62 Days

Wed 02 Nov 2022 01:37:31 PM CDT : 1667414251

Well, guess it's 61 now. Didn't shoot off any of my foolishness yesterday. Had some clean up to do, of prior foolishness. Which might turn out to be wisdom, who knows?

Try to put down some ideas about the situation, later. Election comin' up, gotta go vote for Republicans soon as the Clay and Buck show is over. Jesse Kelly comes on at midnight here. Since here is out in the sticks most of the time, listen'n on the interweb thang costs and arm and a leg, usin' the big boyz wireless. So I got a table radio (Yep, they still exist, but not sure for how long. Was thinkin about gettin' a regular telephone and hook to the net, they're easier to talk on. Anyway, I'll give Amazon a plug here 'cause it works pretty well. The future of radio is another matter. Anyway, show's about over, gotta go vote and see a lawyer (that's where the mightabeen wiseom or now comes in) and figure out tomorrow's schedule. Later.

Wed 02 Nov 2022 08:34:49 PM CDT


Straight Rs of course. Word is, as Cody was always saying at the Roadhouse the word is a lot of folks are doin' it. Hope so. Nervous of course, but when things can't get any worse...
Just a few days, and no way to know anything with any certainty, so we wait. Most thinkin' some kinda red wave, most think big, some think even the most optimistic gonna be surprised at how big, some say don't get too excited. Few things:

Dims gonna cheat as much as they can. Probably less this time, in the mostly red states where fraud mitigation measures and increased vigilance are in effect. So maybe fewer close enough for them to start recounting and recount until they win. Like they tried and failed on the big one, but often succeed at the lower levels. So maybe fewer of those this time.

Probable result is, whatever happens, Dims lose both houses. Maybe by considerable margins. What does that do? Not enough to override vetos, not enough to remove by impeachment. Can block bad appointments in the Senate. Prevent passage of any more bad stuff. Those should be no-brainers. The test is using the one tool they have - the budget. In the past they never had the nerve let the country stay "shut down" as they say, long enough to bring the president to heel. It is a test they must not fail.

Other actions must include booting McConnell and probably McCarthy as well, if he seems even a little dodgy. He might be rehabilitated, but it's questionable. Certainly with McConnell remaining in power, he will be a difficult obstruction.

How the left reacts is a good question too. The usual rage, but talk can't get any nastier than it is already, the lies no more numberous. So we could see whatever trouble they can make. Like allowing things like energy shortages (the presumably looming diesel crisis for example) to contiue, aggravating them where possible. That seems likely. Too many of these things shouldn't be but are accomplishable by executive action. Something that should change as soon as the constitutionalists have the presidency and congress, hopefully the situation in another two years.

The non-government actors (with governmental, at least presidential, approval) such as Burn-Loot-Murder, and other Soros-funded operations, will cause as much destruction as possible. The executive branch will of course do nothing, but if, as some expect, the number of governors (and accompanying state legislatures) turn Republican, it can get interesting. As in some states where they could operate before they'll get shot or locked up for a long time. Won't take long for them to learn. Flight from blue states to red continues. Or accelerates.

Things to do that gotta get done, and it's 2200 already. 2236 to be precise. A minute ago. Night kiddos.

Sun 06 Nov 2022 01:46:57 PM CST

OK, day after tomorrow. Or the day after I guess, for a look at the results. Of course, in a few cases it's likely to be longer. Any of the commie states, particularly those in serious danger of losing Senate seats or having their commie governor booted, will delay the loss as long as possible, in an effort to overturn it. So any of those races that are even close to being close (watch for the actual conditions for suffidient closeness for a recount to be disregarded) it may be a while, and the subversion attempt may well succeed. Such is life in a dying republic.

Asked a friend if he knows anyone like those people who buy a new larger TV and party supplies for the Super Bowl, is doing it for this. If this is a serious Red Wave (not gonna put a link since the UD only has definitions for another kind, maybe they'll update after this) the day after gonna be some kinda fun. 'course whether the end result - a purge of the madness, along with punishment for the perps and springing the Jan 6 political prisoners and others jailed for refusing to participate in the crimes of the regime. For some it may have to wait until the Department of Injustice is returned to non-criminal control in 2025.

Of course, failure of the incoming constitutionalists to deal with both their internal problems and act firmly and decisively, it will be to no avail. The electorate quickly returns to its old habits, inattention, gullibility, and general intellectual and moral laziness, and in a short time the leftists are back in power. So the best we get may be a few good years, a return to near normalc, before it falls apart again. Whether the depredations of this regime were enough to keep them energized long enough to keep constitutionalist majorities in Congress along with at least another two presidential terms, preferably at least three.

But whatever the situation there, if the purges are not done it will be fruitless. A lot of people must go to prison for long time, and financial penalties must be severe. It the demons of this regime are allowed to not only escape justice but keep their ill-gotten loot, justice has failed. And where justice fails for long enough....

To quote some bad people of the past, the new government must be prepared to rule without flinching. Nothing less than the survival of the Republic is at stake.

Mon 07 Nov 2022 05:36:23 PM CST

Ya'know, Canadian Whisky and 7-UP, whaddyasay? Everybody used to drink seven-and-sevens, but I never cared for the Seagrams label. The appearance I mean. Black Velvet, Canadian Mist, pretty bottles with pretty much the same stuff inside. What's inside? In the case of most whiskies, or whiskeys, or whi... anyway, I always drank bourbon with Coke. Actual Coke, not just any brown fizzy stuff. Maybe I should have tried it with Sams cola to see what it was like, but never thought much about it. Coke with Jim Beam or Jack Daniels pretty good. I was for some reason a minor legend in the barracks group I hung with at Bentwaters back in the day. Don't know why. Maybe 'cause I was buyin' the likker most of time. And they didn't drink it straight, or on the rocks. Reasons for that, but I ain't goin' into it now. Like with cigars. Speakin' of which, hang on. I'll be back.

Anyway, I got my brain fried by an alleged doctor (had kidney failure and hospital let me go into cardiac arrest - after - they'd just done bypass surgery (cool quarter mil and change, lot of change, for that) and vent went off for eighteen minutes. Ain't supposed to be here. Done called my kid sister and tole her "we lost him." Like the way they say that. So I about three or four units of dead. Dunno what they was doing, never bothered to see if I might wake up. Got me out of there fast. To a dump where they deal with problems like me. LTACHs they call'em. Long term acute care hospital. Got some special rules, reimbursement. Profitable. Incentive for crime. Doc drugged me up, tied me to a bed. Kept waking up and wantin' to know what was goin' on. Needle again. Finally got me out, brain actually near normal after close to two years. Takes a lot of work. Some things, dunno if you can fix'em. Can't store new memories reliably. Or walk and talk. Probably fall and perish eventually. Can't sue'em by the way. No lawyer gonna do that. Gimme a sixteen-year-old cheerleader got head-on'd by a drunk banker with good insurance and left a quadriplegic, with the quarterback boyfriend dead for extra points (see what I did there?) and they'll get right on it. Hafta work for it, probably even have do to a trial? Nah. We'll pass. Sorry, shoulda got hurt in a more conventional way, go out to Wal-Mart and do a slip-and-fall. Anyway, brain got a bit fucked there.

So I sit around, smoke cigars and drink whiskey and brandy and write stuff. The whiskey? Oh yeah. So for a nice bland drink, Canadian and Seven-Up. Not Sprite, they went wacko woke and quit using green bottles. For the environment, donchaknow? Okey-dokey. Actually bourbon and coke is a bit tastier, but Coke (which owns Sprite) went woke way back. 7-Up better anyway. And that's that.

Back in the day, I went through a phase, drinking Cutty Sark. Don't remember the mixer. Scotch pretty much sucks taste-wise, not sure what it's good for. Yewstathink the reason England tried for centuries to take over Scotland was the whisky but, come to think of it what kinda whiskey they make in England? Maybe it was for the tax revenue. Started drinkin' it 'cause Joe Gall drank it. Of all them secret agent types, Joe about as cool as it gets. The stories too, more realistic. I guess. They were written by a feller who might know a few things, and whose brother was a CIA agent, so....

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. That. Tomorrow a big day, of some kind for someone for sure.

Election day. So what.... hmmm. Well a couple years ago the cabal managed to pull one off, got a near-vegetable "elected" by rigging just enough states go get him in. So here we are, two years later. Things fucked about as much as they could manage in two years. Hate to think it coulda been more. We're talking near some kinda bad reaction. You got, at a minimum, thirty to forty million people that ain't gonna go into the darkness without a fight. I know these people, lived among them all my life. The cabal doesn't understand this force, and what it can be at this size. The U.S. Army is about a million personnel. Guard and Reserves included. At best 20% combat-capable. Air Force and Navy, forget it. Joetato's remarks about F-15s and nukes was probably the stupidest thing anyone ever wrote for him. More on that in a minute. What we could be looking at is a "MacArthur's Freehold" or "Balance of Power" scenario, with a massive partisan force (that 30-40 mil) dispersed over the country. You can't bomb thirty, forty thousand installations, if you can find them. So it's the Army and whatever internal police forces (FBI) they can muster. With the cities cut off from food, water, electricity, communications, they can't ever control that. However it ends, it's likely to be seriously ugly for a lotta people for a while. And not the ones they thinkin' it'll be.

The problem is, the current regime in the U.S. is about the intellectual level of seventh-graders. At best. And it's the cabalists' tool for this country. They are incapable of seeing what they're facing if it breaks, and they're trying hard to break it. We're talkin' bloody hell if it goes the way they're trying to push it.

Today a dim party operative said that us commoners need to "eat Chef Boyardee". Idunno, maybe he really wasn't cognizant of the connection to the apocryphal Marie Antoinette incident. These people are truly dimwitted. But the result may well be the same. Before I move on, let me say, I hope this does get resolved peacefully and cleanly. There is a possibility that tomorrow and the days after may make that happen. But it won't happen without a cleansing, which must include a Nuremberg 2.0. It's that simple. If the Red Wave, however big it is, does not over the next two presidential administrations wreak serious damage on the cabalists' tools, then we are looking at a near-disaster going to about ten years or so of what the past several decades have been - interrupted decay, crisis temporarily averted, but the attack continues. For the Republic to endure another two centuries, the solution is not in question.

Gotta go. Hope the sky is clear tomorrow. Can't wait to see this moon.

Tue 08 Nov 2022 08:25:49 PM CST : 1667960749

Well, it's early. Knew the results would be slow in the blue cesspool states. Whether the swamp will manage to save their governors in NY, OR, etc is questionable. Given that the fraud machine is alive and well there, it'd be hard beat them. NY maybe? Dunno.

So far the Republican governor count is rising, that the Dims ain't. Moving close to the thirty we was hopin' for. Hate to see the RINO murky win in Alaska, been worried about that one. Sarah Palin too, hope she makes it.

The dim scum are doin' every trick they got, just gotta hope they ain't got many left.

Any they can keep close will if possible be recounted until they win, otherwise litigated for as long as it takes to turn it. Ones that end up that way are probably lost. C'est la vie.

Either way it's an improvement. Stop the bleeding. If the new arrivals in Congress have the balls to get it done. Boot McConnell, McCarthy too if he looks to be unreliable. He's feckless enough to go with the flow, they gotta make sure the flow flows and he stay in it.

So some of the ones we was hopin' for as icing on the cake, may not be there. Looks like lib tears will flow though. And that's good.

Wed 09 Nov 2022 11:30:37 AM CST : 1668015037

That was probably our last chance. The regime's fraud machine was more effective than I expected it to be with fifty separate elections to manage. Considering that they spent two billion on unsuccessful attempts to unseat governors in Texas and Georgia, the money available must have been more than even Han Solo could imagine. In any case, it's unlikely to result in any positive changes. Even with control of one or both houses of Congress, the majority will be too slim to accomplish anything. McConnell stays as Senate leader, whether majority or minority. The House leadership remains worthess as well. So the two main weapons - investigations and the budget - will not be used.

So the situation continues to deteriorate. Lockdowns will return in the blue states, arrests of dissenters will continue and increase. Destruction of the economy will be accelerated, bringing the inevitable collapse nearer. The matter of Supreme Court appointments is largely irrelevant as the court is routinely ignored by dim presidents and a future Republican president is unlikely. In any case with a margin of only two or three Senators, several would approve a dim nominee as they have in the past.

So the, what shall we call it? The End? The end something, certainly. Some things actually. The Republic as near its end, actually its functionality has ended. The official structure remains but no longer works. So what is the next phase?

1. Continued descent into the darkness. Liberty is taken from the people, at an accelerated pace. Dissent is ruthlessly crushed, the mass arrests and occasional killings by the state become more massive the killings are in large groups instead of individuals and small groups. The end result is probably something like Stalinist Rusia.

2. A peaceful (more or less) divorce has been posited by many, whether by the migration from blue states to free states eventually leaving such majorities of each faction that the state is permanently in control. The main obstacles would seem to be:

a. The socialist government will continue to attempt to force its policies on all states. Their choices are submission or armed resistance.

b. The flow of money from producers to parasites would continue. The red states can not clear out the cesspools in their blue cities as long as the federal government subsidizes them. Possibly some law enforcement and policies that make life sufficiently uncomfortable that they will migrate to the blue states.

c. The proposed convention of states, even if feasible, would take too long and would be sabotaged if it ever got underway, and any amendments eventually approved would be ignored and circumvented by a govermnent that already does it with the existing constitution.

3. Balkanization during the coming catastrophe as the central government fails to maintain order in any meaningful form. The country could end up looking something like this:

Fri 11 Nov 2022 01:49:03 PM CST : 1668196143

Well, they got a bunch of races ain't finished countin' yet. Those are gone. Republicans may pull out one or two, but they fixed this one good. Didn't figure they could rig it that well, but as some states get darker blue (see what I did there?) more energy and money can be focused on the ones that were harder. So Repub control of either house is unlikely, and the worse gets worser for a couple more years. And change by then is even more unlikly. So we'll have to see whether or not any effective resistance (as described above) can preserve some freedom here.

Meanwhile, watching the destruction can be entertaining. You know most them that's gettin' it deserve it. Serves'em bloody well right. Long as we have some comfort and safety here, enjoy the show.

Sun 13 Nov 2022 10:42:09 AM CST

Figure I'll close this, month bein' about half over, start a new one. See where we are in a few days, or where we likely to be. May be a while yet before they finish the fixing of the elections. I'd thought the demons would take their rather minimal losses and go on. After all, even if they had lost the Senate it would have to worse than a couple of votes. But they're gone a ways beyond the old crazy-hate (most of which is the result indoctrination of weak minds) to something else. Might as well try to understand a serial killer like Ted Bundy. He had something in him that made him want to kill attractive young women and abuse their corpses. A directed purposeful hate. Someone like John Wayne Gacy, sure he's messed up (was anyway) but there didn't seem to be hatred for his victims but something else. The dims hatred is satanic in origin, and as Satan's objective is to destroy all that is good and decent, all that is clean and beautiful, all that is pure and innocent so the left tries to wreck their entire world. And the assault on the innocent children is now where they are most tightly focused.

Thus, they will stop at nothing to retain control of both houses and if possible (and I now believe it is) prevent Kari Lake from becoming governor of Arizona for several reasons:

1. Prevent any investigation by the House of Biden corruption, Fauci and the plandemic, Jan 6.

2. Continue their own Jan 6 show trials, injuring as many constitutionalists as possible.

3. Continue to pass insane legislation, particularly that aimed at economic destruction, to be rubber-stamped by the Chief Vegetable.

4. Indict President Trump and if possible hold him in custody (unlikely, the custody part anyway, butchaneverknow. These people are stark raving lunatics consumed with mindless rage) but in any case prevent him from runnning again it 2024. An attempt of something more permanent (a Lee Harvey Oswald or John Warnock Hinckley Jr. type is undoubtedly being readied even now, probably more than one) is not at all unlikely.

Measures against a future Trump attempt are needless. This is likely the last election even close to legitimate. Neither a Republican president or a Republican Congress (either house) will happen again, even if one does this time, which seems unlikely.

Enak was pretty close, timewise, with MacArthur's Freehold. I believe he saw it going down in the 2020s and those are passing quickly.

I'll leave you with this.

I don't do much editing or prettying-up when I'm done pontificating. So typos, etc remain. Awful grammar is intentional. Cheers.

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