October's here

Sat 01 Oct 2022 11:50:47 PM CDT : 1664686247

OK, last quarter. Of the year. Lessee, Halloween. They still doin' that? I'm out here on the farm, certainly on that day. Or night. Good luck findin' your way up here. Reminds me of somethin'

Anyway, I wish Al Capones cigarillos was an inch longer. Pretty good otherwise. First couple of smoke breaks, need to be just a little longer. Seller says they a 3.25 x 26. OK, lookin' for another inch, be good. Maybe a little beefier, dunno. Look around and see what's up. Like everything else about'em. Take a look, money ain't no problem. Sure I hate the amount of money goin' to the fuckin' government, but not a good way around that now. Thinkin' the Fremen concept a good thing, if it could happen. Hey, gotta fix this tomorrow.

Grace Slick used to say she got arrested for TUI (talkin' under the influence) a time or three. Well, here I am, writing under the influence. Or typing under the influence, bein' as I'm using 'vim 2:8.1.2269' on '2:8.1.2269-1ubuntu5.9' to perpetrate this. Actually I'm usin' Mint 20 (need to get updated) but OK. See how the Federal Baby Incinerators decipher that. Yeah, I know. See the helicopters every night.

TUI? Yep, went out for the second break. Brandy (believe it was Paul Masson this time) with a shot of apple cider. OK, 50/50, but a big shot. Of brandy.

Alright, so it's the first of October. No it ain't, it's the second. Started this last night. No problem. I'm keepin' up half a dozen sites, all hand-coded. OK, I cheat here and there, canned templates and such.

Promised to be workin' on Human Harvest, and into it pretty good. Thinkin' it'll go pretty fast.

Not much in the way of world-shakin' stuff. It doin' what it doin' with the cabal thrashin' around, tryin' to get things back on track. Honestly, lookin' like it ain't gonna happen. Think we may be in for something. Some thinkin' another Great Awakening, a really great one this time. An order of magnitude or so from that Wickedpedia describes. Looks like that to me sometimes. Hopin' it is. But way above our pay grade, so...

Bleev ahll go to bed. After another cigar and libation. Night, kiddos.

Mon 03 Oct 2022 09:58:41 PM CDT : 1664852321

Okey-dokey. This may be short, dunno. Got to workin' outsite 'til sundown. It gonna be gettin' here earlier.

In the outside world, the one we hope doesn't intrude too much as it collapses. Yeah I know, good luck with that, it's bein' run from here. Still, you never know that may happpen. Hoping it works out the way I think it just... might. OK?

Guess cigar situation good for now. Good thing, I ordered a few cartons of Al Capones. Still lookin' for another product for the early breaks. Maybe try out some 4x32s.

Pretty much anyone with a brain knows our masters blew up the Nordstream pipeline. Or got it done. Except for the sheeple here, the ones that ain't payin attention. Why is still the question, probably even to the ones that done it. Still favor the dying snake thing. Killed a few snakes in my time. Lot of them I shouldn't have, just people killed snakes back then. Any snake. Even the harmless ones, which was most of'em. Don't do it now of course. Anyway, you see a snake, grab somethin' to kill it. Usually a garden tool, shovel or something. Not very efficient, you wailin' on the serpent and it thrashin' around, don't know whether to bite the shovel of crawl away. Sometimes in the confusion it bite itself. Like the NWO guys, someone done gone and throwed a monkey wrench into the works, stuff breakin' and parts fallin' off. These people ain't the smartest people. Just think they are. Dunno how to fix it. Get it back on track. Ain't gonna. And that's about it.

I guess. Yeah, nothing else earthshaking. Got to work on Human Harvest. Leaving some other work on the back burner to get it done. And do a quick update on Dirty Rotten Shame. Other than that, probably see you tomorrow.

Wed 05 Oct 2022 04:22:07 PM CDT : 1665004927

OK, so I didn't. Figured I'd take the day off. Rest of the day anyway. Drove up to Jonestown, bummed around, some reconnaissance. For later. Plenty of time for that, plan coming together all right. Dunno about this Sprite/7UP thing. I know about the Sprite part all right. Sprite done. Wasn't bad enough they was always made by the detestable WokeaCola. I probably preferred 7UP, but they were close to the same tastewise. 7UP for some reason was harder to find. Lately anyway. But then Sprite doubled down on stupid, goin' to clear bottles. More recyclable apparently. Well, no more Sprite. 7UP tries it, guess what? So don't. Not that it matters much. Don't drink much soda these days. Keep some Sprite or 7UP in the fridge for those days that look like chicken soup when I feel a cold comin' on. Actually 7Up was what I always went for anyway. Just ain't been easy to find lately. So for now I make sure to keep some extra around. Meanwhile, since the only other use is for accompanying Canadian whiskies. Or whiskeys. Whichever. May need to start lookin' at Canada Dry ginger ale. Ain't tried it, but could be interesting. And might look into Sam's TwistUp. Some'their bottles are kinda ugly, but it's what's inside that matters. Their others pretty good.

In other developments, one of my favorite tobacco stores, both of'em actually, had some Chiefwoods cigars. 'bout like Backwoods (imagine that) in 5-packs, raggedy end and all. Try one tonight, probably second break. 2200 or therearound. Wonderin' about availability though. Their website seems to be inactive, wonder if they still in business.

Quick note: couple of folks said Russia might have done the pipeline, because they wanted to make sure there was no gas flowing. No matter how many concessions the Euros made. I'm still with the majority, which says our ole Uncle Sam done it, and all the evidence points that way. And I'm not buying this either, because if that was the situation Russia turning it back on wouldn't bother them much, their enemies in that bad a fix. Which they will be.

Aside from that, looks like Elon Musk will go ahead and buy Twatter. Why now? Who knows, ask him. Wantin' to open it up before the election? Be hard to get all the needed changes made this close. Probably gettin' Trump and other banned conservatives back on be some help. Certainly prevent them muffling conservatives after the red wave rolls over. So the incoming conservatives can talk there. Lotsa leftists probably quit. Always a good thing. Guess we'll see.

All right, goin' back to work on Human Harvest. Lot of stuff already in the hopper. Enjoying it so far.

One thing for sure, if I ain't gonna enclose the smoking area, and I ain't before winter, gonna be like Fargo in winter. Had to spend a few there, pay was too good not to. But them dudes actually lived there. They out there, wearing snowmobile suits to have a smoke and a drink on the deck. Off to Amazon for snowmobile suits. Busy day tomorrow, may hafta turn in early. Who knew retirement could be this busy? 'course, I could actually retire, but that wouldn't be any fun.

Fri 07 Oct 2022 10:24:49 PM CDT : 1665199489

Alright, gotta look at something, 4x32 maybe. Capones maybe occasionally, but something for the intermediate sessions. That should do it.

OK, whether it's the Dims trying to pull something out this election cycle, or the NWO trying to salvage its business plan, I'm thinkin' of a suitable image. Let me try a Baer Creighton description: Thinkin' it's like a dying snake. A snake being killed by a human. Killed a few snakes in my time. Lot of them I shouldn't have, just people killed snakes back then. Any snake. Even the harmless ones, which was most of'em. Don't do it now of course. Anyway, you see a snake, grab somethin' to kill it. Usually a garden tool, shovel or something. Not very efficient, you wailin' on the serpent and it thrashin' around, don't know whether to bite the shovel of crawl away. Sometimes in the confusion it bite itself. Like the NWO guys, someone done gone and throwed a monkey wrench into the works, stuff breakin' and parts fallin' off. These people ain't the smartest people. Just think they are. Dunno how to fix it. Get it back on track. Ain't gonna. And that's about it.

Could write some more stuff, but got late. Tempted to just stop doin' anything. Got everything I want or need, money out the wazoo with no debt or major expenses. Don't hafta do anything. Sit out here and watch stuff fallin' apart, be one of the last ones they get to, and I done lived longer than a lot or folks. And when they do come for me, take a few of the sonsabitches with me. Depend on that. If the last thing I see is some shocked looks, so much better. Makes me think of something. Later kiddos.

Sat 08 Oct 2022 03:24:38 PM CDT : 1665260678

Beautiful day. Dunno the temp, don't care. Light breeze, sunny. Took a break a while ago, from cleanin' up a fence row got neglected a couple of years, came in for a smoke. Early but might as well have a drink. Think my routine about back to where it was afore the attack, seegars 'n dranks en all. Still workin' on an ideal cigar solution. Run into an ole bud right after I came back from the other side, had dinner with him and some of the old crew. Didn't know the whole story yet, they didn't, come to think of it neither did I, after dinner went out on the patio (was at, nevermind, TMI) and he offered me a seegar. I's confused, J tole me, I used to smoke cigars. She knew of course, didn't get her brain fried with a psycho doctor's drugs, hadn't tole me yet. Could barely verticalize unassisted, if you know what I mean. Wrecked mind and body. Got most of the mind back, body still a little shaky even now. Anyways, that was my first cigar in close on a year. Caught on quick enough tho, like a cigar with a drank.

So I had the drank early today. Did it yesterday too, not quite as early. I ain't drivin' nowhere, sokay. Goin out in a while, put tools away, mark some trees to transplant when it gets cooler and wetter. Keep me out til dark, then a drink okay. Anyway, beautiful day bout gone, get out and fool around some more. Got a couple of projects in mind, troublemakin like. Could be some fun. Later.

Sun 09 Oct 2022 08:19:10 PM CDT : 1665364750

Alright. 'nother beautiful day. Tellya the truth, and a always do, it's one of my few faults, they all beautiful. When the ice on the trees, snow up to yer arse, or 100+ in July, each day I'm given is a beautiful day. Weather guys and gals on TV, tellin us that kinda day tomorrow gonna be. Not that they know. But I do. Gonna be a beautiful day. So we're all set.

OK, what I gotta do tonight? Better get started. It's already tonight. Got some work to do for some friends on their sites. Won't take long but need to get to it. Grab a snort of whatever's on the whiskey shelf. Canadian these days. Some reason. Dunno. Couple years ago a plum different life, why I gotta do the new one the same way? 'cause I don't. They stop making 7-UP, now that may be a problem. Shot'o'that on top of the Mist, dump in some ice, out to the back deck. See if 7-UP stay around, in green bottles. They go stupid like WokeaCola Sprite, ditch the green, they're history. Figure somethin' out.

OK, gottago. Fun comin' up about a month for sure. Fun for whom is the question. No matter how it goes, fun for me now or later. Hard to say which I'd prefer at this point. I haven't just been to the mountain - skipped that part. Crossed over and back. Reason for it I'm pretty sure, but don't know yet what it is. Later.

Tue 18 Oct 2022 01:26:33 PM CDT : 1666117593

Cold here for sure now. Gonna be an interesting winter for sure. All set to hibernate if need be. Be the first time I was completely lucid. Last winter still imprisoned in that hellhole with a Dr. Mengele wannabe. Wonder if he knows I'm thinkin' on'em once in a while. Doubt it, his type think they gettin' away with for a while, start thinkin' that's the way it oughtta be, and will be. Got an idea he's wrong. But that's for later. Gotta do this right. Think of the entertainment potential.

Feller readin' this, may think it some crazy dude foolin' around. I like that. Got a particular audience in mind, know how they think. And they don't have a clue who I am. In the movie, From Here to Eternity, one of the characters is a soldier, was in the stockade. The sadistic boss has him worked over good. After he's out he meets the guy in town, gets him in a dark alley, pulls a knife. The cowardly (and fat, interestingly) stockade boss tries to talk his way out of it. Tells the kid "I never treated you different (from the other prisoners)" and the kid says "That's what I'm counting on. There's been six more released since me." before killing him. You hurt a lot of people, and one of them comes after you, you don't know which it will be. And if he decides to just take care of business anonymously and trot off into the darkness, who'll know?

Anyway, you think about things. My friend who shall not be named, because ya'now, anyone could read this, asked what was up with a dozen boxes of plastic cutlery that showed up in the kitchen. They were a week before she noticed. Used to I wouldn't use them much. Paper plates OK, they're (supposedly) biodegradable. Plastic not so much. Preferred regular silverware anyway. Still mandatory for some things, but if I want to fish a couple of marinated artichoke hearts of bread'n'butter spears outta the jar, not gonna fill up the dishwasher so fast for that. She's OK with it. Way I figure it, world ain't got long. Two or three hundred million people don't care, how's my worryin' about it going to make any difference?

Still have to use the real thing for some things though. Some things are not best experienced with plastic utensils. And I'm still not drinking my adult beverages in plastic cups. Luckily Solo doesn't seem to have anything in the optimum size, between the nine and eighteen ounce (that would be sixteen) so glass it remains. Besides, 'taint right to profane that euphoric experience with plastic. All right?

And I believe the Al Capones probably are ideal. The fact that I go through a carton of them so fast suggests it. What that says about E&J peach brandy and Canadian Mist is another matter. Or not. Gonna go out and watch the helicopters. Sure seems at times that they're watching me. Just because I'm paranoid, as they say. 'night.

Sun 23 Oct 2022 05:22:18 PM CDT : 1666563738

Might as well let this go the whole month. That'll take us to November, see what things look like as that fateful month begins. Fateful for whom? Opinions vary, as Dalton in Roadhouse was fond of saying. Been thinking about doin' a meme gnerator for Cody, where you put "WORD IS" on the top, and whatever the rumor is on the bottom. Dunno if Jeff would approve though.

Anyhow, the dims are thoroughly delusional, more than normal. Summa the Dims actually sayin' they gonna hold both houses. If they do, it'll be because they pulled off something that will have very undesirable consequences. For everyone, but especially for them. As Ishmael said in MacArthur's Freehold "You would burn down the country to rule the ashes, but you won't live to see it. You will be buried in those ashes"

However, I don't believe it's likely they have anything like that up their sleeves. Probably be another correction, maybe a really big one, but the winners will fail to take advantage of it.

I'll get back in a bit, cigar break.

OK, gf called. Had to run into town for a couple of things. Stopped at a couple of convenience stores, lookin' for bottled 7-UP. No luck. Saw some Sierra Mist. Had about forgotten about that. Actually may have liked it better than 7-UP or Sprite, back in the day. Sprite for sure. Seems Sierra Mist has actual sugar in it. 'course if they or 7-UP go woke with clear bottles, our relationship is over. Hafta figure out how to make my own concoction. Should anyway.

Anywayz, there 'tis. One more post, maybe two, over at Dirty Rotten Shame, and call it a day. Do the midnight cigar and see what's up in the night sky.

Tue 25 Oct 2022 10:55:32 PM CDT : 1666756532

OK, about the lights in they sky. Few months now, Blackhawks (pretty sure that's what they are, got a decent look with my Celestions, they're that close and that low. String of them coming across from the west, crossing over Crowley's Ridge south of town, a few minutes apart but real slow. Big light on the port side, move it around a bit, sometimes it seems to be a reaction when I wave at them, when they get closest. Wonder if I get in some trouble sometime, maybe come and get me and off to the gulag.

But, used to be, look up in the night sky, you see a blinking light once in a great while. Usually not at all. Now it ain't just the choppers transiting to the south, and another set lately to the north, about the same distance. Maybe a little more, Vanndale I'm thinking. Take a midnight drive on night and see.

But time was you go out and look up in the sky on a starry night, you see an aircraft once in a great while, if at all. Not talking about commercial airliners at 30-40K, a lot lower and slower and smaller.

I look at say, 180 degrees max (in front and to each side) and it see multiples at any time. Not just that. Some choppers high up. About as high as they can go. But choppers for sure. The lights and the motion.

But lately, small slow fixed-wings. Thinking dual props (low enough to hear sometimes) and lights and motion give them away as fixed-wings. Only...

there's multiples. Where you rarely saw one, now you got one going over, no time at all before you see another. Same size and shape, see several in an hour.

Hmmm, you know people say they see UFOs? I've seen UFOs, but they were only UFOs until I figured out that they were, and then they weren't U anymore. Still FOs though.

Anyway, an airplane flies over, look up, see it go by, and it's gone. Now you see a couple of them, maybe, Idunno what? 10-20 miles apart? Little while, another one. Or two. Sometimes seem to be moving real slow. Not a chopper though. Wingtip lights and the the centerline of the underside. Moving slow though, not as if just going from point B to point B as quick as you can.
Then you look up, see one. Keep looking, it disappears. Then a little distance, but too much for it to nove there normally, there it is. And then it goes back, or to another position. Or is it a couple of them up there, one got it's lights off. Other one turns its off, moves, turns them back on. Sure looks some of them running without lights for a while. Hmmm. Wonder if that's why some people see what they think is one UFO, moving like any regular aircraft couldn't.

Gonna go out and have a cigar. With appropriate liquid refreshment Then go to bed. Done enough mischief for one day, even if some of it won't be noticed for a while.

Fri 28 Oct 2022 12:55:41 AM CDT

Feeling guilty, started on a pet project that took more of the day than expected. Need to do a couple of articles for A, gotta get those out tomorrow. Right. Thinkin on these choppers, I'll see probably eight to ten on the midnight run, looks like a similar one going on to the north, probably five, six miles. Then the ones going north to south in the east. Just a while ago, one shows and stops over town. Lights go off, next time I see it it's headed west. So I'm seeing a dozen or so, at least. If they're Blackhawks, ain't been but about 4000 of them made. Even if the Army got most of them, can't be doing this all over the three million square miles of flyover country.

Fri 28 Oct 2022 12:38:38 PM CDT

Glad the weekend is about here. Never seem to get caught up. Looking better though. Whole political thing pretty much, would have said in a holding pattern, but the pattern keeps changing. Like a bumpy approach. Had a few of those, but this time I ain't the one nervous. Maybe a little about whether the wave will be as big as we hope, given that the enemy will pull out all the stops. I'm guessing that the fraud mitigation measures that have been implemented will reduce that, even if they were almost all in red states. I would have said the blue ones were gone anyway, but given developments (OR/NY/MI et al.) I'm wondering it if may not be bigger than we hoped for.

The incessant mindless drivel of the left, not much news. A "mass shooting" the other day fell kinda flat, just three deaders and the perp was the wrong color. Last decent one was months ago, in terms of a Columbine-type thing. Every thing here lately has been regular crime. Even at a school or hospital (the last one was a regular domestic murder that got brought to work, aside from the wrong perp type thing) it's just regular crime. And again, no white kids. Of course, the way those things have to be set up, too many variables to rely on them. So the dims thrash like a snake with its body being bisected by a shovel blade, lookin' for somethin' to bite. Fun to watch, just hoping we will exploit the results. At least some. Notice I said "will". Chances are good there'll be plenty of opportunity. What's needed is spines in enough of the new arrivals. And the few already there. A few leftists in prison for a long time would be a good start.

They did have something mildly interesting yesterday. Pillosi's drunk hubby allegedly got beaten up with a hammer. In his house. I'll skip the obvious. As to whether it was set up, doesn't make sense. 80-year-olds ain't gonna take that risk, any more than they'd have an actual drug in those "Covid shots" they did in photo promotions. It's one thing to have'em shoot some saline solution in yer arm for the sheeple to see, something else to have a crazy person hit you with a hammer. Did they hire some derelict to stage an incident with a MAGA type, and things went wrong? Maybe. Did drunk Pillosi-husband start down the stairs go get the pizza delivery and fall. Could be. Another possibility could be something they need kept private. Like the Dingy Harry Reid exercise equipment malfunction. Covering up something bigger. Anyway, sadly both pillosis remain extant. The bright side is seein' her after 8 November. If seeing her in any condition is something you can stand for more than a few seconds with out hurling.

Okey-dokey. Was gonna collect the Joe Gall books, get'em ordered anyway. Be fun to read them again. Weren't that many, compared to the Executioner, Destroyer, or in the secret agent type Nick Carter, but they were higher quality. I see about 21 here, someone else got 22. pretty sure there're some I didn't read back in the day.

Last night for the regular helicopter flights, one thing that makes me wonder if it's just regular practice. Weekdays only. Weeknights. They was seriously after somethin' it'd be every day.

Smoke break, then some business in town. Not too crazy about doin' it on a Friday, but better than tomorrow.

Sat 29 Oct 2022 09:32:58 PM CDT

Just noticed I ain't put any pictures on here. So here's one:

After the Pillosi thang, I'm sayin' that can't be staged. Too dangerous for one thing. Eighty-something ole geezer, wouldn't take much goin' wrong to finish him off. Kinda like taking the fake vaccine for photo ops. They ain't takin' any chances. And no random derelict is gonna get in the home of any powerful rich politician, to say nothing of one like this. Staged 'crimes' usually remind me of such things as this or the movie Body Heat in which the small-time criminal tells a sleazy lawyer contemplating a murder "any time you try a decent crime, you got fifty ways you're gonna fuck up. If you think of twenty-five of them, then you're a genius... and you ain't no genius."

Which is pretty much it. And there isn't anything near a genius in the current crop of scum running the country. Finding one with an IQ much above room temperature would be difficult. So anyway, probably unrelated to the futile thrashings of the Dim machine as it attempts to salvage something. One at least, if not the best hopes for the Republic is the sheer ineptitude of these people. Both at the NWO level and in the US, the lack of basic intelligence and analytical ability, they seem doomed to fail. But never forget, they are at their most dangerous now, and in the near future. A dangerous animal, cornered, is even more dangerous. Wounded and cornered it is even more so, because now anger is added to fear in the motivating emotions.

Thus my reference above to coincidence. They do happen, I guess. Imagine, if you will, the Dims at the edge of disaster. Any way you look at it, Pillosi's finished. Probably Schemer as well, from the looks of it. 'course Joetato won't have any idea what's goin' on. And when they think it can't get any worse, Pillosi's drunk husband, apparently a serious perv, gets into a very public event with another perv. This one just the garden variety slime, but they can't help mixing it up with the wrong one at the wrong time. Like the young Alia I know I shouldn't be enjoying it, but it's hard not to." And make no mistake, if it ends in the worst way, with these filth lined up at the guillotines (figuratively speaking of course) I have budgeted zero tears.

The pagans call it karma. Whatever. Evil can indeed continue long after one would think it should be ended. That decision is made at a higher pay grade than mine. But I certainly will feel no guilt in enjoying this filth reaping its just rewards.

We had a nice little rain this afternoon. About an inch, still misting a bit. Nice, cool and damp. Just don't go tryin to light a Backwoods cigar in the dark and get it backwards. As in tryin' to light the wrong end. You'd think it would be hard to do, with the raggedy end, but I guess I'd had a few. Drinks, not cigars. Might as well throw it away.

Anyway, 'night.

Sun 30 Oct 2022 10:40:26 PM CDT

Anyway, whaddyado? Election ain't 'til next Tuesday, and not much changing, other than the red rising. And that's a good thing. The reaction will be another. What will the scum do? If they can't mitigate the Red Tsumani to any degree. they ain't givin' up. The BLM stuff from last couple of years? Guessing it will be. The money's there, it ain't comin' from the government. They're gonna do as much damage as they can. Good news that reforms at the state and local level will cut into that, how much is the question.

Tomorrow Monday though, see what the helicopters and the other characters are doing. Funny thing, meteorites. Seen more last few months than I did in years. And low and big and bright. Not the little streak way up there. Wonder what's up with that.

Guess I'll slip out for a smoke here'n a bit.

Mon 31 Oct 2022 04:38:59 PM CDT

So the hospital unhappy 'bout me badmouthin'em. How sad. Actually it looks like the Copeland insults did it, but it's the hospital's lawyer. Guess they don't wanna lose him, where would they find another one as crooked? Incompetent probably, and come to think of it... whatever.

Guess I'll get the lawyer on it and see where it goes. Would think they're not foolish enough to have this to to court, with what I got. And that's just me. Once we line up the others, some of them next-of-kin to the deaders. I'm ready for it. Be fun.

Since October's about over, move on to another set of ramblings.

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