Thu 21 Jul 2022 11:15:33 PM UTC : 1658445333

A suggestion for the 2024 elections. Feel free to make copies and distribute in your community, post on social media (get censored by Fakebook), whatever. The text is below if you want to convert to other media.

1. Democrats have deliberately left the borders of the country open to millions of invaders, not only placing a massive economic burden on taxpayers but allowing hundreds of thousands of terrorists, drug traffickers, and violent criminals to run at large.
2. Democrats used the "pandemic" hoax to destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses, wreck the lives of millions of citizens, and damage the economy to the degree that the very existence of the Republic is threatened.
3. Democrats have caused the most vile perversions of behavior to permeate the school environment of millions of vulnerable children, causing lasting psychological damage. This was accompanied by poisonous socio-political indoctrination.
4. Democrats have continued to attack the second amendment, infringing the constitutional rights of millions.
5. Democrats have saturated state and local governments with corruption at a level never before seen, and even in conservative states the large cities have been turned into cesspools of corruption and crime.
6. Democrats have incited racial division and hatred in every place at every opportunity, and will never stop.
7. Democrats have made the large population centers lawless and violent, and countless innocents have died, many of them children.
8. Democrats have spread lies on a massive scale, and used the news media and every other media of public discourse to slander any decent person who dares oppose them.
9. Democrats have incited violence which caused widespread death and destruction, even causing the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice.
10. Democrats have reduced economic conditions of the country to the point that a recovery will require many years, while the working people suffer most.