January 2023 - Part II

Thu 12 Jan 2023 07:58:45 PM CST

Little long, but didn't want to trim any more, liked that big. From "Human Harvest" by Quiescent Benevolence. Supposed to be finished this year, drop with "In the Belly of the Beast", the factual account that inspired it. Contributed some action sequences, wherein bad folk get what comin' to them. See if any make it into the finished product.

My puritanical kid sister dropped in this morning for a while. Knew she was comin' so I put the likker and tobacco away. West wing nobody but me ever goes. Probably closed for the winter anyway though. We got 41 days of winter left, figuring nothing bad to happen after 1 March.

Couple cheap cigar reviews. Dropped in a couple of my favorite tobacco shops in Jonestown yesterday, see what's new. Couple of charming young Afram gals was buyin, cigars. Chatted a bit. Girls havin' fun. Dunno how many women smoke seegars these days, don't see them in the stores much. I order bulk from Mike's Cigars and Smoker's Outlet Online, but like to see what's on the racks sometimes.

Knew ZigZag was makin' cigars, month or two back picked up a couple of ZigZag packages, looked at the flavor and didn't look close enough, they were wraps. Okey-dokey, yesterday I picked up a handful of the cigars. Decent.

Swisher had some I hadn't seen. Got the wine and cherry flavors. No good, they had tips. Plastic tips. Wood bad enouth, if I ain't tasting the wrapper I ain't smoking. Break off the tip, OK but not worth it.

Weighty socio-political matters? We're still in that twilight zone atmosphere. Waitin' to see if we get another chance in two years.

It does seem that the cabal may be ready to heave Joetato over the side. There's a possibility that the 'discovery' of classified material he (his minions) had layin' all over (like they went after Trump for) may be an excuse for them to tell him he can't run in 24. Betting him living that long is risky anyway, condition he's in. Sure be interesting to see how they handle it.

Florida Governor DeSantis is moving boldly forward. I suspect some heads exploded when he appointed Chris Rufo and Matthew Spalding (a dean at Hillsdale) to the board of trustees at (the failing) New College in Sarasota.

Governor Abbott of Texas seems to have grown some spine reinforcement, and I suspect Governor DeSantis has been a factor.

New Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (daughter of former governor Mike Huckabee) is also acting decisively and boldly. The Arkansas legislature is largely scum (the senator from the district I recently departed was the CEO of a Medicaid-harvesting operation that exploited poor children and was in Little Rock arguing for relaxed safety requirements for facilities such as the one he operated when a five-year-old child died due to the negligence of the already substandard employees (locked in a van for eight hous with outside temperature over 90) and was reelected in the most recent election. Yes, they are scum and worse than Texas and certainly Florida. Hopefully she will be able to get some things done. Her father was good, but succumbed to politics occasionally. She has associated with DeSantis between leaving the Trump administration and running for governor of Arkansas, and appears to be prepared to govern in a similar way. Definitely an improvement over the RINO Asa Hutchison, all weasel all the time.

A few hours ago the daughter of entertainer Elvis Presley died at the age of 54. Show business types death at that age can easily be (and often are) caused by drug abuse, but with people dropping like flies from the Quackvax that question is naturally being asked of the now daily deaths (the ones that are sufficiently notable to make the news) and one wonders - how many prominent people (showbiz, politics, business) will it take before the coverup is finally shattered repair. I realize that politicians, and probably many people in business, took the Fakezine (I mean, who's going to let the 70+ puppet take anything dangerous so if a needle ever got close to the epidermis it had saline solution) and since they had inside info I would suspect none of them of any age took it. Whether Presley had it or not has not been revealed and will probably be ignored by all "news" sources.

Alright kiddos, 'bout time for bed. First real winter today, been in the 60s up til now. Cold blast from the west, dunno if I'll have that midnight smoke. Always manaña.

Fri 13 Jan 2023 11:32:59 AM CST

One of the guys emailed me 'bout the Elvis thing. I'm the oldest of the bunch but only by a few years, but never thought much about Elvis or other pop culture figures of any era. As in the Beatles, or any of the music or stuff then or now. Elvis was big in my early years, Mom listenin' to country radio (never the the King of Rock'n'roll thing - only place I heard Elvis was on the country stations) but we lived near Memphis and I reckon he was the biggest thing in Memphis. Not that there's much of anything else in Memphis. Fred hadn't put FedEx there wouldn't be much Memphis. Ain't much now as it is. Anyway, never gave much thought to Elvis or a bunch of other famous people.

Thing about the vax was, there was commentatin' all over the place about it, her dyin' relatively young, and apparently a heart attack involved. Seems that some folks did dig out a statement she made about a year ago, sayin' she got it to "to protect ourselves and our loved ones" so maybe she drank the koolaid. Hard to say now, the propagandists all over it, claimin' anybody says anything about it conspiracy theorist vast right wing conspiracy nutjobs. If there was evidence (tweets, etc) probably been scrubbed by now. And that's all of that.

Woke up and noticed it was a Friday 13th. Is that still as they say, "a thing"? Looks like we got two more this year. Anyway, ignoring the general-purpose insanity of politics and such, noticed that Robbie Knievel and Robbie Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive shuffled off this mortal coil today. RK requires no elaboration, except he was pretty young. That the ole man lived much longer is surprising, tryin' to kill himself ever chance he toe. RB was the drummer, his brother Randy is ten years older and was still jammin' with Fred as of a few years ago. They still had it at their age, kinda like Heep.

'course Jeff Beck passed a couple days ago. When I say I don't have interest in pop culture generally I refer to the unwashed masses. Of course all popular, commercial, whatever music is included, but artists like Beck are another class. You get some bimbo (of either sex) and clean'em up, apply an army of everything from wardrobe to accountants and lawyers to marketing and songwriters and producers and you can make a few billion, and whomever you picked to be the face of the product gets filthy rich, and like professional athletes (some types at least) have no idea what to do and may or may not have managers and advisers to keep them out of too much trouble. They're a product, and it works, but it's hardly art.

Jeff was a fave from way back, lot of them guys gone. My eclectic tastes have the likes of him, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, to name some old ones. Yngwie Malmsteen and Axel Rudi Pell among the younger set. 'course Ritchie Blackmore rules, for more than just playing a guitar. He's the best ever at that for sure, but it's just a part of his contribution.

Sat 14 Jan 2023 12:52:48 PM CST

Almost cut my beard, it was gettin' kind of long, could have said it was in my way... just kiddin', making fun of that song. I was kinda gettin' into Gloin territory though, so I trimmed it a bit.

Whole thing about killin' snakes though, stuff looking like what's been goin on worldwide, but here at home a little serpent-slayin' might be in progress. Seems the whole thang with Joetato being found to have what they accused former president Trump of doing. Only ole Amtrak Joe done throwed stuff off all over the place, layin' around in the garage and such, not that he knew it was there, or cared. Stuff about Ukraine and such, his boy's business dealins. Thang is, what the sam hill goin on and who's doin' what and why? Theories vary, but the fact that the local branch of the cabal doesn't seem to be on the same page is interesting.

Some thinks that the dim party is gettin ready to heave'em over the side, in terms of being allowed to run in 2024. Personally I still don't know if he'll keep breathing that long, hafta do a Weekend at Bernies act. 'course heels up harris ain't about to get it. They could probably get her elected, as a dim is pretty much guaranteed, but that might be one of the few things that could spark an actual insurrection as opposed to the resistance that would occur if they tried to drop the hammer once and for all.

Competing factions in the party? Could be, would explain the failure to agree on a story beforehand.

Question is, they dump the chief veggie, and Chlamydia Harris is not allowed to run, who is it? Newscum one they talkin' about. He shore thinks he can pull it off. But if it's wide open (odd that dims can't seem to do it as neatly as the repubs did with bush 43 - different culture maybe) then you got all kinds of weirdness. Buttplug for one. I reckon he'll be their equivalent of low-energy Jeb. Fact is, everything they got lookin' for it is so bad they'd probably have to build up the fraud apparatus or maybe a repub could make it. 'course the one that'll make it fun is Hitlery. You know she gonna do it, if it looks available. She can't help herself. Gonna be interestin' for sure, however it goes. Stay prepared, it gonna get worse.

Testin' the emergency heat, the 'lectric ain't hardly come on, bill about the same as summer. Since the stockpile was already overkill probably keep usin' it some. (Funny, "design overkill" ain't something you hear much. I remember when it was, in some places... people now wouldn't know what you meant if you said it) We done half through January and I'm still in shirtsleeves bangin' around the place all day. I sure ain't gonna complain if it's unusually mild. Lookin' forward to the green and growing things and hangin' with the kitty-cat what adopted me a while back. Put up a pic soon.

Other than that, figure there's at least a chance the Fauci flop thing may be about to be a factor in societal evolution. Dunno for sure, but you got kiddos droppin' like flies with slab jab cardio events, they seem to be rising. Most ignored/covered up for sure, but the state media monopoly is only a monopoly with the sheeple. Too many free minds, just not united yet. If that happens, all bets are off as they say. Including mine, if I was bettin', which is why I ain't.

I do think about the Fremen more these days. Just sayin'.

Buonanotte amici.

Sun 15 Jan 2023 08:20:01 PM CST

Ya'know, guess I ain't read none of his stuff. Probably should, the Wickedpedia say he was a socialist, but some say George Orwell was, and he sure said plenty of sensible stuff. "Shooting an Elephant" was probably one of the first stories of his I read, kid about nine or ten maybe, 'fore I got in junior high or later and his (then) on the student reading list works. They probably ain't on it now, most schools. Only had maybe two or three commie teachers fifty years ago. So there y'are. May take a look, get the time. Hell, I recently reread a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Michael Moorcock stuff, and they could get somewhat cheesy at times. Actually though, while they labored mostly in the pulp category, they contributed as much consequential commentary on the universe as many more celebrated writers. So I'll take a look, I get my deal with the Medical Industry settled, or pass the torch. That'be good, but wonder if I'd keep watching the new torchbearer, worryin' if he doin' it right.

Mon 16 Jan 2023 12:29:09 PM CST

Gotta admit, love Burroughs and Howard after all these years. Burroughs underrated for sure, Howard got more famous I reckon, among the unwashed, but there ya'go.

Dunno what I's gonna write about. Pretty much same stuff. Wondered if I should get some of Mike's slippers for the kitty-cat. He growed a bit, more calm now. Go out on deck, front or back, for a smoke and he underfoot. Or tryin' to get to my drank. Now he pretty content to curl up on my feet while I drink and smoke. Maybe write a review. Wear'in houseshoes now, he always bitin' my toes if I don't. Hard on the socks. Only houseshoes I got ain't got no backs in'em. Who the fuck got use for shoes with no backs? Wimmen of course. Yeahiknow, seen "men" wearin'em too. An one more dam'thing. Don't call shower shoes flip-flops. Hadta get a pair of them too, I's laid up them months after my escape from the Medical Industry. Wimmen bad 'bout wearin themdamthings too, knew one if it much above freezin she was wearin'em everywhere. Lot of things don'e belong in the office, and they's one. She is too, but she was the boss in her section and did as she pleased. And her feet wasn't much to look at anyways. Or the other end of'er. And that's all I got to say about that.

In the important news department, whatever that is, seems Soros and Schwab skippin' Davos. Nobody know why. We know why not why. Wnatever the official word is, obviously. Schwab said "scheduling conflict". Okey-dokey. Hafta waitnsee.

The slab-jab thing gettin' serious. Actually is serious, 'cept the "news" ignoring it. Oh they report deaths, seems like a famous one every day now. Seen two or three reports from outsiders with a pretty good I can verify 20 years or better of 90+ accuracy) sayin' there tests bein done showin' over 50% heart damage in vax recipients. At some point... well at some point a lot of things may happen.

Joetato makin' speech again, OK reading, badly, say if we the people think we can defend our selfs against the government with AR-15s, we bein' stupid. Sez we gonna need some F-15s and nukes. That's recycled material, dunno who keeps puttin' in there. Times like that you almost wish this thang would blow up like they want. Or think they want. But they didn't learn from the Viet Cong or the Taliban, they won't be ready for what Joe Bob Baxter and his buddies got.

You learn the weirdest stuff when you clickin' around on Wickedpedia articles.

All for now.

God natt vänner

Tue 17 Jan 2023 11:32:27 AM CST

One unit was issued to yours truly a few weeks ago. Turned up under one of those big cedars out by the road. Figured I might as well feed'em and let'em hang out. Nearest neigbor close to quarter mile away, never see any cats around. Guess someone may have dumped it. Standard cat, underfoot and beggin' for food all the time. Summer be happy time I reckon, acres of field mice. Ought to eat real good. I grab a chicken at the deli once in a while, I gettin' grosheries. He gets the bones. Dunno if they like that or a bird better. Lemmetellya, cat get hold of a bird...

News the usual. Seems the cabal crowd wantin' pureblood pilots to fly'em there. Okey-dokey.

Generally fluff articles, filling space. Saw one somewhere, about the SCOTUS, they all in lefty publications. I figure you put in three low-IQ tools that the general unpleasantness of having to deal with them at all would make the legitimate ones unhappy, and since the new ones are as despicable as they are stupid they're likely deliberately being obnoxious.

Wed 18 Jan 2023 11:09:20 PM CST

Stopped at my favorite likker store grabbed a couple bottles, sometnin' made me pick up a bottle of Old Charter. Ole feller at the checkout 'bout my age. "I bet I ain't had Charter in thirty years or better," I told'em. "Charter and Budweiser's big with us youngun back then." He concurred, said he remembered it like that. Charter a little different somehow, ain't sure, but I picked up on the difference like I did years ago. Beam, Ezra and Evan, might fool me 'tween some of them. Jack and Turkey I could tell. S'much damn fruit flavor these days, hafta look for the regular. Fruit's for brandy.

The cabal got their big WEF shindig goin' ovair in Swissland. One encouraging thing the ever-increasing ludicrousness of it all. They ain't foolin' many, just most ain't payin attention yet. More are, but not enough. The big sufferin' have to get going good before they're dealt with. It ain't hurtin me dreckly, I don't have to work, all prepped up for the worst, plenty money that ain't paper or electrons, fairly deep in the free states, pretty good chances. Still don't like it. Understand how them folks went and partied watching the guillotining goin' on. The poor didn't make the revolution - that was the intellectuals and middle classes that saw a chance to take over - they just grabbed their torches and pitchforks once there was an opportunity for looting and revenge. Might not've even known who the revenge needed to be put on, but they was enthusiastic. Dunno how it'll go.

Dunno who was the most ludicrous either, but Algore may've taken that one.

Thu 19 Jan 2023 06:27:50 PM CST

Got some things to do. This edition closes tomorrow, so I guess there's another day to ruminate on thangs. Quick look at the landscape:

The actor that shot the cinematographer of a film he was workin' on. Dunno, he a lefty, seen a handful of his films I reckon. The one with Nicole Kidman I remember, pretty good. The movie that is. Took a look at wickedpedia and sure enough, ain't seen many. He's in that awful butchering of the classic Sam Peckinpah film. For starters, Steve McQueen and Ali Mcgraw or Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger? Rhetorical question I hope. If no, forget I brought it up. Anyway, he was charged with some kinda manslaughter fer a gun goin' off while he was holdin' it, somebody stuck a live one in it. .45 Long Colt, near point blank, kilt her and messed up the dude behind her. Bunch of talk, who knows what the straight of it is. They was in New Mexico, so it wasn't the easy whitewash it would be in Kalifornia. Wouldn't care much, 'cept the pore gal just working at her job, probly didn't pay the big bucks he was gittin' got kilt. Can tellya, nobody care bout the little people, 'cept the other little people that cared about'em.

Wondered a bit, about the .45 Long Colt, reportedly the chambering of that gun. Dirty Harry was tellin' one of the rookies in "Magnum Force" he was usin' something called "light special" loads in his Model 29. Lower recoil, more controllable in having to shoot multiple perps quick. OK, .44 Spec similar to .45 LC, .45 a little wider (.429 v .451, approximately) and similar velocity so Harry's Model 29 be about close. 'course ain't a lot of double action .45LCs around. Believe Ruger makes or made one, bet it would be heavier than a Smith. So probably not a viable option. Like the .44 Spec in a DA snub for backup.

Anyway, other nonsense, lessee...

The Russian-born hockey player refused to put on a jersey celebrating the alphabet-pervs was (naturally) brutalized by his colleagues and the fake news media. Ya'know, I don't follow hockey, but it seems to be just about one of the last sports that would have a serious number of fans in the perv crowd. Likely some highly paid consultant advised the team to have the event. Anyway, his jerseys are about impossible to find now, due to selling out overnight. It's called a buycott, where the normal decent people poke a stick in the eye of evil. Like the Chick-Fil-A thang, started it all I guess.

Well, got stuff to do. See'ya.

Fri 20 Jan 2023 06:55:18 PM CST

In case this is the last remnant of our civilization found by archaeologists in some distant future, the thing on the left is not a military officer. It is a male homo sapiens, now the Surgeon General of the current regime. That's a skirt it's wearing. The next one, holding the alphabet-perv flag or whatever, is the presidential press secretary (a fancy name for the tool that makes regular appearance to recite the lies of the day. Actually it reads them from a notebook.) who is probably one of the stupidest people extant. I forget who the next one is, the one with he doggy bag might be Buttplug. The one on the right is gone, he kept stealing high-dollar womens' luggage at airports. For the underwear. Okey-dokey.

Someone over at Hide5 mentioned Ronaldus Maximus, reminding us that he got assassination-attempted about forty years, forty-two to be precise in about 79 days, the cabal attempted to take him out, barely two months after he took assumed the presidency. Never figured it was anything else, even them. They wanted Bush-41 but he couldn't cut it. Probably the Carter debacle made people want someone better than a milquetoast globalist so Reagan thrashed him in the primaries. Reagan handily won the election and the one in 1984 (with a third party in the form of John Anderson):

The last Kennedy made a feeble attempt in the 1980 election. Or almost did. Threatened to, but lost his nerve. Jimmy Cahtuh famously said if The Swimmer challenged him in the primaries, he would "whip his ass". Not a joke, man. The U.S.A. recovered substantially both economically and in its standing in the world, but once Ronaldo's time was over Bush-41 began squandering the fruits of his labor as rapidly as possible. When Donald Trump appeared in 2016 and seemed likely to be another Reagan, the cabal pulled out all the stops to get rid or him and are still thrashing mindlessly to ensure that he doesn't get a second chance and to continue destroying the last remnants of the Republic as quickly as possible.

Anyway, as I was sayin' I never figgered the assassination thing to be anything other than an attempt to remove Reagan. The procedure is described elsewhere, similar to the JFK affair. And engineered "mass shootings" these days. Unstable individual that can be groomed and managed (always more than one if you're really serious) and when you have a target that needs hit, aim and release. James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Warnock Hinckley. The last one failed. Always surprised they didn't try with Trump, or maybe they did and couldn't get the shooter into place. President ain't as easy as a school or post office or hospital or..... Stephen Hunter's "Point of Impact" is a good read, btw.

So that's that. Anything else?

I love Razorfist, don't watch'em as often as I should. He likes the effword more'n'ido. He was just talkin' about something I missed by thismuch. OK, this much, but I rode ferries outta there more than a few times, and the last was just a coupla months before. Already back in the States and saw it on telly.

Ukraine now wants the entire armed forces of NATO on tap. Can't wait another year for it to be expended piecemeal? Okey-dokey. Apparently the Wagner group has 50K troops in there, which makes me wonder about a few things. If that's true, a lot of other folks should be worried, and ain't, and that's fine with me.

Memphrica don't get much love from the news-whores, it bein' a little backwater cesspool. Five cops beat up a dude, after the usual preliminaries (pursuit, barricade, etc.) and he died from the beatin'. Just one problem, the five cops what beatemup, they all the same color. Must've spelled the "victim" name wrong. "Tyre" is the round rubber thang on automobiles in England, "Tyree" is the name of numerous perp-victims.

That about it, gittin late. Go out on the deck and have a smoke and a snort while the kitty kat lays on my houseshoes. He pretty calm these days, not so kittenish as when he first showed up.

Bonne nuit, enfants.

Most of the images I use are on this or other websites I fool around with. Feel free to steal'em. Here's the text so you don't have to run them through an OCR filter. If you need one, here's one I like:

"I'm guessing," Alex said, "that nonprofit is a technical term. More like a redirection of profit, to the individuals involved. No taxes, more for them if they can hide it."

"Exactly." Harry said. "You hear about the big ones, former presidents, even people who wanted to be president but didn't make it, they start nonprofits. Food and medicine and stuff for poor people in third world countries. Huge donations from people wanting to use their connections. Hundreds of millions, billions even. And very little ever gets used to help the unfortunates. It buys Gulfstream jets at fifty million a copy, mansions all over the world, and the non-profiters live a life like legitimately rich people. Hobnobbing with showbiz people and billionaires. And of course a a lot gets siphoned off to family and friends."

"So the little players do the same." Alex said. "Just on a smaller scale."

"Sure, but it's plenty big to them. From where most of them started. Guy working in a small-town bank or insurance company, whatever, wants more. What he sees on TV. Unless your parents are billionaires, only way you're gonna do it is climb the ladder as far as you can as far as you can, as fast as you can. Someone gets in your way, push them off. Make deals, whatever works."

"As bad as that? Maybe I don't want my memory back."

"Some might agree with you." Harry said. "Me being one. But we play the hand we're dealt. And so here we are.

"In any case, here's the picture we have so far. I wish I'd taken this dive earlier, but it was only after I saw your case I knew something was bad wrong.

"Flip over to page, seven I believe. Yeah."

It was a map of the entire country, including Alaska and Hawaii.

"You can see the concentration in the south," Harry said, "but they're all over. Some of the hospitals they own, others they have management contracts with. Consulting. Supplies purchasing. All the ways the money flows."


"Pretty much. But all nominally legal. And hard to prove otherwise, if anyone bothers to investigate. And the IRS is about the only one that can. Or will. I suppose the Justice Department could get in on it, maybe for Medicare fraud or something similar. And they generally only go after for-profits for that."

"So they go nonprofit."

"Something a buddy told me," Harry said, "worked with him in the early days. He went free-lance early, moved to Florida and lives on a boat. He does high-dollar jobs, one or two a year usually. Enough to stay sharp and build a good retirement fund. Spends a lot of time fishing, learned a lot about marine life. Having a neighbor that's a marine biologist doesn't hurt.

"He was talking about sharks one time. He said in a feeding frenzy, sharks completely lose control of what little mind they have. Sensory overload or something. They'll eat anything that comes close, including other sharks. Even parts of their own body that was ripped off by another shark."

"Sharks don't have much of a mind, do they?" Alex said. "What excuse do people have?"

Human Harvest (Quiescent Benevolence - 2023)

The reason there are so many conspiracy theories is that there are so many consiracies.

Enak Nomolos

Except for the sheeple, the ones that ain't payin' attention, mostovus think some big stuff happening.

What? I dunno, and I suspect a lot of people don't. Includin' the ones that think they makin' it happen.

Talking about all the Russia/Ukraine, U.S. government attacking its citizens, western Europe committing suicide doing what our government is telling them to do, using coercion if necessary. BRICS taking a third of the world off to do their own thing. Lots of smaller places throwing off the chains. And so on...

OK, back to my Baer Creighton impression: Thinkin' it's like dying snake thing. Killed a few snakes in my time. Lot of them I shouldn't have, just people killed snakes back then. Any snake. Even the harmless ones, which was most of'em. Don't do it now of course. Anyway, you see a snake, grab somethin' to kill it. Usually a garden tool, shovel or something. Not very efficient, you wailin' on the serpent and it thrashin' around, don't know whether to bite the shovel or crawl away. Sometimes in the confusion it bite itself.

Like the NWO guys, someone done gone and throwed a monkey wrench into the works, stuff breakin' and parts fallin' off These people ain't the smartest people. Just think they are.

Dunno how to fix it. Get it back on track. Ain't gonna. And that's about it.

Alex Ironhand II 1665964949

There seemed nothing to do but stand supinely and await my end. I thought of Perry -- how he would wonder what had become of me. I thought of my friends of the outer world, and of how they all would go on living their lives in total ignorance of the strange and terrible fate that had overtaken me, or unguessing the weird surroundings which had witnessed the last frightful agony of my extinction. And with these thoughts came a realization of how unimportant to the life and happiness of the world is the existence of any one of us. We may be snuffed out without an instant's warning, and for a brief day our friends speak of us with subdued voices. The following morning, while the first worm is busily engaged in testing the construction of our coffin, they are teeing up for the first hole to suffer more acute sorrow over a sliced ball than they did over our, to us, untimely demise.

At the Earth's Core (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it -- Upton Sinclair

The idea that, under the pretext that a country is democratic, its citizens, after an internal debate, can legitimately decide to bomb the citizens of another country is an idea that will end up killing democracy. The United States is a greater danger to peace than Iran ~~ Emmanuel Todd

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