (whether by a pope wannabe or someone else) about a thousand years back. Dude that resigned, gotta figure they decided not to kill him. Shoulda been easy enough, but I don't know what goes on in the RC church and pretty sure I don't wanna. Long as they don't take over the government and start killing the nonconverters, they can do what they want.

Ya know though, in Thailand the king does have a good bit of influence. Lot of it cultural maybe, people respect the king, and he seems a decent sort. And the military supports him, very important. Rumor has it he ain't too happy bout his daughter taking the quackzine and going into a coma from which she has yet to emerge. Doesn't look good, anyway there was talk of some kind of retributions. Not against the medical industrial complex of course, Thailand can't do much against the cabal, even in its reduced state. Apparently it had to do with elements of the Thai government for whatever malfeasance they committed.

Got kinda weird in the big rotten apple. Dude in a U-Haul truck drove on the sidewalk and run over people. Apparently didn't kill any. Some thought since the jury was about to start delibertating the fate of a mudslime terrorist what drove a truck on a bike path and killed two thirds of a dozen. Like anyone gonna get the big sleep there, he'll be housed and fed by the taxpayers until they trade him for a pervert tourist in prison elsewhere in the world. Must've cost a bit, prices on U-Hauls leavin' NYC and Kalifornia scarce and expensive. Going back they pay you. Idunno, they sayin' now he a 60-something dude from Nevada, name of Weng Sor. Asian? Still could be mudslime. Besides the news lies constantly.

Done spent too much time foolin' around outside today, super nice weather.

Bonum noctis.

Tue 14 Feb 2023 03:11:34 PM CST

That is a sad story.

This is the last day of the first half of February. Rainy, gonna be inside. Spring rain and winds coming if the weather continues to act normal. Algore had us underwater years ago, but I guess inventing the internet doesn't make you a climatologist. I actually remember when he discovered the Internet, in the late 80s. I's using ARPANET in the 70s, bein in the chair force. Watched it eventually become what it became. Algore one of them what don't know that not very smart people (I'm guessing him just about average IQ, but IQ scores ain't an indicator of actual capabilities in all things) but he 'bout average. Current regime populated by such. Slick Willie I put in the top 20%, maybe 15%. So pretty intelligent as intelligence goes, too bad it was criminally inclined. Plenty of smart criminals and crazies. Unabomber and such. Hillary, by the way, average. And criminal. The current regime is across the board average and below, with a lot of below.

Did a little garden preparation yesterday. First time I ever had the time to do just whatever I damwell please, damwellwhenever and however I please. Artichokes, if I can remember to order seeds. Marinated artichoke hearts I like a lot. And pickled green tomatoes. Yestabe more places it seems served'em as appetizers, catfish joints. So many of them gone now. Maybe do some pond work, get one and eventually two decent fishin' holes. If not plenty of fun walkin' around watching the little ecosystem, frogs and turtles, plants be goin soon.

Dunno bout the crazy world, waitin and watchin. Looks like somebody shook the whole mess up good in a great big jar, stuff swirling around all in a big mess, slowly settles into something. Theoretically natural factors like density, temperature, stuff determines the final result. Problem people keep sticking sticks in and stirrin' and dippin' and some trying to do differenet that what others want.

May drop in and jaw later. May not.

Tue 14 Feb 2023 07:34:43 PM CST

Guess I will. Busy evening already spoken for. Forgot what I was gonna say anyway. Here's a suggestion for you. Rick is truly one of the giants of 20th century. And 21st so far looks like. One advantage to bein' an artist (not performer) in the modern age over the old composers, besides the availability of instruments) is having their work recorded in real time for as forever as the electron-processing equipment exists, or can be rediscovered in the far future. One of my favorite imaginings is of what would happen if people got reincarnated as some believe. I imagine Paganini being recycled into the 20th century. Figure he'd pretty quick ditch the Stradivarius for a Stratocaster. Fun to think about, maybe him and Ritchie Blackmore jamming. It's said Ritchie had one of the ELO cellists teach him to play the cello. Very interesting fellow. Awesomely talented and creative.

Gotta get to it, rain quit, sky clearing. Kitty-kat probably show up if I try for a midnight seegar on the front deck. He figured that one out real quick. Sleeps on my feet while I smoke and drink and watch the sky. Catcha in part deux.

Aski arumakipana, dudes.

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Healthy Man Dies Suddenly in His Sleep Just Days Before His 22nd Birthday Father and Son Die Suddenly Within Four Days of Each Other 'Number One Handy Man', 37, Dies Suddenly Weeks After Getting Married 'Fit and Healthy' 21-Year-Old Dies Suddenly 99 Doctors and Medical Professionals Demand the British Heart Foundation Comes Traitors All: 100 Democrats Refuse to Condemn Socialism Hunter Biden's Ridiculous Legal Letter Trying to Distract From Real Scandal Dana Loesch Reveals Hunter Biden Connection That Daily Mail Left Out of Their C Ignoring the Obvious: Flawed Study About Covid-Induced Dementia Omitted Partici CDC Aware of Reports of 'Debilitating Illnesses' Caused by the Covid "Vaccine" WATCH: Mike Lindell Laughs Off Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Jabs and Delivers a Powerful

They decorated all the generals
Who fought the war behind the lines
They had forgotten all the soldiers
The brandy puts them way behind the times
Insanity has found its way to TV screens
Vision seems impossible to me
They fight for king and country
I never would have thought this in my

Wildest dreams, wildest dreams
Wildest dreams, wildest dreams

When evening comes, we sit and watch the veejay's
Clips and rushes come from who-knows-where
From Washington across to California
With fighting breaking out in Leicester Square
We see the soldiers moving on to victory
And children trampled under marching feet
They fight for king and country
How many millions will they put to sleep?

Wildest dreams, wildest dreams
Wildest dreams, wildest dreams

Fly away!
No, not in this world
No, not in the next
No, not in my wildest dreams

They recommended euthanasia
For non-conformists anywhere
Some men's dreams for others turn to nightmares
This never would have happened in their

Wildest dreams, wildest dreams
Wildest dreams, wildest dreams

Fly away!

No, not in this world
No, not in the next
No, not in my wildest dreams

Well I've said it before and I'll say it again
You get nothing for nothing, expect it when
You're backseat driving and your hands ain't on the wheel
It's easy to go along with the crowd
And find later on that your say ain't allowed
Oh that's the way to find what you've been missing
So I'm heading out to the highway

I got nothing to lose at all
I'm gonna do it my way
Take a chance before I fall
A chance before I fall

You can hang in a left or hang in a right
The choice, it is yours to do as you might
The road is open wide to place your bidding
Now, wherever you turn, wherever you go
If you get it wrong, at least you can know
There's miles and miles to put it back together
And I'm heading out to the highway
I got nothing to lose at all
I'm gonna do it my way
Take a chance before I fall
A chance before I fall

On the highway
On the highway

Making a curve or taking the strain
On the decline, or out on the wane
Oh everybody breaks down sooner or later
We'll put it to rights, we'll square up and mend
Back on your feet to take the next bend
You'll weather every storm that's coming at ya
And I'm heading out to the highway

I got nothin' to lose at all
I'm gonna do it my way
Take a chance before I fall
Yes, I'm heading out to the highway
I got nothing to lose at all
I got nothing to lose at all

Heading Out to the Highway
Judas Priest - Point of Entry (1982)

As he was about to be executed Jacques de Molay cursed King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V, warning the Pope that, within a year and a day, he and Philip IV would be obliged to answer for their crimes in God's presence.

Philip and Clement V both died within a year of Molay's execution; Clement succumbed to a long illness on 20 April 1314, and Philip died due to a stroke while hunting.

Coincidence: You weren't paying attention to the other half of what was going on.

Chad C Mulligan (The Hipcrime Vocab)
Stand on Zanzibar (John Brunner - 1968)

The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.

~~ David Foster Wallace

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