Last one this year

Thu 15 Dec 2022 10:55:21 PM CST

Some people say there's a special place in Hell for someone of other they strongly disapprove of. Dunno, maybe. If there is, guess once you find room for commies and their associates (they're Satan's minions so it's pretty well automatic) you get to the generic losers. Who's the regular losers? Besides the general alpha-hotels of various sorts, the corporate ladder-climbers, and other such, you got the people that make people use stupid gas cans that suck donkey balls and are generally unusable. Until you buy a separate spout that works. Used to take a spout of an ole unservicable one and put it on the new one, but then they changed the threads so you couldn't, and they they had to start makin' new spouts with the right threads. So only a complete loser usin' the stupid commie spouts, the rest of us shelled out the extra pesos for the functional accessory. Yeah, them deserve some hotter burning. But they commies anyway, the fact that it was Nixon made the EPA. He done a few stupid things, but a demoncrat would have been infinitely worse. Of course Nixon caused one of the most destructive demoncrats ever to be elected, so he ain't off the hook.

Washin' machines with fucked lids ain't the EPA doin' though. EPA probably done plenty of stupid stuff to too, water conservation and such. Have to wash the clothes two or three times, defeating the purpose of the commies. Like the gas can spouts. 'course the commies don't give a flyin' fuck 'bout the environment, just want to control people.

Still and all, there no way to get one unlocked if pullin' the plug and reset buttons don't work. Damn near went out and bought a new one rather than mess with this one, but I got it done. Fuck'em all. Like about once a week me and a couple of buds take a drive, put a few miles on somewhere with our seatbelts off 'cause that sonofabitch right there. Download the rear dashcam vid and email it to the state police. Swiss email server of course, tweaked the file to prevent tracing, like they could figure out now to try if they thought of it. Ever tell you 'bout the time I actually coded a tiny piece of the Interweb. Unlike Algore. Little company called Convergent Technologies back in the day, nobody'd heard of the dang Inernet, probably even Algore. Anyways, they made some of the earliest Unix boxes, Motorola 68K chips was the big thing, 'fore the mickeysoft sheep ruined everything with the inferior Intel stuff. Tell'ya some funny stories about that too. Anyhow, my company was one of their first big customers (these were 200-500K systems, so a few dozen customers was big, money-wise) and they were new. The Megaframe line we were selling, multiprocessors in the '80s, Ethernet networks, pretty advanced stuff. Around 1984 I believe.

Found an old pic, computer mag from the 80s. Exciting time, Unix (pretty much what the world runs on these days, but not by that name - the code all goes back to the work of Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and their comrades. Not Bill Gates (don't get me started) or Steve Jobs (slick, pretty smart, but no mental giant) or the other names 98% of the world associates with technology. Hell, probably 99+. Somewhere in an obscure blog I wrote (as did a few other old-timers in their now-obscure blogs) about the irony of Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie dying so close to the same time (about a week apart). But in a day when a ghetto rat (and a mentally deficient ghetto rat at that) can become a billionaire I suppose parasites like Gates and Jobs aren't so bad.

But the IBM PC had regrettably materialized about that time and the fabled lemming effect took over. Yeay, I know about the lemmings, but cliches are what they are. We absorbed a smaller competitor about that time, had a product almost like ours and had ported to Unix (from the NCR IMOS/ITX architecture) and used the NCR Tower, which coulda been ok, but the Intel architecture was got almost the performance of the 68K with about ten times the hardware horsepower. Sucked donkey balls, but so does about everything that's commercially successful.

Anyway, what I's gonna say, there was some stuff got sent back up the development chain to AT&T into the Unix codebase of the time (SVR4) and it went into the TCP/IP code that made a little part of some sybsystem somewhere in the Interweb. Convergent sent an engineer out to my shop for a few weeks to work on the problem, and it became part of the system. Probably was superseded by something within a few months.

I remember the Algore thang, he discovered the Internet about the same time the main population did, when it became commercial, in the late 80s. You could probably say it was created in 1969 as the ARPANET. We (the armed forces - I was USAF) were using it in the 70s. But Algore so stupid he probably thinks it didn't exist before he knew about it.

Which is why we live under a lunitacocracy that's either gonna put us over the edge of the abyss or make things blow so high there ain't gonna be anybody's plans gonna fly. The current regime is one that'll burn down the country as long as they can rule the ashes. Never figuring they'll be ashes themselves. Not that I want to live another fifty years, but seein' it happen might be worth it.

With the first major installment of the regime's show trials coming to an end, they are rumored to be recommending that former president Trump be indicted for various crimes, including, obviously, insurrection.

No doubt he will be handily convicted, as surely as the Bolsheviks were when their creation turned on them. If the current regime is not successfully interrupted more than it was in the last election, they will no doubt resume with renewed vigor after the next one should the executive branch remain in enemy hands. The thousand or so already incarcerated over the Jan 6 fedsurrection will no doubt be joined by many more, and killings will increase as the federal authorities have another four years of immunity from accountability. A good many of the political prisoners who are young and had shorter sentences may one day be free. When they are free, if they were not inclined to commit acts of violence before, some may be likely to do so now. With lives completely destroyed, no reason to continue breathing except revenge. As Josey Wales said "Dying ain't so hard for men like you and me. It's living that's hard when all you've ever cared about has been butchered or raped." The butchery is real and the rape is a rape of the spirit, an assault that outlasts any physical wounds. The protagonist in MacArthur's Freehold appears to be modeled after the railroaded cop in Minneapolis who had the misfortune to arrest a career criminal who was in the process of dying from multiple drug intoxication aggravated by being in seriously bad physical condition. There are a lot of angry people out there, and the regime continues to create more each day. But a much larger population, in the millions, is of the people who are being raped by the economic manipulation that destroys the lives of ordinary decent people who are trying to exist on the fruits of their own labor, not asking - much less demanding - anything from others, and being further impoverished with each passing day. If the regime can survive even two years is questionable.

Thus Donald Trump, whatever relevance he may have in future politics, seems incongruously like Paul Atreides. About to engage in a duel to the death with his evil cousin, he sees the possible paths of the future. In some of them he dies, but he knows that his own fate is by now irrelevant - the jihad will rage forward even without him, as the Fremen have embraced their messiah. Trump the man could not be more unlike Paul Atreides, but his brief disruption of the progress of the globalist takeover may have the spark that sets off the charge that will end it. With the difficulties the cabal is experiencing in the other 95% of the world, keeping this little part of it will be increasingly difficult. The effects of societal shifts underway (the left narrowly avoided the expected Red Wave, and the resistance continues to grow) and such blows as the crumbling propaganda organs (CNN and the rest of the alphabet, along with the major print outlets) and the opening up of Twitter, could possibly produce a major victory in 2024. It will then depend on whether the victors are willing to govern without flinching. If the guilty are not held accountabl, not just by removing them from power and shaming them (to whatever degree shame is possible) but by lengthy prison sentences, financial ruin and forbidding future political activivies. That is of course unlikely, but during a ten to twenty reversal, events elsewhere in the world might make a return to fascism here less likely.

If a political solution is not achieved, perhaps the result will not be a jihad, but still a bloody civil war, and the survival of the Republic in one piece will be unlikely. Some eschatologists believe that the U.S.A. either does not exist or is of relatively minor insignificance in the events at the end of the age. I don't eschatologize any more than I live by omens and signs. What will be will be. And I know eschatologize ain't a legal word. Has that ever stopped me before?

On a lighter note, is all Canadian Whiskey all the same? As in, there's just one source (maybe multiple manufacturers but they all make the same stuff) and it's put in different bottles, different names. Never had that suspicion with bourbon. As for scotch, last time I drank any of that stuff was a long time ago and it'll be longer before I do so again. Just sayin. 'night kiddos.

Back in the day, some days back, had a couple years of bankers hours. Took regular walks along a railroad track about a half mile away. Walk down the street, get up on the embankment and walk a mile or two. Not on track for sure. Learned a long time ago you don't hear a train until it's near on you. See one coming I'd drop down a little further to be safe. Guessed the probability of one of them things derailing about the time it was alongside was somewhere close to being struck by lightning.

Interesting stuff you see, stuff fell off trains I guessed. Lots of little scrubby cedar trees (I call anything look like that a cedar) here and there. Quite a few, see a dozen or more on a walk. About a foot high at most. Finally got the idea one day to dig one up. Loose gravel stuff there. Carried a KaBar Marine knife along, one day decided to try it. They got a good bit of a taproot even at that size, but I got a little one, took it home. That weekend I was home (was renting a place in that location which remains undisclosed) and planted it. Later on I got another. That's them up there. About thirty feet high looks like, and about as wide at the bottom. Guess I'll cut the limbs off up to six feet or so come spring. Gonna be ticks, brush against them things mowing and time I get in the house I got one or two crawlin' on me. Rarely does one get latched on, so ain't got any of them tick diseases yet. Long as I done that, coulda had a regular little forest. They get them bagworms on'em now and then. Few years ago they's smaller. Not by much I guess, but smaller. Got covered up in just a couple of years. There's something made with a bacteria, lives in the ground if I recollect. Hit Amazon for a few bottles, a little things make gallons of spray. Hose'm down good when the caterpillars crawlin' and they gone. For a while. Found a couple dozen this year, first time in a while. Probably missed a few when I was gettin'em off. See what next year look like. My age, the chemicals that doc pumped in me, may not be around. I ever tell you the Medical Industry sucks?

One of my favorite Pacino rants. The other being from 'Scent of a Woman' of course. That one probably better. Damn doctor made me think of it. Sonofabitch shot me full of chemicals for psychos. Was in the hospital for kidney failure caused by the first hospital, shoved a needle full of dye in my kidney. Was supposed to be tryin' to see if I was havin' a heart attack. Dunno why they poking around my kidneys. Actually I do. Fuckin' incompetents all of'em. Nobody do do anything about it. First hospital sent me to the second hospital. Did a bypass. Routine stuff. Something like half a million a year. Feller goes in gets it fixed (little over a quarter million for mine) and in a few weeks back at it. Like I ain't known a dozen or two did it. Nah, nothin' simple in my life. Somehow got me quit breathing, while in or because of or after, dunno if they ever got their story straight, twelve minutes no oxygen. In the ICU. ???? Don't get me lyin', damn medical people done enough for both of us. Done called my sister (my SO off in Montana with her family emergency, no matter, it's my problem) and told her I was dead. Nice. Not bad enough, once they figured out I wasn't dead, couple of'em tole her I wasn't gonna be back, mentally. Vegetable. What the fuck? What the evermotherlovinfuckinfuck! Not no fuckin' joke. That's what happened.

That was hospital #2 BTW. What the fuck do you do when you done fucked up as bad as all that?

Simple. There's another hospital in town. I'm usin' the word hospital loosely. Very loosely. Loose as a... nevermind.

Way back when, the Medical Industry was goin' the way the whole fuckin society done gone. Big hospitals buyin little ones. Like we went through with the banks. Little software company I worked for, had about two hundred banks as customers, not bad when you selling the low-end mainframes at a quarter-mil entry level, another quarter or better in addons, half a mil for a software license and 10% annual maintenance, them was the days. Mom and pop shop, actually halves of three, the mom of one and the pops of two. Get all that. Started up on a shoestring in 78 or thereabouts, I's decidin' whether to reenlist or do something else. Computers in that sweet spot, the guys that knew their stuff get in make some money. Good thing I did, considering. Smart enough to see which way the wind was blowin' and sold at a good time. Big banks gobblin' up the little ones, the big software vendors buyin' the little ones. Me and the other two personnel (in about a 20-person company) had a good stake. Made out better than we ever expected.

Now it's all point and click even for the "IT Professionals". Three months max in a canned remote course and you're certified in something. Dunno and don't care now. Hand-coding COBOL and assembler with a line editor in 78 to clicking a mouse to instally a library of code you couldn't construct in a year, somewhere there's now maybe, for every thousand IT Professionals, one or two that knows how it works. Someday it gonna break big time. Hell, last place I worked before the docs temporarily fried my brain (and my nervous system lookin' to be permanently) they hired three or four guys to replace me and my boss. And they ended up outsourcing about everything. Close on 20 years of hand-coding LAMP, building our own infrastructure, he saw I wasn't gonna be back he took off for something less stressful.

But I done gone and digressed. Where was I? Oh yeah, hospital consolidation. Kept catchin' up with'em, nobody cared about anything gut getti' bigger and makin' more money. And you gotta figure, every little old clinic and hospital padding the bills, little extra here and there won't hurt, it's all insurance and Mediscare anyways, ain't hurtin' nobody. Well, the taxpayers. Fuck them.

The big dogs, doin' it on a grand scale. The HCA thing, even with their political connections had to pony up over a billion in settlements. Likely a fraction of what they stole. Anyway, in one of them affairs, big company had bought the nice little hospital, the smaller one in town, and they closed it in the cleanup. Pretty nice facility, but sat there empty four or five years. Finally another hospital from the nearby metro area decided they deserved a piece of the pie. Started buildin' a massive, billion-something-dollar joint. Took a couple of years. No sense in waitin' that long to start makin' money, they took the old hospital, fixed it up, and stuck their fork into the pie. Couple of years later, the new place finished, shut down the old one.

Couple more years go by, someone decides to open it up. Long term acute care hospital. Got it's own fancy acromyn, easy to say. LTACH. Special rules too, more money if you qualify. One of the ways you qualify is having a per-patient average of 25 days. Check granny in with the flu bad, pneumonia, she checks out at ten days. Uh-oh. Gotta make that time up somewhere else.

Hospital #2 calls with a problem. Done kilt this guy, need to make the problem go away. No, he's breathin' all right. Just brain dead 'cause we let him stop breathing. Yeah, he's a veggie. You know how to handle it.

Brain dead. Damn, we can milk this one for a while.

Off to Hospital #3 I go. The ratty old joint, staffed by rejects wore out their welcome everywhere else. Not a problem, we're just a warehouse for problems, milk'em long as we can 'fore they expire.

Problem was, I kept waking up. Wanting to know where I was and why I was there and when I could go home.

Not all that brain dead.

Solution, keep me the way I was advertised. Pump me full of chemicals. The ones they use to keep crazy people manageable. Schizos, psychos, bipolar types off their meds. When my eyes was open, and that wasn't often, I was max loopy. That worked well enough for them. My siblings are at least as smart as me, just don't use bad language. Tole the doc to cut it out. Get some proper evaluation, see what my situation was.

Took a while, but they suggested gettin' a lawyer in on it. Fat sonofabitch probably didn't like it one bit, but he backed off the chemicals. I woke up. Stayed that way. Took a couple of days for my head to clear enough to talk sense, but I remember it well. Had me tide to the bed with wire. Loops of steel wire, like Mama's old clothesline. Two thin wires twisted to gether. Still make'm, only got a plastic coating. Kept me tied up quite a while, kept tellin'em I wanted to see the doc, so he could see I wasn't crazy or dangerous.

Not like the sonofabitch didn't know. Knew the 250K they was billin' Blue Cross for every two weeks about to be gone. Didn't seem to care much he'd about kilt me by then.

Finally my folks said they was takin' me out, takin' me home. They did.

Took'em three days to get me vertical so I could use a walker to get to the elevator and out to the car.

Did my own physical rehab. Took over a year, but I'm almost where I was physically before. Neurologically I'm shot though. Can't talk plain, can't write, motor functions motor-fucked from the chemicals.

Talked to quite a few people had family in there, lot of'em dead. Horror stories 'bout the way they treat people in there. Nothing gettin' done.

Maybe if you got enough money you can buy some justice, maybe not. Got quite a bit myself, lawyer's ain't gonna touch it. Too much work. Want the quick-and-easy slip-and-falls. Maybe a DWI kill if the perp got money. Not the fault of lawyers, they are what they are and most don't pretend to be anything else. Well, them with the "For the People" tagline epitomize hypocrisy, but most don't really care about image. Plenty of business always there.

The Medical Industry on the other hand has a lot to answer for. Especially with the religious origins of many of the hospitals, still got the crosses and pictures of saints. Biblical quotations and all about how much they care.

Thu 22 Dec 2022 08:50:06 PM CST

Seriously, one of my friends from Paragould tole me that was funny. Other one I ain't so sure about. Actually I am, so I never showed it to her. Lived there close to twenty years, maybe a little over. It was for the money. Could've stayed in Jonesboro and worked in Paragould, short drive. Spent most of my non-working hours in Jonesboro anyway, or at Southfork. Paragould was a pretty decent town about the time I moved there, stopped being one same way Jonesrobo did, just happened later. Another story for another time.

Paragould's where they had me in a hospital for a few hours before they decided I might be havin' a heart attack and would have to send me to Jonesboro, since they couldn't do the procedure. But before they shipped me out they fiddled around with me a bit, shoved a needle in my kidney. Contrast dye for examining your insides, bad enough havin' it in your body. Can cause kidney failure. Duh. Some low-budget help mainlined it for me. Yep, he may be dyin' from a heart attack, but in case he survives let's me sure he's on dialysis for the rest of his life.

To be a little extra sure I made some money for everyone all around, they sent me to the hospital least likely to do me any good. Big state-of-the-art place, much better hospital and about half as far away. Probably less than half timewise. Coulda shot me down the highway about fifteen miles, hang a right and roll right up to the ER. Better doctors and equipment, better staff too.

Nah, 'nother hospital further away, narrow congested streets in the old downtown. Not gonna say it. Not gonna ask why. Ain't hard to guess.

They fixed my heart. Couldn't fix the kidneys though. Only thing to do is wait, it'll clear up or it won't. Usually does.

Of course they let me go into cardiac arrest a day or so after, and stopped breathing for twelve some minutes. No oxygen for twelve minutes.

Someone sayin' something about me bein' brain dead, to my next of kin. So far I ain't doin' too good at keeling over near a good hospital. It got worse.

Idunno, guess they figured I should die or vegetate somewhere else, not be their problem. Shipped me out to hospital #3. Using the word hospital loosely.

Dodgy affair, old hospital had been shut down for years, some folks come in and set up shop as a Long Term Acute Care Hospital. LTACH. Catchy acronym. You can pronounce it, I guess. Elltack. Pronounceable acromyns are to be desired when you acronomyzing. Sweet deal, new law in the federal budget back around 99 I reckon, lets you make more money on those types. Optimized for fraud of course. Lobbyists write the laws and buy the politicians to makem laws. Medical Industry lobbyists in this case.

What's good for the bottom line usually ain't good for the hapless raw material (the "patients") since the idea is to not get well to soon. Hafta maintain a average of 25 days per patient. Someone's granny check in with bad flu or pneumonia, something, and then check out at ten days. Not very bueno at all. Gotta make up the deficit somewhere else.

Brain-dead body good for that. Toss'em in the bed, plug in a feedin' tube and do the maintenance routine day after day, bill the insurance or Mediscare. Insurance in my case, paid better. Sweet deal.

Only problem was the brain-dead body kept waking up and talking, asking what it was doin' there and wantin' to leave. Drug problem obviously, not enough drugs. Finally my next-of-kin started seein' something wrong. Had to threaten lawyers and making them have a real doctor come in and have a look-see. Dunno what was goin' on in that head, but he backed down the drugs and I woke up for good after almost three months of that. Looked at some of the Blue Cross bills, 20K+ for two weeks. 40K a month for nothin' but pouring food and drugs in a feeding tube, with pretty cheap help. Quite a racket.

It got worse, 'cause I'm awake for the last three weeks or so of abuse. There some sick people in this world. Some of'em politicians, some'r cops and some are whatever they are. Some are doctors. And hospital management, don't know medicine at all a lot of'em, just business. SMFs.

Lot more, put it in the book in a while.


So as I's sayin' about Paragould, well they electin' pretty nutty folks now, mayor and such. Always been corrupt, now they corrupt and libtards. New mayor one of'em. One of the first things, bought some Tesla police cars. Now Elon a pretty smart guy, and Tesla about the only thing he wrong about. Or maybe he knows about electric cars, doin' it anyway for whatever reason. Wouldn't be surprised if he dumps Tesla at some point, for various reasons but the the problems with electrics is likely to be the major one.

So the woke mayor hadta get a couple of Teslas. All in the news, teevee and papers, may have been the first Teslas in Arkansas, seen one or two of'em say. Dunno.

Do know this though. Been sittin' in the yard there, one of the PPD cops was usin'em. Broke down. One of'em there over a month, and that was a month ago.

None of my business I'm sure. Ain't contributed to the Paragould economy in couple years now.

Fun fact: Paragould is named for the two ole railroad tycoons. J. W. Paramore and Jay Gould. Don't really know if Paramore was that bad, or if he wasn't. Lot of them guys weren't all that cuddly though.

Fri 23 Dec 2022 11:18:15 AM CST

Always liked Powers Boothe. Haven't seen'em much though, Red Dawn being probably the most memorable. I ever get my schedule to what it should be at my age and condition ought to watch movies again sometime. Need to watch his Jim Jones film someday, bet it's good even if it is a teevee movie.

Noticed I put two of my Medical Industry tales here. Or one twice. Forgot I guess. Chemical rework of your brain can do that. Kindalike someone went into the datacenter and started pullin' cables. Cuttin' a few just for fun. Maybe some of'em never get put back. Was accused of havin' a photographic memory back in the day. Learn foreign languages easy, computer languages too. Air Force tests got me tagged for special duty recruitment. Probably could talk about it, after about eight lustrum, if I remember what a lustrum is. Sometimes think it's seven, but that's something else. Neither one gets used much apparently. They wanted people to listen to furrin radio traffic and pick out interesting stuff, militarily interesting. Decided not to reup though. Computers more interesting. And lucrative. Another time maybe.

Shut off both wings of the house. First winter storm last night. Figured I'd turn on some water before goin' to bed. House pretty tight but no sense in makin' business for the plumbers, much trouble as it is gettin' one here in podunk arkinsaw. Worst part is goin' out for a midnight smoke. Cat come up from somewhere, he sleepin' in the little shop. Must be some kinda furnace in them little critters. Trottin' over the ice like it ain't there. They can't sleep like normal people, but I can't neither, without some ethanol or chemicals. Reckon the alcohol more organic. Had enough pharma solutions to last me 'til I shuffle off this mortal coil.

What I talkin' about? Beats me.

Weighty socio-political matters? Ain't lookin' good. At all.

Just too much. Overload. The puppet head of state of what may be the most corrupt regime on earth had that nation's flag displayed in Congress, held by the imbecilic vice-president of our own corrupt regime - wait, aren't we first? - and the equally imbecilic speaker of the house (one that tore up its copy of the State of the Union speech by the best president since Reagan). Trump may have been our last chance. Can't say at this point, it bein' an inflection point as Joetato says. Or reads, doubt he know what it means. Copywriters probably don't know either, just fancy words they think make them look smart.

Congress finishing up the 1.7 trillion they addin' to the debt. El Rushbo's heirs commented a while ago that the national debt in the year the Tea Party started was somewheres around 10-12 trillion. Thirteen years if I calculate it close. Now it 32 trillion. Okey-dokey. You call it Overload or Universal Wheels, both look good. Talk about Heep one of these days. One of those jewels that few in the "mainstream" appreciate, but I notice that more than two generations after their birth, they're right popular for people born in the later of those generations. Guess for a while there's some sensible people bein' born.

That storm got some folks already uncomfortable. Just said on the radio TVA got rolling blackouts. Winter just gettin' started folks. Them as ain't jammed in the cities, out here in flyover country and been figgerin' on this for a while, watchin' the fun. Lights blinked couple of times last night, but that was it. Got at least two months here, up north more. Course the news is all about it, Hard to say how much is stupidity and how much planning. I know Cloward-Piven is a regular subject of commentary. It certainly seems to be happening, and a lot of it by deliberate action. My only observation is that the end result is not possible to predict. Now the originators weren't that bright (what lefty academic is?) and those carrying out the scheme in their various ways aren't either. So perhaps they assume that success is assured.

I'm not so sure. Idunno (switching to backwoods) if it'll happen this year or next, or later. But you gotta consider if you get a big one. Lessay winter --- weather way out of whack, infrastructure and economy still deteriorating, societal decay even at the present rate -- and you got, lemmesee. Just the cities over a million, nine with a half dozen close. There's a least a dozen tinderboxes, timebombs, powder kegs, whateveryouwannacallem. That's just city populations btw. The NYC metro area is about 20 million. LA close behind, Chicago and Philadelphia smaller but still big. Houston a nasty one these days too.

Such people as Cloward and Piven - and their disciples who are even more intellectually limited - do not have the conceptual skills to see beyond their chosen reality. The scenario in MacArthur's Freehold, while engineered by the rebels, is a realistic one (assuming the other pieces are in place) for ending a regime with minimal violence, whether or not the aftermath proves to be what they intended. The possibility of something much worse happening (as a result of the CP disciples AND unforeseen consequences) can't be dismissed.

An extremely harsh winter, a never-before event, could take down multiple population centers for weeks or months, and in some cases the only eventual solution might be to relocate the population over a long period of time. The casualties would thin the herd considerably in that event, but in any case the dream of the planners is not realized. The long-term interruption of electricity can be a disaster. Water and gas in some areas can exacerbate the situation. Factor in food supply. In the depths of the cities (not just the massive parasite population but the working-class who are inside the compromised zone) food supplies are at best a few days, less for the parasites.

What do the CP disciples think will happen? The answer is that they don't think. If they could think they wouldn't be indoctrinated zombies. And most (the politicians, activists, privileged) don't see a problem. As long as they're outside the danger zone or can easily flee, they don't worry about it even it it's pointed out to them.

Next year gonna be interestng enough as it is. Here in a red zone full of preppers, we watch for signs of trouble. We're years ahead anyway, both in material preparation and vigilance. Keeping an eye out for trouble headed our way. And for the time being, about all we can do.

Finally, to end on a pleasant note, almost seventy years ago today, Lavrentiy Beria met his long-overdue end at the hands of the regime he helped build and sustain. Apparently this guy was a rat even compared to other Stalinist commies. Probably best known for his assurance that if "show me the man I'll find the crime" or something similar. Since if he said it he did so in Russian, so... anyway, he was responsible for many deaths. He oversaw a number of purges and massacres, including the Katyn Forest Massacre. That alone is one of the most horrifying events, not because of the numbers (bad enough) but because of the methodical nature. The main executioner in that affair is said to have personally executed Beria's predecessor - in an execution chamber designed by the same. Russian stuff gets confusing, keeping track of the chracters is some work. Anyhow, Beria must've known what he was getting into, and like Mafia types, I'll get to that in a minute. Or two. Let me sort this out.

Stalin does away with Yezhov, Beria gets the job. Kills a whole lot of people. Stalin gettin' old, and if surviving while your tyrant boss is alive, surviving the transition is even more iffy. Khrushchev apparently didn't trust him and when he got the chance... it's said that when he was about to get shot (one to the head) he "pleaded on his knees before collapsing to the floor wailing", like his predecessor, didn't live like a human being, couldn't die with any vestige of human dignity.

Executed Today is a fascinating site. While morbid in subject matter, it contains a huge amount of history about the life (and death) and times of the executed ones. A while back the operator put up a notice it would not be getting any new material but would stay up. Looks like there's recent material though, so hopefully it will be continuing.

Sun 25 Dec 2022 08:34:10 PM CST

Didn't bother gettin'em proportional. You get the idea. Yesterday celebrated the demise of the evil Russian. Sadly the clown so desirous of emulating him remains extant. A weasel of colossal magnitude, can you imagine this clown in Stalinist Russia. He'd cheerfully send his fellow beins to their death by the thousands or millions, and perhaps he dreams of it, if the dream of his masters is ever realized. But he's a miserable travesty of humanity. No doubt still seething from the one commendable deed done by McTurtle in his life, when his chance at being a Supreme Court Justice ended, the rage must have been, considerable. Assuming that his brain can rage that much. The mentally deficient minions of the regime sometimes remind me of that unique bit of lyrics from Jim Morrison - 'his brain is squirming like a toad'. Probably Morrison simply used the word to make a rhyme, but the image is indelible in my mind. As a child, picking up a toad and holding it, it would squirm. As any small creature will. As a metaphor for mental illness, I imagine the brains of leftists in constant turmoil. They are filled with hatred for all that is decent and good and normal, and such a mind cannot find peace.

As for having the personal courage to attack the enemies of the state as his masters would like, Garland seems among the most pathetic of these creatures. He wants the position but will not commit himself as fully as a tool like Fauci. Is it fear of retribution if the regime fails to hold power and retribution is sought by reformers. As unlikely as a Republican is to retaliate in any forceful way, he seems to fear it. Fauci has no such fear, and neither to most others. Of course, his fears may prove to be justified should the end come soon and in an (to them) unexpected manner. So Merrick seeks to have others find crimes to assign to the men he is show.

The reference to the Mafia yesterday was a reference to an experiment you can do. Using Wickedpedia (which remains reasonably accurate on ancient history, although I still check occasionally to see if they've changed the number of wives Henry VIII had - they would if it served their political agenda) look up a Russian from the Stalin era. Might as well start with Beria. Now follow the links of the various other persons in the narrative. Most of the major ones were killed by the state, due to the political infighting and paranoia.

Now do the same with a Mafia figure from pretty much whenever. Say John Gotti . See what happened to the various people in that business. Mostly murdered by their fellow mobsters. And like the Russians, a lot of them were "tried" and sentenced by their peers. Wouldn't want to be a commie or a mafioso, but there's probably more honor in the deeds of the latter. Not saying much, but...

Wed 28 Dec 2022 11:32:31 AM CST

Reckon there been a few martyrs made in recent years. Some reason that reminded me of some of Edgar Rice Burroughs' books I enjoyed back in the day. Actually I enjoyed them all, even a couple that weren't that great. Once in a while he resorted to deus ex machina a little much, but thassokay. Always fun. Ones I was thinkin' of was the Moon series, like to read'em one these nights. Some great Frazetta covers on SF/Fantasy paperbacks back then. Once the great crusade is over or I'm a martyr myself. Won't get much, takin' what's left of my life, most of the years used up and what's left ravaged by the Medical Industry. Somewhere back there 'first do no harm' became 'first figure out how much you can get out of this body before it expires or escapes.' I escaped, or was sprung by friendlies and got out of there with most of me, including my mind. Had to rebuild it, but they failed to scramble it sufficiently. Just the neurological wiring didn't escape.

Better'n some though. They dead. I'm reasonably ambulatory and guess I'll see the doc for a checkup next month. For all the good that'll do. Keep the local clinic in business. Might end up in the hospital that owns'em some day. Fact that they the ones fucked up and dumped me in the wannabe Mengele's joint don't matter - the better hospital up there apparently ain't in the same club. Maybe when it time to go I'll flop over and they don't find me til rigor mortis has set in.

Whatwasit I's gonna tabout? That? Might as well. Cleaned up a big patch of sumac down in the south corner. Had a few clumps of elderberry, finally. Been meaning to dig some up somewhere, got'em all over the place now. Girlfriend's kid does natural gardening, says she might come pick'em when they big enough, if they far away from ag spray drift. Figger I may do some, termaters and artichokes. Like my marinated arthchoke hearts, can only get'em in little jars in the groshery store. Termaters'll get pickled too. Only good use for termters is making ketchup and sauces, and pickling. Used to be some of the catfish houses around served'em as appetizers. Could go for some now, but it's winter.

Anyways, thinned out the sumac, deer comin' over the fence gnawin' on the bark. Don't care for the sumacs, they'll chew on'em if there nothing else. Done wrecked some of the elderberries. Wrap a bundle of bamboo around'em and duck tape'em good. Should work. Poppin'em with a .308 not a good idea. Three hundred yards no problem, but I gotta go out and get the carcass. Probably be seen. Shame, some good lookin' ones. Just kiddin'. Stay well away from anything even might be illegal.

The insanity is pretty much a sluggish stream for now. Probably will be for the next two years, this Russian dude thinks I may be wrong on the domestic issues. Bein' in the government over there he probably has an inside line on some of it, I figure his view on the EU and UK may be hits. Hard to say, all the plots and counterplots, sometimes the plots get tangled up their fellow plots, and the fact that none of them are in control of the big picture, anything could happen.

Meanwhile, prepared for the winter. Not that it'll happen here in the free states, but could be locked down for months without gettin' uncomfortable. Gonna be hibernatin' a bit anyways. Of course supply lines can get disrupted, but got plenty of necessities so if the communications infrastructure can watch the antics of the sheeple on the non-free area. Feel for the sheeple trapped there, but you can only do so much. No tellin' how many froze to death trapped in their cars, still findin'em. Guess we'll see.


Wed 28 Dec 2022 09:25:22 PM CST

Show cigarillos decent. Had about a dozen flavors, ordered a a few of each. Not bad, 'course I's drinkin' mango flavored brandy and smokin' a mango flavor seegar, dunno. Had a vanilla this afternoon, black cherry earlier in the day. Like vanilla, dunno why more don't offer it. Anyway, had Mikes throw in a batch of Swisher 4x30s last time. Still don't lik'em fallin apart you chew too long before lighting, but most do. 'cept Backwoods. They'll take a chewin and not fall apart. Dunno why I's smokin' high-dollar stuff back when, some of'em in aluminun tubes, glass tubes, fancy boxes. Better? Cigars to chew on and puff some. Kinda like likker. Forgot what fancy stuff I used to drink. E&J and Christian Brothers good for me. Not that I can afford whatever I want (actually always could) I don't care much. Whatever's comfortable. Pissed 'cause I didn't see how quick the wave of insanity was gonna roll over us. Last net truck was 09 Ranger. Loved that truck, still do. Gonna have to do some work, not much, pushing 270K and drive it almost every day. 03 Dakota just about to hit 150, nice one too. Ain't gonna live long enough to need another, but saw a clean 09 Ranger, just like the one I got, 'cept the bed about a foot longer. One-fifty and change on it, feller asked 6500 I said hang on, I'll go get cash. Jonestown they's wantin' 8K bottom end, with over 200K. So I got a spare, clean as all get-out, like new.

What goin' on in the world? Brazil banning guns in the capital for the installation of the cabal-installed president Monday. That's it, ban guns. Like Chicago and the other lefty cesspools. Dunno, ominous. People ain't happy, latin America ain't the U.S. or Europe. Sometimes the people you're steppin on don't like it, got less to lose more than us. We're largely of two types, excluding the elite. Either we working for a living, trying to keep our heads above water or welfare sponges being taken care of no matter how bad it is for working folk. Workers got a little bit of a life, don't want to risk it, seein' as how they'll take that little bit if you object much. Don't make trouble. And the parasites are easy to manage. Until you can't get the food to them or keep the lights and heat on in Section 8. Guess we'll see Monday.

The whole US/NATO/EU chasing their tails, don't even agree on that they tryin to do in Ukraine. Keep the puppet regime afloat for sure, but with the biolabs at least exposed and probably a lot of them destroyed, all the dirty dealings exposed, and at some point they can't continue throwing money and hardware at it. Z is making demands so ludicrous on one takes them seriously, some here wantin' it to go on, for the money, and having some nebulous theory of what they want to accomplish.

Elon still givin the lefties fits. Looks like he gonna keep pushin. Wondering if he'll buy one of the TV channels when the corporate masters get tired of subsidizing them. Be funny if MSLSD or CNN ends up bein run by him. Competition, both for eyeballs and clicks, push Fox back from the wobbly stance it's had lately. Talk about heads exploding. Buyin' a newspaper kinda pointless, but still some TV audience.

Stepped out for a smoke, sky was starry couple hours ago. Half stars, none by the time I finished a 3.75 x 26. Weather movin' in fast. Buenos noches, muchachos.

Thu 29 Dec 2022 08:56:23 PM CST

I like. 'nuff said. Ordered a couple cartons, weren't much more than the Swishers. Classy, almost like the high-dollar stuff I used to smoke. Chew fine, time they start to delaminate, as somebody, think it mightabeen the late Brock Yates, loved that guy, commentatin' on the racin on the ole Nashville Network, when they had racin' shows. Some SCCA stuff, pretty good. Miss those days. Fancy million-dollar race cars, composite bodies, get wrecked a bit, body parts comin' off, called it delaminating they did. Last time I keered about the ole Nashville Network a little later, had the Roller Jam, sorta Roller Derby reboot. Pretty girls in spandex. Can't beat that. One of the best putdowns I ever heard, one of the girls said the other team was "they're Swiss Miss. Little hot water and they done." Don't get used enough. Brock cool though, first Cannonball Run, him and Dan Gurney. He wrote for Car and Driver, wrote about it. Funny thing, if I recollect accurately, they drove a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona to the win (170+ top end) and a Cadillac of some kind finished second. Brock was an original. John Wayne, Jeff Cooper, them guys. Legends, famous or not. Had forgotten Brock only died six years ago. Seemed like longer. Good 82 years though.

What'z I sayin? The seegars? Yeah, they bout high-dollar, cheepo price. Hafta add an extra break, evenin I reckon. Anywayz, nice wrap with a band, taste good. 4x32, nice. Probably about to become a fave. Okey-dokey. Dunno about notes of chocolate or cinnamon, that stuff. Kinda like wine, you like it you drink it. Speakin' of which, thinkin 'bout bourbon. Grabbed a couple of bottles while I was at the likker store. Been a few years, dunno, more of the stuff fruit flavored than regular. Flavored brandy, been around for years. Flavored whiskey, dunno.

Rain didn't come last night. Sprinkles. Here now, gentle, not cold at all. Figure to have an inch or so, way it looks. What day is it? Thursday. Okey-dokey. Hasta mañana.

Fri 30 Dec 2022 11:52:38 PM CST

Commentary somewhere today, on the prospect of Nurember 2.0. We can dream, can't we? If it happened, the evil ones can be thankful that they fell into the hands of decent and just people, and not their own kind.

The Idaho murders, pretty strange case, may or may not be solved. Wait and see. Suspect it may get interesting though.

Avoided most parties, had to do one tonight. Early New Years, Sunday wasn't good for my kin. OK with me, brokedown ole geezer can't stay up late. Home in time for a snort of Ezra Brooks. Know why I quit drinkin' bourbon, dunno if I'll get back into the habit. Kinda like cigars, used to do the high-dollar, didn't figure why. Jack and Turkey, not sure they was better. Maybe the lowend appeas to me. Get a bottle or two of Ezra Brooks next time, used to drink that a lot.

Nice rain, about filled up that little pond now, got the banks cleared. Maybe do something with it in the summer, having not much to do and all day to get it done.

Usual silliness out in the world, dunno if next year gonna be watching and makin' fun of people about to get woke up, or dodging the bad stuff. Winter just gettin' going, lookin' like it may get interesting in some parts of the country. Midnight just hit, another 24 and 2022 gone. Won't miss it.

Fri 30 Dec 2022 11:52:38 PM CST

I'm told ITBOTB is 90% finished and should be in the Kindle store by March. HH is probably 75%, but it's much longer so probably another 200 pages. I sent over a half dozen kill scenes, most are fast action, taking place in a five minute frame. One (for BOP) is longer and will probably have several versions. I'll be working on BOP quite a lot, probably move to Southfork full time once winter is over. We're just about five miles apart there, so we'll be at my place or Enak's most of the time.

Things all lookin' good for us at the personal level. Less so in the big picture. We're fortunate to be where we are, big buffer zone. Feel for the ones that's in the bad places and can't get out. Winter just gettin' started.

Another half hour and 2022 is in the can. Later guys and gals.

and them other domestic spooks gonna figure out who I am if I ain't careful. Reckon some of them mysterious VPNs hittin' the site probably some of them. I can generally tell who the lawyers are from what they look at.

Most of the images I use are on this or other websites I fool around with. Feel free to steal'em. Here's the text so you don't have to run them through an OCR filter. If you need one, here's one I like:

"Looks like the professional agitators have arrived," Jessica said. "Little Rock is a little off the beaten path, but they never let an opportunity go to waste. They've been unloading trucks back here, about a block away. A TV crew started filming them and they chased them away."

There were more people now, a lot more. And more signs, more professional. There were a number of identical Justice for D'Angelo and STOP KILLING US! signs, and quite a few improvised ones. Managers could be seen moving about in the crowd, organizing smaller groups and giving instructions. Others were handing out papers, which Alex knew from past experience contained chants and suggested invective and imprecations. It was beginning to look as if trouble was very close.

The police line was being reinforced, now with the few barriers connected with ropes, and the cops were looking nervous. The crowd was growing. It was looking like Pittsburgh, just before the eruption. He wondered if they were distributing the mass-produced molotov cocktails again.

A group of what might be counter-protesters was occasionally visible behind the police line, the camera occasionally did a brief sweep and then returned to the main attraction. They looked like normal people, no signs or other equipment. He wondered why they were there. Most appeared to be young to middle-aged men, although some may have been women. He noticed they were all wearing caps or hats, uncommon in the warm weather. On the next sweep he saw that they were all wearing jackets, zipped or buttoned. And gloves. And sunglasses. At night.

Suddenly a molotov cocktail was thrown from the crowd, shortly followed by another. Other missiles followed, the cops trying to avoid them and the flames now spreading across the street. Suddenly a dense cloud of smoke enveloped the other group, and missiles emanated from the cloud. A lot of them, followed by explosions as they landed among the demonstrators. Shouts and cries, many indicative of injuries being inflicted, added to the chaos.

The camera moved to show the other group, now moving away as the smoke dissipated. Within moments they were gone. The demonstrators were quiet now, many of them down in the street, others kneeling by them. The scene became quiet, only a few sounds of vehicles and occasional voices picked up by microphones near the scene.

"Blood." Jessica said. "Look. Blood all over."

"Those guys threw grenades." Alex said. "I wondered what they were up to, just standing there, watching. Not drawing attention to themselves. Until it was time."

MacArthur's Freehold (Enak Nomolos)"

An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the ground... to rule over the ashes.
Sun Tzu

There is no such thing as 'the health care industry'. Perhaps there once was, but no longer.

Health care consists of caring for one's physical self in such a way as to maintain good health and avoid illness or injury for as long as possible before age has its way.

Some have observed there is no money to be made from dead people, other than the relative pittance for the funeral industry, and none to be had from healthy people. As they say, the profit is in between. And the profit to be had is enormous, and there is no shortage of scavengers to collect it. Like the floating body of a dead whale, surrounded by creatures large and small, nibbling and gnawing at any accessible area with larger ones taking the chunks their jaws enable them to tear away, while the smaller ones feast on the scraps. The smell of death and decay troubles them not at all. And their hunger is never satisfied.

The vulnerable population of a developed and prosperous society provides a vast herd of hosts for the parasites of the Medical Industry. And they do not hesitate to create customers, whether by using advertising to create fear in the population to drive them to the doctors and pharmaceutical providers, or conspiring with the government to create medical 'emergencies'. But those matters would require a separate examination.

In this case we look at the little parasites, the ones who operate medical facilities and provide the supplies and services to operate them. Like the animal scavengers they are nothing more than eating machines, blind and unreasoning, consuming as much as they can of whatever is available.

Why? Because it is there and they are what they are. In the animal world such organisms are described as opportunistic feeders. But how do human beings become as them? To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton 'I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the evil of men.'

-- Quiescent Benevolence 1663176911

Sorry, Your Honor. Let's get back to justice. What is justice? What is the intention of justice?

The intention of justice is to see that the guilty people are punished and the innocent are freed. Simple, isn't it?

Only it's not that simple. However, it is the defense counsel's duty to protect the rights of the individual, as it is the prosecution's duty to uphold and defend the laws of the State. Justice for all.

Only we have a problem here. And you know what it is? Both sides want to win. We want to win. We want to win regardless of the truth. And we want to win regardless of justice. Regardless of who's guilty or innocent. Winning is everything!

Al Pacino as Arthur Kirkland (And Justice for All - 1979)

Paragould 348 PC

Tatooine 1283 PC

Bright Spot 2498475 PC

Remembering January 6

Gas was $1.93 per gallon.
There was zero inflation.
Supply-chain was functioning well.
Economy was strongest in 50 yrs.
Border was controlled and secure.
Taliban wasn't armed with U.S. artillery.
Plenty of workers to fulfil labor needs.
Stock market was at record-highs.
401K's had record-high values.
Interest rates were at record-lows.

Show me the man and I'll find the crime. (Lavrentiy Beria)

"The tyrant dies and his rule is over; the martyr dies and his rule begins."

Søren Kierkegaar

Tyranny is ambidextrous ~ Quiescent Benevolence

'If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it was necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?'

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-956

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