January 2023 - Part III

Sun 22 Jan 2023 01:25:28 PM CST

Someone once observed that Howard distilled many lengthy works into those few lines. He produced an amazing amount of work in a short life, most of quite good. I compared the work of Howard and my other favorite pulp writer here and wonder what might have been.

I believe those verses were used in a couple of his stories, the second one in The Scarlet Citadel and the first and final in The Phoenix on the Sword. The latter has Conan (now a king) facing a group of assassins. Rush in and die they did.

Best way to describe the world is waiting. For 95% of the population. All the manipulators are thrashing around like the proverbial chicken with its head automized. Of course a chicken isn't much worse off without a head, intelligence-wise. Sometimes in any way at all. That the cabal shindig at Davos displayed pure insanity and a seeming loss of control (Algore went full-throttle Alex Jones, the difference being that Jones states facts, albeit rather over-dramatically while Algore recited the same litany of lies, only louder this time) and the most corrupt FBI director in history clearly stated the intentions of the regime to impose authoritarian rule equal to anything the Chinese have.

Since there is nothing to be gained (and much to be lost) by advertising, these actions seemed rather a sign of panic. Wray seemed to be speaking to those in attendance, encouraging them to redouble their efforts to close down their societies. That only one G7 leader attended is interesting, and Germany is rapidly reneging on its green crusade as the need to heat and eat becomes rather more important to most people.

It seems that they are seeing negative progress, but unfortunately there is no forceful resistance anywhere. In the USA any significant progress will have to wait for a regime change in 2024, and even that may be no more than a stop on the way to the precipice. Of course when bad things stop complacency and apathy return, and Satan never sleeps. Moreover as he sees his time grow short he pulls out all the stops, and so we get the wave of perversion unleashed in recent years.

It may be that only after a complete collapse can there be rebuilding. A friend observed a while back that the Cloward-Piven strategy is assumed by most (and obviously by them) that they will be the ones left to pick up the pieces depends on them surviving. I wouldn't bet on it either. As Ishmael said in MacArthur's Freehold "you would burn down the country so you can rule the ashes, but you will be buried in those ashes."

As interesting observationVox Day observed, the minions, no matter how high up the food chain they are, are not safe, and I have long figured it the same way. The referenced article was of course not open to commentary on the Fox news site. Vox's comment that "Those who ride with the Black Rider are always surprised when they're flung from his high horse and left to die. Which never ceases to amaze me, because that's how it always ends for those who ride with him. He doesn't hate those who serve him any less, he just despises them as well."

Mon 23 Jan 2023 10:39:32 PM CST

"The Scarlet Citadel" also features King Conan. Thankfully pop culture found Star Wars and Star Trek mutilations more lucrative and has pretty much left Conan alone, after the disastrous (except for the first Schwarzenegger entry - great work by John Milius btw. As usual) and went after Tolkien and Lewis. Desecrating their legacy was a prime directive of the cabal. So be it. Actually I don't know if Star Drek can be desecrated, as it started out that way.The end is beyond their control.

Still having nice weather. A really mild winter wouldn't bother me at all. Less than 40 days, should be, til we're out of the woods. What was I gonna talk about? Guess I could work on the 'night skies' thing, got some ideas on how to do it. Got some editing to do on the nasty (fun) stuff in Human Harvest, fun since it gets bad for some really nasty people. Be interested in how this turns out. Probably mid-late summer.

Listening to Jesse Kelly on the radio now. Nine to midnight on the radio at these coordinates. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Just kiddin' not givin away my location. Google thinks I'm somewhere in Michigan just now, so.... Anyway payin' for moving electrons, or RF waves in my case, I use them for more important stuff. Luckily you can still buy radios. End of the month I download music and movies with the surplus. Listen to Clay and Buck, Mark Levin and Jesse, you got nine hours of all you need to know. The intellectual horsepower of those 2 + 2 is above the total of the current regime. Hmmm, perhaps I damn with faint praise. They'll forgive me. And you can do it drinkin' whisky and smokin' cigars (actually midday is usually in the car, so no likker) but if more people got just a few of those hours we'd be a lot better off.

Maybe we will be. The enemy is in a bit of confusion just now. As El Rushbo often said, what looks like a conspiracy is often just people with different objectives working to achieve them. About now it looks like they're not on the same page about how to do it. When people ain't that smart to begin with, they are easily outsmarted, maybe even by their own selves. Somethin' like that.

Guess I'll go over and work in the sex and violence prose. Actually, there ain't no sex, other than a bit of implied. Sometimes there ain't enough violence to go around, know what I mean?

Godnat venner.

Tue 24 Jan 2023 08:23:01 PM CST

"Rush in and die, dogs" Howard should have lived to see his work appreciated for its greatness. He was certainly one of the best, if not the best, or the era. I've read tons of the good stuff from the Golden Age, and a lot of it was good, and a lot of great writers got their start in that era. Quite a few were born then. But Howard's writing stands pretty much alone.

Low forties, probably thirties by now.   Walked out on the front deck and kitty-cat was begging.   Just fed'em a handful of kibbles when I got back from town.   Told'em to go out to the shop and go to sleep. Spring not far off, fat little field mice be runnin' all over, have him a time with them.   Dunno if the hawks will object and give him trouble.   Chickenhawks probably probably not big enough to hurt'im.   Hope so anyway.   My shrike won't, it catches grasshoppers and tiny mice and sticks'em up on little tree branches, and probably on the barbed wire on the back line, since I done in all the vegetation good in the summer.   Blowin' some though, so may get freezing rain.   Lights go off.   Use the generator some.   Supplementary heat workin' good, lectric hardly ever comes on.

'night kiddos

Wed 25 Jan 2023 01:35:52 PM CST

Think I know the answer to that. Him anyway, figure girl cats not much different. Lights didn't go off, rain stopped. Back up in forties this morning. Liking winter so far, if nothing bad happns in the next thirty-something days we should do good.

Comment about weighty socio-political matters? Why not? Ain't much settling happening, and probably won't. Like that pan of water you set on to boil some eggs. Got a pretty cool egg cooker while back, btw, been three four months I guess, it done misfunctionin. Chinee crap. Alarm goes off, eggs ain't a third done. Just do it three times, I guess, give it a cooloff in between. Works all right. Don't cook much, none at all except in the micro and toaster ovens. Kitchen stove still got the shipping bands on it. Ain't gonna, way too much cleaning. Little countertop breaks, toss it and get a new one. Anyway, as I's sayin, you put a pan of water on, turn on the heat. You watch, little bubbles form on the bottom, a few, few more. 'fore long, a few of them bubbles break off and come to the top. Ain't long now, few more, then a lot more, then ripples on the surface, and you're about to have a full boil and it don't stop 'til you turn off the heat.

Kinda the way it usually happens. The masters may see the bubbles, even the first few. Layin' there, more coming. Even see the ones that break off and come to the top. They don't see a problem. Them's the peasants, and in their world the peasants... reminds me of those jokes, think the Wizard may have used it a time or two.... somebody, Rodney or maybe the Duke, sez "Sire! The peasants are revolting!" to which the King sniffs and replies "They certainly are."

Seems Mel Brooks used that, History of the World or whatever. Mel was hilarious. Probably watched High Anxiety as many times as Roadhouse. Well, not quite. 'd I ever tellya 'bout the time I's...

Sorry, weighty socio-political matters, right.

Yeah, we's talkin, all the stuff. Trump, shenanigans in the dimparty, wonderin' if they had any idea what theys doin, that'd with the whole thang with them classified files. Had at TS/SCI back in the chair force days, I did. Didn't get the assignment they gave it for, so got all kinds of strange errands where they need someone with the clearance, good times. Mostly Europe, 70s and 80s. There was this one time, I was..

Anyway we got to talking about the possible scenarios as of today, Trump and all. Some was figgering this whole thing it to where they can't afford to indict him (like they could make up their minds anyway) and he'd end up running and winning. Things strange enough it could happen. Dunno if he even got it it figgered. He no doubt thinks he does, but his ego don't let him see it any other way but he gotta be prez again. Ego and revenge. Revenge I understand, and approve. But I think it was me or somebody (we bout all SF geeks from the 70s onward) said he's kinda like Paul, 'bout to go at it with his evil cousin in a duel to the death, saw it didn't matter how it turned out. Saw himself in some of the timelines, dead on the floor, with the jihad going on with or without him.

Trump may be like that. A catalyst, or a spark. To be sure, he's started something. And he's not in control. He didn't do anything to make the Jan 6 Fakesurrection happen, not that he didn't get blamed for it. And the Jan 6 prisoners are another possible factor. Most of them are getting relatively short sentences, the idea being to use them as propaganda and a warning, so as the next few years go by, thousands (a thousand in prison now, and another thousand planned arrests) of very angry people (who started out angry) now brutalized and their lives destroyed, how many turn into Tim McVeighs? I know, McVeigh was used by the feds, but this could create a lot of new ones. Depending on how things go - some kind of reform, coming from the very improbable Republican (think Reagan/Trump hybrid) + large congressional majority in both houses + the balls give the enemy an overdose of his own medicine) reforms - we end up with one of those scenarios from Balance of Power, MacArthur's Freehold, or any number of similar works. The cojones seem to be the missing piece.

The point being, Trump could well have done all he is destined to do, or he could come back and be a part of it. As someone said, predicting is difficult, especially the future. The disarray the left is pretty clear, and coupled with (and mostly caused by) the low intelligence across the board, anything could happen. And probably not what was intended.

Time to call it a day...

Thu 26 Jan 2023 08:38:04 PM CST

Dunno if this is standard, never noticed it before I watched "The Gauntlet" in the theater, otherwise I might not have. Believe I was out at Vandenberg AFB at the time, though I was at RAF Bentwaters in the UK when it was released. Anyway, saw it in the base theater at one of those. Buddy of mine and I wrangled an assignment to Vandenberg after we met at Bentwaters couple years earlier, 'bout 77 or 78. Anyhow, this woulda been in the midst of the Dirty Harry era, bleev "The Enforcer" had come out couple years before. Over the top really, kinda like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. No word on what Clint thought about it, but don't know what he thinks about most of his work. His character is the opposite of Dirty Harry, a drunk loser puttin' in his time 'til retirement. So when the corrupt mob-compromised chief or commissioner, forget which, needs a witness eliminated before she can be extradited back to town, the drunk loser version of Harry gets the call. Sondra Locke is decent, as in most of her appearances with Clint, Pat Hingle puts in one of his appearances with Clint. Different here too, he's kinda loser too, they set him up and kill'em. Great performance as the hangin' judge in"Hang'em High" and pretty good in "Sudden Impact".

Okey-dokey. Stuff to do. Later.

Sat 28 Jan 2023 08:53:03 PM CST

"Secret Treaties" is the first BOC albuma I bought. 8-track, back then. Back then you bought stuff, lotta times not knowing what it was, album cover catchy. ME-262 on the front, cool. Pluggederin, lessee, it's that 75 Chevy Nova. Boughter off the lot, sticker 5K something, salesdude said forty-five I said fine. Knew he needed the sale more'n I needed the car or the money. Drove trucks mostly, Chevys naturally. At's 75, couple years later Dad replaced our trucks with a pair of 77 Scottsdales. Yer basic work truck, basic 4x4 350. Dad drove the dark blue one and I took the dark green one. New vehicle, first thing off to Radio Shack and get a steerio. The Nova had 6x9 cutouts on the back under the window, screwed in a pair of Jensen 6x9 coaxes. Put the one in the truck with a couple little box speakers behind the seat. Buddy'o'mines pa was a farmer too, we's same age, lessee he zactly two months older, alllowin' for whether a month is 30 or 31 days. May 15 to July 15. Whatever, anyway, what I's sayin, we to go WalMart or Radio Shack and buy 8-tracks play in our vehicles.

Shoved Secret Treaties in and hooked on the Cult. Leads off with "Career of Evil" with Patti Smith (hung out with the Cult some, think pretty friendly with Allen) and contributed some songwriting and singing, I believe up through Revolution by Night. You can hear her on ""The Revenge of Vera Gemini" on "Fire on Unknown Origin" which I believe she wrote or co-wrote. Anyhow, Treaties was a fave in the car for years, and 8-tracks bein' 8-tracks, was replaced a time or two. Or three. Good times.

The Nova. Oh yeah. Didn't order it so took one of the ones on the lot. Ended up being uncommon, white with a red vinyl top. Pebble grain, fun to wax. Only ever saw one other. Did just a little work (stock 350 2-barrel, replaced the carb/manifold, hi-perf ignition, couple other minor tweaks. Had the old speedo ran clear across the instrument panel, 120 was about a foot away from sittin' still. Hadta replace it anyway, a 150 aftermarket mounted up on the dash. Never pushed it much past 130, so don't know just where the top end was. Scared me, tellya the truth, all stock suspension on them roads. Got out to Kalifornia few years later, buddy of mine at Vandenberg, had an ex-police car, 77 Nova, 4-door, that thang would run good outta the box, he tuned it a bit, used to mess with Corvettes with it. On the long straights of course. vettes wasn't the ridiculous just-for-the-sake-of-it what they make now, just good solid sports car for people like to drive. Fast, sometimes.

Anyway, second side (on the vinyl) best on Treaties. Harvester of Eyes and of course Flaming Telepaths. Be sure and check out the Voodoo Screw Machine cover of Telepaths, get a chance. Dunno if they got any recordings out, garage band I guess, been on Youtube for years. Need a sense of humor for the cult and them boys got it. Not most folks' cup of Camellia sinensis.

Anyhow, anything serious? Hmmmm, yeah, there a killin' over in Memphis. Cop killin, as in cops kilt a dude what didn't need killin, to hear most folks tell it. Usually they burn down a few dozen cities and get new big-screen TVs (is there another kind these days?) and sneakers (the ones they stole last time havin' been stole from them) but this time there a bit of a problem. The dude was kilt, and them as kilt'em, ey's all the same color. See what I mean? No chance to put a white man or two in prison for years for "violation civil rights" of the malefactor. Total bummer for revenrnal the the burn-loot-murder crowd. Damn! Couldn't they find... waitasec. The sheriff of Shelby County (real estate wise Shelby County and Memphrica about the same) said a couple his deputies behaved improperly when they arrived at the scene, he suspended'em and probably gonna disciplin'em. Maybe one of then was white, hey, better than nothing.

In a more serious vein, Memphis is the same as a dozen or two other urban cesspools, just not as bit. Whole thing rotten. Police chief was pontificating with the rest, she was hired about a year or two ago after being fired in another place for malfeasance, complete quota hire (BF) and corrupt on arrival. Over here we sometimes joke about figuring a way to make the Hernando de Soto bridge impassable if the big thing happens. Joke about that is that it's the longest bridge in the world - it begins in Arkansas and ends in Africa. I suspect if the denizens depart the local area when the food and other supplies are cut off they'll take the land route. West Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky. I suspect the former two are full of preppers. North Mississipi? I went over there a few times on business, years ago, couldn't pay me to cross that Helena bridge again.

Sun 29 Jan 2023 05:48:18 PM CST

Anyway, as I's sayin, or not. Maybe. The Cult was pretty awesome. Seen'em a few times, took a look a recent vid tody, them guys still got it, seemin' to just be doin what they love, like Heep. Heep. Listened to a couple tracks from the new Heep album btw, gotta get it and there ain't all that much I git excited about these days. Kindova Sea of Light vibe, that one of my favorites. Seen some recent vids of them too, like the Cult they on tour forever. Mick still got it, never know he seventy-five.

Anyway, back to the Cult, seen'em a few time, caught a couple of the shows back in the 70s when they had the lasers. Considering the state of the technology back then, pretty impressive. Cult after some thinkin' seems kinda a latter-day Jefferson Airplane/Starship. Remind me to rip their "Gold" compilation to my library, needs to be one or two of my playlists. Not that there was much of the counter-culture or political bent of Jefferson, but a very cerebral bunch, Cult maybe more so. Whole group multitalented, songwriting, instrumentation, singing. I mentioned Flaming Telepaths, another good cover is by Witchwood. They play it pretty much straight up, right down to the keyboard player doin' Allen's piano piece in that section.

'course their sense of humor mixed with the whole Imaginos theme running through it makes for a lot of interesting stuff. And Buck is a jewel. Great guitarists there are a lot of, but a band like the Cult lucky enough to have Buck along with everthing else is pretty much untouchable. Some great live versions of "Then Came The Last Days of May" and "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" are well worth having.

Anyhow, danged if I can get my seegar situation happy. Everthing 'cept the short smoke. Just a couple of them a day really. These are decent, btw. Seriously cheap but not bad, flavor pretty good compared to some cheapos. Wrapper come apart a little 'fore you're done, but so to Swishers. Lot of flavors.

Naw, I want a 5 inch ring size 28. Capones 3.5 x 26, and really 26 ain't legit seegar, even seegarillo. Well, that I guess, but would like a 4 x 28 or 5 x 28, preferably with cherry and vanilla available. Whatever happened to them anyway? Yestabe bout all there was, 'long with rum. More flavors of likker these days. Think on it some, money no big deal, see what I can find. Backwoods still the most chewable though, may be why they so popular.

Mon 30 Jan 2023 08:36:45 PM CST

Some sketches for "String of Worlds". Did these a couple years ago, afore the Medical Industry interned me for a while, put me out of action. Made a million or two off the insurance company. Finally got back to the book a few weeks ago, friend has some artistic talent workin' on another project, probably take a look at them.

Could go dark at any time. Few days maybe, finally winter got here. Freezin' rain, and that goes on long you got power lines goin' down and lights off. Finally get to give the generator a real-world test, but not sure I'll be in the mood to write. More like hibernate. Gas heat working fine, plenty of supplies. Had to be in town for a bit this morning, usual pre-emergency crowds. Never understood not being prepared. Got some regular supplies well over the 'best by' date, still need to get used up. Hope the kitty cat had the good sense go to the barn, them metal shops ain't as comfortable. Dunno know about that midnight smoke. Gettin pretty cold.

Tue 31 Jan 2023 04:14:44 PM CST

Seriously, couple of friends from Paragould thought this was funny. One of'em anyway. Rest are probably former friends, not that it matters. Paragould got too many uppity woke types, ruinin' the place. New police chief hadta have some Tesla police cars. Used'em a few months, broke, been sittin some cop's yard for months. Keep thinkin one of these days Elon gonna punt Tesla. Made plenty of money from it, knows battery powered electric cars have no future, unless the cabal achieves its goal of about a half million of their special type and maybe a couple million slaves to build electric cars for the few. Like that's gonna happen. Elon could have started with fuel cells instead and have a pretty good system up by now.

Not much ice so far, see if it gets worse tonight. Weatherman say it warming up tomorrow, so who knows. Don't get winter going soon won't be any, and that's fine with me. Kitty cat be havin' his first spring soon, he'll have a time with all the outdoors.

News of the world, ain't much. Joetato announced he ending the Plandemic sometime in May. Not that it matters much, them as bleev in it are hardly worth worryin about, the rest of us got on with our lives long ago. Sorry for the ones trapped behind the lines, hope they get out before it gets much worse. Ones that got jabbed and dyin, guess time will tell how bad that gets. Could be that purebloods inherit the earth, and not just pureblood as in not gettin' poison stuck in'em, but their minds and spirits are uncompromised. Question is how much pain is involved in getting there.

The internecine violence in Memphrica a few days ago had the Burn, Loot, and Murder folks all excited, thinking there was an opportunity to send out mobs looking for new TVs and sneakers, but the colors didn't turn out right. Still tryin' to connect some white people to it, so far not much joy. Had another shootin' in Kalifornia, cops shot dude with half his legs missing (bottom half of both legs - lost in a previous encounter with law enforcement) but hard to say how that goes. People live in Kalifornia ought to know better, and white cops that ain't learned to look the other way when there a black perp, not much hope for them.

The preacher that was assaulted by a pro-abortion goon and got arrested in a massive FBI raid and was facing 11 years in fed clink if convicted, was actually acquitted, and in Filthydelphia yet. Small victories. Feds probably have him bumped off now.

Probably ought to shut this down, and January with it. 28 days til we're clear. Hope.

Do widzenia.

Most of the images I use are on this or other websites I fool around with. Feel free to steal'em. Here's the text so you don't have to run them through an OCR filter. If you need one, here's one I like:

The Road of Kings

by Robert E.Howard

When I was a fighting-man, the kettle-drums they beat,
The people scattered gold-dust before my horse's feet,
But now I am a great king, the people hound my track,
With poison in my wine-cup, and daggers at my back.

Gleaming shell of an outworn lie; fable of Right divine -
You gained your crowns by heritage, but Blood was the price of mine.
The throne that I won by blood and sweat, by Crom, I will not sell
For promise of valleys filled with gold, or threat of the Halls of Hell!

What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?
I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;
Rush in and die, dogs - I was a man before I was a king.

When I play with my cat, who knows whether she is not amusing herself with me more than I with her.

Michel de Montaigne

©1977 by Warner Bros. Inc. All rights reserved

Law enforcement procedures depicted in this film do not necessarily represent those of any law enforcement agency mentioned herein. The story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this film are fictional. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings and products is intended or should be inferred.

Well I've opened up my veins too many times
And the poison's in my heart and in my mind
Poison's in my bloodstream
Poison's in my pride
I'm after rebellion
I'll settle for lies
Is it any wonder that my mind's on fire
Imprisoned by the thoughts of what to do
Is it any wonder that my joke's an iron
And the joke's on you
Experiments that failed too many times
Transformations that were too hard to find
Poison's in my bloodstream
Poison's in my pride
I'm after rebellion
I'll settle for lies
Yes I know the secrets of the iron and mind
They're trinity acts, a mineral fire
Yes I know the secrets of the circuitry mind
It's a flaming wonder telepath
Well I've opened up my veins too many times
And the poison's in my heart and in my mind
Poison's in my bloodstream
Poison's in my pride
I'm after rebellion
I'll settle for lies
Is it any wonder that my mind's on fire
Imprisoned by the thoughts of what to do
Is it any wonder that my joke's an iron
And the joke's on you

Flaming Telepaths (Blue Oyster Cult - 1974)

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