Tue Feb 8 21:17:00 UTC 2022

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I do not believe that President Trump (yes, the title applies to any former president until he shuffles off this mortal coil) should attempt to be elected again. It might very well be possible, but there is no reason to take the risk. Even if he is elected, it would be his last term and no matte what the makeup of Congress, the insane hatred of his enemies and the resources they have would likely do at least some damage to his administration. Perhaps those close to him, in particular his family, will be able to persuade him. In any case, a much more attractive opportunity is available if he chooses.

The present situation, unlikely to change significantly before the election, is likely to result in Republican control of one or both houses of Congress. That will have little effect (barring the very unlikely scenario of veto-proof majorities in both houses - and even that would do little good as Democrats are able thus far to ignore laws with impunity) and thus the failure to maintain that control while installing a Republican president in 2024 will result in no improvement.

I view the Republican party not as a wonderful thing, but as the only viable tool for reform. No doubt there will continue to be RINOs, but perhaps they will continue do diminish in number and influence. Thus, those seeking a reversal of the decline must work with what is available.

What role can President Trump play? Assuming he can put aside ego (now aggravated by a desire for revenge) and taking the long view, an important one. The main one is by being as near invisible as possible. That will be difficult, but the rewards are worth it. So, Mr. Trump, here goes:

1. Obviously, playing kingmaker in the congressional contests (as well as those for mayor, governor, etc) wherever possible is one of the most important things he can do. It will not be possible in all situations, and he must judge (with good advice) which ones are propitious and not intervene in those where he is likely to be a liability. He has an enormous following, probably the biggest single block of voters available, and his endorsement in the right contests will be beneficial.

2. Helping to organize and fund a large stealth organization to support candidates without his name being connected. There are many wealthy people who will be willing to fund a variety of activities to influence the elections without their names being readily known. There are probably only a few billionaires (the electric guy car seems to be worth a look) but certainly many wealthy celebrities (some of whom are quiet and others who are not) and business people with wealth measured in the multiple millions. Augmented by the many average citizens who can contribute only a few thousands or hundreds, the funding could easily be in the billions. The activities are varied and in some cases may be determined extemporaneously. A very important one follows.

3. The preceding article describes the process. A number of people smarter than me suggest this as a likely trend, one that could be in some sense extant already as alternatives to Facebook and Twitter have emerged to provide a platform for opponents of the regime. Those are, however, digital media. The (original) printed form could prove useful if sufficient resources are available. Why? Simple. The digital medium (along with television and radio) is ephemeral, and many people, probably most people, remember little of something they saw or heard a few minutes earlier, and most rarely revisit something they recently saw on the Internet. Paper is persistent - a flyer on a windshield or a pamphlet left behind on a counter or table in a public place can be seen by more than one person before eventually disappearing. An organization such as would be possible with the resources of an organization such as that previously described could put millions of copies of a message - identical copies, avoiding dilution or blurring of the message - in the hands of people in every part of the country on very short notice. And the obstructions of the electronic media are bypassed. This has enormous potential, needing only visionary leaders and organization.

Mr. Trump can have far more in this way than he could ever hope for by being president again, even if he could be guaranteed election. His legacy would dwarf any of president since Reagan, and the effects would last longer than even those of Ronaldus Maximus. If, as he professes, his love for the Republic and the country come before all else, he will find a way to, for a while, put his personal feelings and desires aside and in doing so become more than he originally aspired to be. And the defeated enemies will surely be a pleasant sight.

Occasionally while writing I an occasionally distracted by something or other, and find something interesting. On this occasion I happened across a reference (several actually) to an Ouroborosian political process. The idea is that the political class repeatedly recycles players until they become unusable due to age or death. As in constantly putting forth candidates like (Hildebeast ) Clinton, Biden, et al. Apparently, though it strains credulity, there are some on the Dim side seriously considering the beast as a presidential candidate in place of Biden should he no longer be physically viable (vertical) for the next round.

In any case, Ouroboros reminded me of the wonderful "The Worm Ouroboros" by E. R. Eddison. It's a very charming fantasy work reminiscent of Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", which it predates by a decade or two. It's sufficiently enjoyable that I've read it a few times, as recently as a couple of years ago. Just have a dictionary handy as it's written in 16th century English.

So there you have it. Socio-political and literary commentary at one sitting. I have no idea if any of it makes sense. ~~ Enak