Wed 13 Jul 2022 01:50:19 AM UTC : 1657677019

2022 half over. An assessment.
Much has changed little, and little has changed much. The madness which we were seeing, which had been incrementally growing for the previous year, has continued to to so. The effect has been to reinforce my beliefs about the situation, with little more in the way of forming an idea about the eventual result.

The societal decay has continued at a pace attenuated only slightly by the resistance from the majority of the normal and for the most part decent (by general standards) population. The homosexual,trans-whatever sector (representing perhaps 2% of the population if all deviants are combined) has continued to be promoted by a much larger (but still small - perhaps 5%) who are not themselves inclined to participate in the deviant behavior (beyond pornography and similar perversions) but attempt to indoctrinate children at their most impressionable age. Thus the revolt of parents of these children (who ironically became more aware of what the schools were doing becuase of the remote learning imposed by the regime's actions during the virus hoax) has resulted in, at the local level, many school board members and school officials being removed, through elections. In Virginia the Republican candidate for governor won a close race (which he had been expected to lose) in part because of this. As a result, many corrupt members of the government have been removed or departed on their own.

A number of city officials (mayors, district attorneys) have been challenged with recall campaigns and in some cases removed. Particularly noteworthy are the George Soros-purchased ones. They have wrought considerable destruction in the large cities, although they have had considerable help from the city governments. I suspect there will be more, even as Soros continues to spent massive amounts of money to keep them in office and to install new ones. I believe he is fighting a losing battle, as the tide is moving inexorably against him and his allies, as tides are wont to do.

Obviously, the Supreme Court decisions were influential, probably more than we know. Roe v. Wade being overturned not only will save many lives (both the lives of the unborn and in many cases the lives of the mothers who, instead of wrecking their life and very likely dying prematurely (even overlooking the increased incidence of breast cancer and cancer of the reproductive tract) due to the psychological harm to any but the most unfeeling, will live longer but will change the nature of society in as-yet unknown ways. Reinforcement of religions freedom, the second amendment, and curtailment of the power of unelected regulatory agencies will extend the positive effects of these rulings.

The other effect of the court rulings was to expose, as had not been before, the insanity of the enemy. The previous years of riots in the cities certainly showed how far they could go, but in actually attempting to assassinate a supreme court justice warn of what will follow. There is no reason to doubt that a Republican president will be the target of assassination attempts, and those more determined and competent than those of the past.

There seems to be a high probability that the expected "Red Wave" will indeed wash away a great many political malefactors, and weaken those troublemakers who rely on them. If the effect is as expected that there will it will be a serious setback. However, if the Republican party has control of Congress, and after 2024 the presidency as well, and does not immediately begin to:

  a) Uproot and destroy the more virulent offenders from the current and past regimes
  (Obama and Clinton included) regimes. These people are well known, and the proof is
  easily available. Bringing them to justice is entirely within the capability of a
  just government, only the courage to do so is needed. Failure to do so will result in
  lost support immediately. Note that putting these people in prison, where they belong,
  is entirely possible. The history of the few who have been prosecuted escaping due to
  swamp juries is easily avoided, by court rulings allowing the necessary change of venue
  or legislation if necessary. Make no mistake, if these people are not held accountable
  no only will trust by the voters be lost (resulting in a very short time in office by
  those who failed to fulfill their duties) but the offenders will be free to continue
  their depredations in a future corrupt regime. A corrupt regime which will soon
  arrive if the administration fails.

  b) Begin to reverse past legislation and where necessary introduce new laws to right
  the wrongs of the past. These should begin even if the presidency is not yet in
  conservative hands. It is necessary to demonstrate the necessity of electing a
  suitable president. Once that is accomplished the legislation can be reintroduced
  and presented to a president who will sign it.

  c) Persons unjustly punished by the corrupt regimes of the past must be made whole.
  This may include pardons or communations for those who have been unjustly convicted
  of crimes, and compensation made where warranted. These should be accompanied by
  official proclamations recognizing the wrongs done.

The next clues we will have will come from the mid-term elections. That will show the political options available for the next two years. And the next term of Congress is, as stated above, crucial to 2024. However, the work of the resistance must continued with increased vigor in order to ensure success. Other indicators in that time will be the status of the cabal's efforts:

Race riots (e.g. Burn Loot Murder (BLM)), abortionist agitating, false flag
attacks and agent provocateur operations by the Federal Baby Incinerators (FBI)
and Armed Torch Force (ATF), and militarized attacks (by the federal government)
on alleged anti-government (look for "white supremacist") entities.

As for omens, to whatever degree one is inclined to rely on them: The demise of some
of the fossils of the cabal - Pelosi, Feinstein, Clyburn, Waters, Sanders, McConnell,
and numerous lesser vermin of sufficiently advanced age to assume room temperature in
the next few years. Like Ginsburg, who seems to have believed that for her, as
William Saroyan said "an exception would be made". It would seem
to a reasonable person that, given her hatred for the Constitution and love for all that is
evil (especially the killing of innocent unborn children) that her refusal to retire during
the term of a president guaranteed to appoint an equally (if not more) vicious hatred of all
good and decent things. I suspect that this insane lust for power, along with that
unwillingness to accept the idea of death, will keep these old creatures where they are
until they die. If a significant number of them (say a half dozen of the aforementioned)
expire during the next three years, it could cause to increase my optimism for a brighter
future. Of course, any future without these subhuman cretins is brighter than the present.

Wed 20 Jul 2022 07:53:26 PM UTC : 1658346806
As for the Congressional makeup post-2022, since the outcome is in no way predictable. Dismissing absolute insane actions by the regime ('the regime' meaning not only the current official administration (which consists entirely of sub-average IQ people) but those giving the orders the elections should result in substantial gains in the House, sufficient to neutralize the poisonous members that remain, and there will be enough new members with the spine to do the right thing - overturn the Jan 6 cabal actions, investigate corruption and other criminal activities of at least the major malefactors (Biden, the Covid hoax and the major offenders such as Fauci, BLM and similar agitators) - and any remaining RINOs will sit down and shut up. Certainly much good can be done there, if only in discomfiting the enemy. Obviously McConnell is the biggest problem. Unless the Republicans gain a half dozen seats he will still have the ability to make trouble, even if he is not elected leader. He is sufficiently compromised as to sabotage the Republican agenda, and might do so out of spite. I should say he very likely would. The other RINO senators (e.g. Murkowski if she survives and Collins) will probably, like their counterparts in the House, be rendered harmless. Again, they may make trouble, again out of spite, but can not do much other than vote with the Democrats, which can do some harm but not that much. If Manchin and Sinema were to have the good judgment (and dare I say it, the decency) to abandon the Democrat party it would reinforce the Republican position

This of course assumes that the elections are not influenced sufficiently by fraud, and that the regime does not succeed in disrupting the process. There is little reason to believe they will not try, and if they do it will almost certainly have some effect.

The prospect of Feinstein assuming room temperature offers little in the way of prospects for change, other than a younger Democrat senator replacing her. However, given the current political climate, anything is possible. Most of the other senators of either party likely to drop dead would probably be replaced by a member of the same party, but again...

Sat 23 Jul 2022 02:20:03 PM UTC : 1658586003
Within the past few days another factor seems more likely come into play. There are signs that Biden may be physically non-functional, if not dead, in a very short time. If he expires, or even becomes incapacitated (likely permanently) the president would now be someone who is not only less intelligent (much so) than Biden ever was, but incapable of any action without constant oversight. Little else would change, other than to worsen the current situation, but the resulting chaos will be interesting.

Here's an idea of how, from Dick Morris, who usually has about as good an idea as anyone, at a given moment.

Step One: Biden's frailty and senility become hard to ignore and speculation that he's too old and too out of it to be president multiplies.

Step Two: The Democrats get massacred in the '22 election losing both houses, losing the Senate by 55-45, and losing key governors' races in New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Step Three: Shell shocked by the results, the party elders - including Pelosi and Schumer - go to the White House and give Biden the bad news: "You must withdraw from the 2024 contest. We will let you stay in office", they say, "We won't invoke the 25th amendment, but you have to say now that you're not running in '24. We can't go through another two years with you as the ostensible leader of the party."

Step Four: It becomes clear that Harris is too weak politically to be the consensus nominee and her poor polling shows it. With Harris polling in the low 20s and unable to unite the party, she follows Biden and announces that she won't run in '24.

Step Five: Unleashed, the left wing of the Democratic Party demands that its candidate head the ticket. But Sanders is too old and Warren too unpopular, so into the vacuum steps AOC.

Step Six: The establishment candidates, Pete Buttigieg for the whites and Cory Booker for the blacks, are unable to maintain large enough vote shares to counter the rising influence of the left. Fearful of massive defeat, the Democrats implore Hillary to enter the race since he is the only one who polls well and can save the party from the extreme left as she did in 2016.

Step Seven: A primary ensues and rapidly comes down to AOC versus Hillary. AOC wins most of the primaries and Hillary corals the super delegates. After a bitter floor fight at the convention, the party changes its rules and frees the superdelegates to vote as they wish, unbound by how their state voted in the primary. With super delegates free, Hillary wins the nomination.

Step Eight: it is one of the most one-sided elections in history and Donald Trump becomes the 47th President of the United States. Hillary joins the ranks of Henry Clay, William Jennings Bryan, Al Smith, Thomas E. Dewey, Adlai Stevenson, and Hubert Humphrey as three-time losers.

I like it. It should be so simple.

Tue 09 Aug 2022 12:56:35 PM CDT : 1660067795
Interestinger and interestinger. The unbelievably, OK I can believe it, but normally it would be difficult to believe that any despotic regime can be so inept. Yesterday the Federal Baby Incinerators (apparently not accompanied this time by the Armed Torch Force as at the Waco Massacre) raided the home of the former president, Donald J. Trump. The actual reason or reasons will probably never be known outside the heads of those who made the decision, assuming they actually knew at the time or can remember. It is most likely a 'mixed fruit pudding' as the arms dealer called it in "The Dogs of War", several lame attempts to prevent President Trump from winning a third election in 2024 and thus serving a second term.

A few observations, first on possible motives:

1) Discourage Trump from running in 2024, and failing that prevent it through legal machinations (criminal indictment, constitutional ineligibility, etc.) all of which are unlikely unless they are successful in keeping him off the ballot in some states, or preventing his nomination. Both are relatively unlikely, as a conviction - a fait accompli in the swamp courts - would be in the appeals process for years and the power of the milquetoast Republicans to prevent him from winning the primaries or derailing it at the convention are questionable.

2) Mitigate the damage of the 2022 elections. This action has only stiffened the resolve of Trump supporters and engendered sympathy among conservative voters. Weakening the dangerous regime, if only through taking away control of Congress, is foremost in the minds of a large majority of voters. It will probably make the Red Wave stronger and more destructive.

3) Strengthen the eroding democrat base. The base is so small that if it works, it will have little effect.

4) Generate Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt among Republican supporters.

5) Other equally unlikely-to-succeed objectives.

Possible counters by Trump:

1) He doesn't run. If he announces he will not run (very unlikely) the attacks will, if not cease, become less frantic. The main objective (in their minds) will have been accomplished.

2) He pretends to surrender, through back channels, only to announce at the last minute in 2024. This could relieve the immediate pressure, and by the time he does the continuing (and escalating) chaos in the regime will make it difficult to restart the process. Unfortunately Trump does not play games, and would not attempt it.

3) Again, game-playing, but he could have laid traps at Mar-a-Lago. He certainly would not have been foolish enough to actually leave any incriminating material there (if there ever was any) but it certainly have been an opportunity. More likely the minions of the regime planted some. Being aware of the existence of the trap is not only the first step in avoiding it, but it presents an opportunity to trap the trapper.

Probably he will let it play out. The incompetence and chaotic collective mind of the enemy will almost certainly be its undoing. If, like the wounded and cornered beast it is, it is not quickly dispatched it will very likely cause a serious fracture, a split at least between left and right as envisioned in Enak Nomolos' "Balance of Power, as I do not believe the preprations for a "MacArthur's Freehold" scenario are in place. I would like to be wrong, as that would be the least destructive solution, at least for the side of light. For the enemy and its adherents and dependents I care not. We are better off without them. The 'national divorce' envisioned by some optimists might be managed if the political changes sufficiently in the next few elections. Two will not be enough.

Fri 02 Sep 2022 08:58:01 PM CDT : 1662170281
Half the year has now become closer to three quarters of the year, so let's close this section. Last night's (amateurish, like everything else the regime does) Hitler-esque production certainly seems a good stopping point.

The event is thoroughly chronicled in many other places. So what is the effect? Like most I guessed when the speech was announced that it would be a) a drugged doddering old fool struggling through a diatribe against the decent people of the land, that being the 70% or so who utterly despise him. I expected to hear "MAGA" a few dozen time, usually combined with "Republican", and of course democracy" a few times. Standard stuff, the speechwriters seem to be a committee, so there's a bit of added incoherence. Of course the old fool had no idea what was going on, just reading the teleprompter and gesticulating. But I wasn't prepared for the full-Nazi visuals.

Once I saw it the only question was why. Obviously these are universally stupid people. So as a declaration of war upon the Republic, it makes sense. Or at least a statement of intent to replace the Republic with totalitarian state. Well, we've known for quite a while that is the plan. But announcing it that way isn't very smart. In fact it's downright stupid. Which fits. The only remaining question is whether they intend to try to make it happen before the mid-term election or during the next two years.

They certainly can't do it before November. Even disrupting the election process is not possible (unless I'm missing something) or introducing enough fraud to prevent the red wave doesn't seem possible. Their strategy at this point seems to be reducing turnout by creating either over-confidence or despair, and probably they can't even agree on which. My guess is that the anger of the people will overcome either. And if the elections go as expected, they will be losing ground for the next two years. Which is a good thing.

So what does the eventual outcome look like? Short-term, as in five years? Well....

1) 2022 and 2024 see gains by Republicans. This assumes the regime is unable to prevent elections altogether (unlikely) or effect sufficient fraud to prevent a turnover (very unlikely in 2022, 2024 depends on what the Republicans do at both the state and federal level to prevent another rigged election. If sufficient reforms are in place and the Republicans are vigilant and aggressive in containing fraud in 2024 (and crippling the leftists organizations such as BLM) and the newly elected Republicans have been forceful in attacking the enemy both in the legislative theater and in investigating the crimes of the regime, a Republican president and congress is almost certain in 2024. If necessary they must if necessary shut down the government if a sane budget is not enacted and leave it shut down until the enemy capitulates. They've tried before but always blinked. In terms of investigations, they must do exactly what the enemy has done with their Moscow-trial type circus, and lay bare as much of the ugliness as possible. They won't have the power of the Justice Department as a weapon, but they can expose a lot. And the "news" media will ignore it, but the word gets out to all but the most sheepish.

In this event another two to three presidential cycles of Republican control is likely. If thoroughly exploited, it could be much longer. If not the peldulum will swing back, and before long most or all gains will be reversed, and the downhill slide resumes, probably faster than before.

2) The Republicans fail to control both houses of Congress, or in the worst case either. This may signal the end. An untainted election, certainly at the presidential level, is unlikely to occur again. Federal election control will ensure that. At that point the Republic is probably over. A couple of scenarios come to mind:

a) Some posit the possibility of a "national divorce" with the blue states going their way and doing as they see fit, while the red states do the same. While some very smart pundits suggest it, I suspect it is only wishful thinking. The red states would be happy to do it, if no prospect for reform exists. The blue states would never do so, at least for anything acceptable. Like the wife supported by a reasonably well-off husband, the prospect of the free ride ending would not be well received. It is well enough in these situations for the wife to demand half of everything, with alimony and child support if applicable (considerably more than half, obviously but most men accept it as inevitable) but the blue states would demand much more. More important than the economic situation (which most of them can't accurately calculate in any case) however, is the matter of simply allowing a large part of the country freedom from their plan. So their demands would be completely unaccaptable, or unworkable if accepted.

As to whether such a 'divorce' could happen gradually, I consider it unlikely. The acceptance of the overturning of Roe v. Wade is viewed by them as only temporary as they intend to restore it as soon as they have the power. Likewise "parallel economy" suggested as a way for some measure of freedom to survive. It will be attacked, in fact already is, it just hasn't become sufficiently important.
b) In the absence of a political reversal as described above, the probablity of a more violent split is likely. Certainly repression will accelerate, with more actions like the Jan 6 proceedings. Dissidents will be persecuted in greater numbers (the Jan 6 toll is close to a thousand and is growing - only a political reversal will stop it) and before long there will be many thousands, likely tens of thousands of people imprisoned for nothing more than dissenting speech or non-compliance with regulations such as those of the Covid hoax. Home schooling will be made illegal, children required to attend government schools, religious liberty severely curtailed, etc. The situation in which Luther finds himself and his community in MacArthur's Freehold is probably a typical scenario. Armed and organized dissidents, most of them "preppers" and thus prepared to survive a guerilla war, will resist. The government is completely incapable of suppressing an insurrection on that scale. The problem is that they are too stupid to realize it, and unwilling to deal with it in a realistic way once it happens.

Thus the country is divided. How long it takes I don't know, but probably not long. Rather than two parts, however, there will likely be three. Something like this:

What happens to Alaska and Hawaii? Who cares what happens to Hawaii? Alaska likely ends up in the camp of what I'll call the Northwest Alliance, which is allied with the Republic of the South, for lack of better name at the moment. Each side has essentially the same interest - restoring constitutional rule to a reunited nation - while the northeast and California (with its satellite states) are pretty much done. This is explored in Balance of Power.

All right, gonna leave it there and we'll see what happens.

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