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Tue 13 Sep 2022 01:08:35 AM CDT : 1663049315

For a while now it's been preparing a case and figuring out how I'm gonna get it going. A (at the time already former) girlfriend told me once, like a parent explaining to a child, that "other peoples' problems are always more important to them than yours are". Allison, I loved you then as intensely as any first love I suppose. And I do now. When I look at the way our lives have gone (from what I know - I haven't seen you in over twenty years) it's not possible to judge who got the better deal. After you dumped me I didn't want to be around you for a while, and we lived in the same small town and were part of the same society, so it was difficult. It was after we did begin to associate again that you told me that. You were a year younger than me, and while you were a smart girl my intellect, Asperger's tainted to boot, was on a different level. So even then I was a bit amused. You weren't even especially happy then, having quickly married the guy you left me for, and by your own admission immediately knowing it was a mistake. Any temptation to feel vindicated was canceled by both my sympathy for you and the knowledge that had I asked you first (after just a few months of dating) you would have accepted. And that might have been worse for both of us. Or not, perhaps. We'll never know. I sincerely hope you are as happy as a person can manage to be in this world, in these times. I am, and wish it for you as well. Perhaps in a parallel universe we did get together and live happily ever after.

One thing is certain, no one cares. Oh, I have family and friends, but they have lives and I don't need to make my problems theirs. But you can't even get people to do things if you pay them well. Better than they're likely to get from anyone else. I hate to see it, it's like another friend now long gone told me, and I thought he was just in an unusually cynical mood that day. He was a few years older than me, and when you're twenty-something a handful of years can seem like quite a lot. Of course it is, relatively.

"People are just no damn good." he said. "None of us are any good, including me and you. But most are even worse than us, you ever get under the hood on many of them, you won't like what you see."

He was right, although as a young man I allowed myself to be seduced, somewhat. But maybe I'm different. Well, obviously I'm different. How much that has to do with it I don't know. Probably a lot. So I don't like hurting people. Even unintentionally, maybe that's worse because I might not know I did it. When I was in school, kids would sometimes try to get me in a fight, why I don't know. Guess they do that. Rather than hit a guy back, I'd try to push him away, or if I couldn't make him stop, I'd rush and wrestle him down on the ground. Try to avoid striking him, that just seemed like trying to hurt him.

Dad told me once, he didn't think if I could lie if I tried. I said, why? You'd know I was lying, why try. He told me he was the same way, learned early he just couldn't make himself do it, just get the truth out and get it over.

Obviously that's not saying I never told a lie. Pretty sure I did, even if I don't remember it. I've known two, that I can remember, people who were what they call "pathological liars". Both were thoroughly strange generally. So I'd guess some kind of mentally ill.

Something else though Frank said. About people being bad. Said the practical thing to do, accepting that and deciding to live with it, was never to waste one minute of your time, one dime of your money, on one of them. Said the best way to have a decent life was to do what he called "living from the inside out." If you want to be comfortable, get as much money as you can, any way you can without endangering your life or liberty. You might still not be happy, but comfortable unhappiness is better than uncomfortable.

'course he didn't do it. He did all right wealth-wise, but it was honest work as far as I knew. And he wasn't stingy, and married a nice girl and took care of her. Lost her to cancer before forty, never married again. I think that may have set him in living as he said, he never had a long-term relationship again, just a series of young women comin' and goin'. But the big C got him too, never saw sixty.

Sat 17 Sep 2022 09:44:01 PM CDT : 1663469041
OK, I'm back.

Cool. Once upon a time I smoked expensive, excuse me, premium, cigars. Expensive and premium ain't necessarily the same thing. Was huge fan of Rush Limbaugh, although ironically I usually lost interest when he started talkin' about cigars and golf. Especially golf. And of course the National Felons League (those scumbags don't get a link, so when is hugely popular it won't help'em). But I like cigars OK. And I listened to Cigar Dave, so I for many years indulged in the finest cigars and liquors. Funny though, my life got simpler somehow. Some would say less pretentious, but...

So these days, I find those simple pleasures most pleasant. And so, although the Swisher Sweets, which in the end were not quite sweet enough, and the bourbons with all their subtleties, lost their charm. These days it's chewin' on a Backwoods, flavor don't matter, and havin' a bit of brandy, or maybe some Irish Mist. Especially for the midnight routine, leisurely smoke and drink on the back deck.

'course I found myself ordering those cases of Irish Mist more often, as Jessica came out one night and caught me. Asked what I was drinkin', took a sip. OK, so a bottle only lasts a week or so. Worth it. They changed the bottle a few years back, but c'est la vie.

The regular (unflavored) brandies usually get a splash of apple cider. The CB stuff ain't half bad that way, same with the E&J.

Well, there's been a procession of Blackhawks across the southern sky about midnight now for months. Dunno what that's about. Lately lot of small fixed-wings going over much higher, but able to see it's a small, probably prop-powered, more than you'd normally see. In view of what's coming, nothing surprises me these days.

Night kiddos.

Sat 17 Sep 2022 10:21:33 PM CDT : 1663471293

One things's for sure
I'm gonna order "Tread" first thang tomorrow. Can't find it on any of the (redacted) so I'll get a copy from Amazon. By all rights I should order the complete set so far, Clayton is the greatest and deserves the revenue. So I'll do it, but easier these days to read on the 21" screen than a paperback.

Which brings us to this: whatsabouttohappen?

Beats me. World-wise, I look at Vox Day, he been callin' it right for twenty-plus years. Don't always get the exact timing right, but he sees where it's going.

On the world stage it looks like this:

1) The NWO plans have failed. Oh, they ain't collapsed in ruins, the perps hauled off to the gallows (some of them gonna be too old, hafta haul'em if they still breathin' or like Cromwell, dig'em up and mutilate the body, and that's fine with me) but progress is stalled, probably beyond restarting. BRICS (we're looking at over 3 billion of the world population, and a much larger part of the usable life-sustaining land mass) is not only not going to go away, it's going to grow. For example, Canada and maybe Australia may continue to hang with the globohomo cabal (I use the Urban Dictionary reference here, because it's the most accurate and because Wickedpedia is globohomo garbage) for a while, but Mexico is ready to bolt BRICS-ward, and most of Latin America. The mostly eastern European and other nations ( Middle east and Asia/Pacific) that refuse to go along with the globalists will strengthen BRICS.

2) The foregoing suggests that our own country is likely to be in the near future left rather detached from the greater world. At this point we are fast approaching the point of being unable to intervene to any significant degree in world affairs. The probability is that the European/Scandinavian puppets of globohomo are, as the winter progresses, going to be too busy bailing/patching holes in their own boats to do anything. Thus BRICS gets what they want - we stop bothering them and they can fix their own problems. And the U.S. becomes busy with its own affairs. And that is a good thing.

3) So what happens here? Hard to say. I'm guessing on a red wave, maybe even a tsunami, because the regime is a) almost completely blind to the reality of what is happening under the surface b) too inept (and probably lacking in manpower) to take any effective action outside of an actual Nazi-style assault on the populace (think operations like the Jan 6 stuff, only with a Night of the Long Knives, Kristallnacht flavor. Much as they would like to. And c) sufficiently arrogant to believe that their amateur antics will have any effect.

Well, the election's not far off, so we'll know soon enough what the prospects are for any progress at stopping the bleeding. Even with majorities in both houses, the only effective action available is to cut off the money. Don't pass an unacceptable budget - freezes in essential areas excluding defense and cuts everywhere else, particularly in the area which need to be defunded ("education", FBI, IRs, etc.) and leave the government shut down as long as necessary. They tried a couple of times before, always blinked. If they blink this time it's all for nothing. A presidential victory in '24 with continued control of Congress can help, but a lot more bad can happen in between.

Personally my hope is that if the madness continues something like "MacArthur's Freehold" is at work under the surface, and breaks out in that time. Successfully. Something less orderly might happen, I suppose. There are people, no point in naming here, but are "enemies of the state" and have a lot of money. A lot of conservative figures who may be willing to grab a rifle and man the barricades, have emerged in recent times. Men with millions of dollars at their disposal, and backed up with millions of regular people with a few thousand or even a few hundred (a thousand millions is a billion - think about that, there are easily 10-20 million of those) and the military force is not only numerically negligible but rotted through with personnel who can not even function as police to run a police state.

Make no mistake, if a strong conservative government (think Trump and/or Desantis for the next 12 years with control of congress) does not reverse the rot (defanging the FBI/IRS/ and other internal forces, removal of bureaucrats and judges - immediately firing all U.S. Attorneys on day one for starters, defunding the corrosive departments (Education, Environment, etc) AND vigorously prosecuting the malefactors of the current regime. Wholesale prosecution, with juries guaranteed to convict and judges to impose long sentence (by any means necessary), including ignoring courts up to and including the Supremes, and imprisonment of large numbers of the enemy will be necessary for a restoration of righteous rule. Righteous, that's what I said. It merely means constitutional.

If this fails, it is probably the end of the Republic. Perhaps something like the scenario in "Balance of Power" will play out, with two or three smaller free nations carved out of the former one. But that's about it.

Alright guys, that's all for tonight. Midnight approaches, with the cigar and accompanying libation. Probably have to leave Victims of ACCH and Dirty Rotten Shame until tomorrow. Much as they need work. Guess I'll get up early. What'll it be? Hmmm, thinking a Honey Bourbon Backwoods and an E&J Peach. Stuff always makes me sleep good. G'night.

Sun 18 Sep 2022 11:19:43 PM CDT : 1663561183

The Attorney General of the state of New York (no need for the name, you can look it up if you want) held a press conference to announce a lawsuit by the state of New York against former (and likely future) President Trump. This person read a prepared announcement, prepared by people who can actually (to some degree) form and express coherent concepts of minor complexity, i.e. describing a lawsuit. She is barely capable of reading the material, much less understanding it. Like so many others of her kind she is a tool, a service animal, trained to perform a function. The would-be governor of Georgia this time around is another example. The Cook County district attorney, or the former president from Africa. Like a dog playing games or rescuing people lost in the wilderness, they have just enough intelligence to function once trained, and are easy enough to dispose of if they prove unsuitable (incompetence or corruption does not make them unsuitable, since that is expected - only if they commit crimes that can't be ignored or otherwise become inconvenient are they unsuitable) since they are either elected by the denizens of the cesspool or appointed by the corrupt administration. They evoke a word from my youth, used by some of the previous generation but falling out use in my own. As it should, as judging people by their race, religion or other intrinsic characteristics is wrong. Nevertheless, the term "stupid ......" was often used to refer to such. It was in referring such vile creatures as these that it was used. And the few really awful specimens of that race cause much harm to the vast majority who are decent people and do nothing wrong. I would suggest that there is no adequate punishment for them, and those whose tools they are. But I suspect that there is, and it will not be pleasant. Well, pleasant for me to watch I suppose.

OK, enough of that. Her masters have promised advancement if she performs, and so she performs. I should note that the masters decided not to pursue criminal charges, as that was more likely to prove problematical (the idea of NY trying to extradite Trump from Florida and Florida refusing would be amusing, and quite possibly the result. Or Trump simply leaving the country for a few months or years, until the matter is disposed of by a future administration) but rather staged a public event in a most likely futile attempt to damage Trump and prevent his being elected again. These people really terrified of him. And that's a good thing. They're also incredibly stupid, and that too is good.

Wed 21 Sep 2022 12:12:23 PM CDT : 1663780343

Human Harvest is going. Which is to say the title page and dedication. Expect this one should go fairly quickly. I finished MacArthur's Freehold - the last third - after a bit of a stall, which ended with my escape from the nightmare described in In the Belly of the Beast. You might say I was motivated. And since it's mostly building one the facts, adding the adventure element, and a happy ending, it doesn't require that much imagination. I already have a pretty good idea of the ending I want. As I said, it's intended to be a bit of Robin Cook meetin' Clayton Lindemuth. Ought to be fun.

Sat 24 Sep 2022 09:48:41 PM CDT : 1664074121

Saturday more like a sadder day. Woke up feelin' lousy. Like I been somewhere and caught something from one of those people, walkin' round wherever you go. Alright, probably brought some of it on myself. Overdid the ethanol and cigars. Clean today, right up to sleeptime. Bowl of chicken noodle soup to be on the safe side, finally got to feelin better. Do some writing. Was gonna work on, but looks like a tomorrow thang from here.

Ya'know, everything goin pretty much crazy these days, and I used to be afraid of living in times like these may be shakin out to be. 'course I grew up in a fundamentalist environment to say the least, and while the truth of the matter is what it is, sometimes the messengers get their wires crossed. When they ain't doin' it deliberate, they failin' to understand. Remember an sermon by Estus W. Pirkle, distributed on vinyl records. There was some others, but that one I remembered, I's about fourteen or so, Dad had some was bein' passed around and played'em. One was "If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?" Not gonna put a link. No reason to. Remember how the Communists was gonna take over the country, real suddenlike. Had their agents in place, or would by the time, gonna kill every governor of every state, mayors of major cities, other officials. Leave the country leaderless, just move in and take over. Start executin' anyone who objected. Or they thought might object. And of course religions people would be first on the list. Scary stuff, and a kid hearin' a man, a preacher yet, talk like that. Had some bad dreams.

'course it didn't happen. Wasn't the plan. I already had Commies teachin' me in school. Just a few, several old women English teachers. They'd been conditioned way back, and it'd been going on since before WWII really, but afterwards really got going. Had one or two younger, dude from Chicago taught for one year. He was bad enough they didn't let him stick around - he was preaching to us go get out in the streets and burn stuff. 1971 or thereabouts. I's in the elite classes through junior high and high school. They started then, cherry-pick the top 20 in each grade for the H class. Still got paperbacks in my library, now about to turn to dust, know what year I got'em 'cause I wrote my name and grade on the flyleaf. Alex Stein 7-H. Or 8-H, whatever year. Bought a lot of books even then. Read a lot. Few kids did. Dan did. He and I were the two smartest in our class. IQ-wise that is. Actually I didn't know his, or don't remember. But he was smarter than me, and I tested 242 in '78. Air Force. They flagged me for special interest, and I got tested again 'cause they make sure about things like that. Different test I remember. They was makin' sure. Seems like it was 245 the second time, but I never got the printed records for some of that stuff. Anyway, as I said he was even smarter than me. Don't really remember any other standouts. There was one kid, doctor's kid. He became a doctor. Very calm, reserved, didn't act up, or uppity. Reckon he was up there in IQ points. May have been one or two others, but nothing that stuck with me.

Rest of the class, lessee. Tryin' to think of who was close to us. One dude, but I think his was only 130-something. Smart, hung around with Dan and me, similar interests. Readin' Asimov and Heinlein, talking physics and stuff. He went nuts though. Or was already was and just got worse. Serious drugs involved though, didn't help any. Had to be locked up. More drugs, only the kind to control you. Keep you quiet. Know something about that, gettin' put in a hospital (many years later) stupid docs thinkin' I was brain-dead 'cause my vent stopped and I simultaneously cardiacally arrested. Twelve minutes is what they admitted to. Guessin' it was more. St. Barnyards is well named I reckon. To dispose of he evidence they ditched me in another dump.

Quite a racket they got there. Big company down in Texas, got hospitals all over the country. Lots of little ones, like the ones in Jonesboro. Under the radar, for them as is lookin' for big time shenanigans, fraud mostly, that's where the money is. Lot of small hospitals, rakin' in a few millions or tens of millions each. Adds up. And you got the whole network - suppliers of stuff, medical supplies, drugs, equipment, personnel, the whole shootin' match they got their fingers in every place there is to stick'em. So the dump in Jonesboro, a new gimmick, relatively speaking. 'bout 20 years ago some lobbyists got the federal budgeteers to make'em a special type of hospital. A Long Term Acute Care Hospital. Nice acronym of course. LTACH. Got a special kind of fraud. New ways to get more money outta sick people. If necessary keep'em sick artificially. Did that to me, they did. Brain 'bout fried time I got out of there.

Long road back for sure. Essentially a chemical lobotomy, with accompanying memory loss and motor functionality gone. That's all right. Staying with family, was couple of weeks before I could get out of bed by myself. Didn't know or care about anything. Sonofabitch did a number on me, and he gonna pay one day. And the crooked CEO of that joint. Doctor just doing what he's told mostly. Sure he's greedy, don't mind a bit I'm sure. But that CEO, he's plumb evil.

That's all right. Things have a way of gettin' fixed. 'fore long I was up. Usin' a walker. Couple of months, but once the chemicals were out of me I could fix things. It's all in there somewhere, and some of us at least can get it out. Learned Russian for my Air Force job back in the '80s. Flyin' around in the back of converted tankers or cargo carriers, rows of radio operators eavesdroppin' on unfriendies, on the edges of unfriendly skies. Kinda like that P-3 that the Chicoms made crash to give Bush 43 a little test. That was the Navy. Dangerous for us too, wasn't in a war but it was dangerous work. 'course I got no one to talk Russian to these days, Spanish is different. Plenty of espanol-habblaing types around, and sometimes you need it. Latin is for readin' of course.

Computer languages another matter. Easier really. Good mental exercise though. PHP had gone from 5 to 7 while I was out of it, and MySQL was now 8. Handcoding with CSS and JavaScript got the things there in the brain clicking. Finished a book, finally. Other than a technical manual. Others still on hold, coming along as I have the time. But "Human Harvest" will take precedence. Has to. Actually though, it'll pretty much write itself. See what kind of reception it gets from the main characters, seeing their names in print. Hey, it's non-fiction. And they can sue me. I got nothing to take even if they win. Oh, I'm being taken care of all right, not worryin' about any worldly things. So at some point in the next eight to ten months...

And now I done gone and talked about everything except what I sat down here for. And gotta be early bedtime. We'll see what develops. 'night kiddos.

Sun 25 Sep 2022 08:42:50 PM CDT : 1664156570

Alright, I didst echew the ethanol and Nicotiana products, and felt better forthwith. So it's cigar and brandy, couple of times throughout the night, OK three or so. Hey, 'tis what it is, or something like that. At this age, and with these experiences, seein' the world as it is, hafta kinda let it go. Enjoy each moment as the opportunity is presented. Thus I am here, at Sun 25 Sep 2022 09:16:11 PM CDT (compare to above timestamp) finishing what I started. Maybe. The conflicting perceptions of the world have never been more so. I'm about to accompany this session with several pieces of digitally preserved music, and cannot overstate the treasure this technology is. Magnetic tape and precision vinyl recordings, along with the technology that permitted us to enjoy them as we did (and I still do) with relative ease and low cost. Whether it was (for me) the vinyl played only a couple of times on a high-dollar turntable with a sometimes equally high-dollar cartridge) before being transferred using a cassette deck (the Pioneer CT-F1250 being my favorite at the time, despite the Nakamichi gear supposedly being better) to a blank cassette that cost as much or more than the vinyl disc, then blasted through the the Pioneer Supertuner and Jensen 6x9s in the back of a 72 Gran Torino or the later 77 Trans-Am, was a thorougly (insert superlative(s) here) experience. 'course I was 18, OK early 20s by the time I couldn't do it any time I felt like it, but good times. The opening of Uriah Heep's live '73 album I'm still enjoying 50 years later. Indoors, but loud on high-end equipment. No (insert a really bad word, or two) here, earbuds. Got it? OK.

Tonight it was glass of CB brandy (usually don't buy it but figured it'd been a while so...) with a splash of apple cider. 'cause it's unflavored, unlike most everything is these days. And it was 50-50, 'cause I don't want the burn. An Al Capone cognac cigarillo, accidentally got some the other day, didn't notice "FILTER" on the box, looked like all the others. Who puts filters... nevermind, done with it. Be careful next time. Or order a couple boxes from Dave's Cigars and not hafta worry about it. Was gonna say, who puts filters on cigars? Or at least, who smokes the damn things? Or for that matter a tip? Wood or worse, plastic? Nevermind, I like the Capones. Full-size Backwoods later, for the midnight one, but the little ones early on.

Anyway, I went to the website, ordered a couple boxes. They're in the mailbox today. Nice, but. Didn't ask for next day. Same with last few Amazon orders. One the other day, checked the regular delivery box, whatever. Next day it's on the deck. I the the shipping email later in the day.

So I'm thinkin, yeah everybody got problems, with the destruction goin' on by the Commies takin over. You get stuff you ordered not next day, the next day because there was available space on the next day flight. Way it usually happens. Business slow everywhere. Get to that in a minute, the socio-political stuff. Hold yer horses.

As I was sayin, being able to digitally preserve and transfer sound and video, perfectly, no generational degradation like with analog, is a blessing to us, that the younger don't appreciate. So tonight's playlist (it's late already) begins with a truly wonderful performance of the late John Wetton and Jeff Downes (of Asia) in an intimate performance in an old (medieval) church. They are joined by Hugh McDowell, who sadly passed a little later, like John much too young. And the beautiful Anne-Marie Helder, with an equally angelic voice, joins them. A real treasure. It will be followed by another perfomance by John, again with Asia and King Crimson numbers, and then by one with John and Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep. John was briefly a member of Heep, and they do some Heep, Asia, and King Crimson songs, and some of their solo material. Ken was a great talent, not much known outside of that (Heep) world. Finally there is a set by Ken and Live Fire, a group I believe comprises (besides Ken) musicians from Eastern Europe or Scandinavia, or both. Hafta check. Anyway, great stuff.

Okey-dokey. What gonna happen? The only realistic answer is who knows? As of today, the new prime minister of Italy will be a conservative (branded "right-wing" by the "news" media) woman who looks a log like a number of Republican candidates for Congress in this country. Condemned and threatened by the EU, a good sign. This is a trend world-wide, i.e. a rejection of the NWO and an indication that it is fracturing, probably beyond the ability of the globohomo cabal to recover.

Our own situation remains to be seen. In less than 50 days we'll have some idea. But until next year it's hard to say. In the overall picture, here's something that might be in the works:

1) BRICS continues to solidify, attracting more members with tighter or looser connections as the case may be, but in general rejecting the globohomo regime. China and Russia mostly want to be left alone (China has plenty of internal problems, but we don't know how serious and Russia has its own) and those like India, Brazil, etc. also want to be able to deal with their problems without our meddling.

2) The EU either disintegrates of becomes increasing irrelevant, having plenty of problems of its own. Or more to the point, each member trying to deal with its problems and not having much time to annoy anyone else.

3) The U.S. likewise has to look inward (if the necessary political realignment occurs) and returns to sanity, which again results it it not meddling in places it shouldn't. Which is almost of all of them. The U.S. is regarded by many if not most eschatologists as not having any significant part in the End Times, so it may well have by then moved from center stage to some corner, possibly having broken up into two or more pieces. Which may or may not rejoin (assuming a blue/red division, and the blue part eventually either seeks to be part of the more successful red, or does something else.) In any case blue cannot survive with its present business model, while the red would thrive.

So I guess we can see what happens in November, although January will be the first test.

Thu 29 Sep 2022 12:36:26 PM CDT : 1664472986

Summer over. Having to put on a jacket for the midnight smoke. Didn't do it when I built, and probably need now to enclose an area of the back deck. Probably about a 10 x 10 area. Around the door. Dunno if there'll be time to glass it (swap with screens for summer) but probably put up some tarps. Around back no one see it but me. Get it done in spring. Got to park a couple of propane tanks, near the window. Bring a small heater in for the power outages. Thinkin' a couple of hundred-pounders, but wonder. Maybe get four, leave two out in the big shop. No way to know that gonna happen, but best to expect the worst. That's what mostly gonna be, probably next year or two.

Starting gold and silver acquisition again is another matter. For years I was having small shipments (couple rolls of ounce coins) sent to a P.O. Box. Sure they were tracking that stuff when I stopped a couple of years ago, sure doin' it now. So local dealer, and getting decent price is problematical. Know one feller, always competitive with market (and didn't have to pay shipping) can help. Only one that close though. I'll check in with him. Got plenty, but also got a bunch of cash in banks, needs to be converted.

Anyway, lookin' pretty good. Didn't time to build a dedicated crash pad, but plenty of places close but far enough away not to get hit at the same time as here.

So largely a matter of vigilance. Dunno exactly what the pipeline thing means. The informed ones (i.e. not the "news media") but the ones with a good track record agree it was done by the U.S. (using a tool, but maybe using military assets) but the reasons are not clear. My guess, it's the cabal thrashing around, trying to plug leaks and they're coming too fast, or soon will be. The boiling pot referenced above. Positive factors?

1) Europe/Scandinavia is our canary. Winter's coming, and it'll hit them earlier and harder. So the reaction may start earlier.

2) No improvement here, OK minimal improvement here, in the event of a Red Wave, even a Red Tsunami. Only serious reform possible at federal level is preventing any new legislation (and a Supreme Court appointment should there be an unfortunate opening of one of the constitutionalist slots - if the Republicans have the Senate) is holding the budget hostage (shut down and leave it down until some level of sanity is enforced) and that will take a lot more than Republicans have ever had. Perhaps it will be different this time, so much else is.

3) In the worst case, I suspect that the Republic will not perish from the earth. It may shrink, as my friend Enak explores in "Balance of Power", and perhaps return to its original configuration. This mainly because there are somewhere around 15 to 20 million (some believe more and may be right) partisans waiting to stop the darkness.

I'll leave it there. Up early today, need a nap. Gonna try to get the first chapter of "Human Harvest" down today, OK, tonight.

Thu 29 Sep 2022 12:36:26 PM CDT : 1664472986

Alright, I promised to write. The other thing, ya'know, the other thing. Ya'know, no one seems to be sayin' it, but... Joetato may not be around to worry about in '24. As in still breathin'. They're pretty obviously pumping him full'o chemicals, to keep him vertical and vocalizin', like they kept dosing Elvis and pushin' him out there to perform. For the money. I don'e bleev he got two more years in'em. How they deal with it is another matter. Weekend at Bernie's ain't gonna work, no matter what. Body double ain't gonna cut it, more than one or two shots. Just sayin'. So who's nobody else sayin'? Well, general ineptitude. They're all genuinely stupid. I mean, the enemy had guys like Carville, and the lesser ones like... alright, I just got back from the 2200 break. Choppers higher, near ceiling for Blackhawks. Dunno if they're the same ones comin' back at midnight, but look like it. Dunno, low ones at midnight Blackhawks for sure, the high ones (must be near max ceiling) still look like, Army ain't got about a few thousand (unless Wickedpedia lyin, which is likely so...) look like it. So they got maybe a dozen, maybe more, flyin' over this little remote rural area, daily (well, nightly - don't seem to see'em in daytime) don't make a lotta sense. Just thinkin', what's here. Get to that later. Promised a chapter of Human Harvest, so goin' to get to it. Night'.

Well, it's the end of September. Guess I'll close up. Not much changin' day-to-day. Who knows? The ones tryin' to make things happen, on one side anyway, don't know what they doing. So anything could happen. It may be the election before we get some idea, or anything could happen any day. Something else like the pipeline, or some Tim McVeigh type pullin' something. I know, that was all set up, if not he broke the laws of physics, including the Pauli exclusion or whatever, if that applies to dudes drivin' trucks. So they plenty mad at him. But they've done things equal to Waco, Ruby Ridge, an so on, you got close on a thousand political prisoners, you got people with the kinda money to make things happen if they get mad (or scared) enough, being harassed by the feds and you never know when one of two might snap. McVeigh didn't have hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars. Or connections, if you know what I mean. Some of these guys do. The regime thinkin' it ain't gonna happen, can be wrong. So we got that to think about.

Well, I promised to start Human Harvest, and I did. Not much though. Here in a few I'll be out for a smoke and some helicopter-watchining, and maybe write a little before I turn in. See'ya in October.

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