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Stupid People
Wed 31 Aug 2022 01:32:11 PM CDT : 1661970731

Do I want to waste time on this?  Not really, but even the most insignificant boring wannabesuboddy earns a brief notice if they are sufficiently annoying.  Not that Britney (not sure of spellling and don't care to google) meteorologist person at Fox 13, Memphis, Tennessee has actually earned it.  It's the fault of the radio station I listen to in order to avoid paying Verizon for three hours of data transfer while I listen to the Clay and Buck.  They play the idiotic Fox "news" blurbs at the top of the hour, the two to three minutes of carefully crafted propaganda followed by the Fox 13 weather report.  Usually it's a recording of the aforementioned Britney, who announces the conditions (hot, sunny, rainy, whatever) followed by the apparent short term forecast.  Almost without exception this idiot will say something like "this afternoon we're gonna be tracking temps in the high 90s" or "gonna be tracking clouds and winds" or "gonna be tracking whatever I'm reading here". 

So yer sittin' at a radar console "tracking" hot sun, or you're "tracking" light rain, or yer "gonna be tracking" winds or something or other?  That it?

NO YOU IDIOT.  You're sitting at a computer looking at the words you're going to read for the next blurb.  Or you're in the breakrooom drinking coffee with another "meteorologist" (how many meteorologists on television are actually meteorologists?  OK, obviously it doesn't take much to be a meteorologist - or for that matter a "journalist" or some other denizen of that (happily) dying profession. 

BUT PLEASE STOP SAYING STUPID WORDS BECAUSE YOU THINK IT MAKES YOU SEEM SMART.  It doesn't.  In fact in confirms my suspicion that you are stupid. 

Luckily I usually hit the mute button or change the station in time to avoid you, but it's still mildly disturbing to know that idiots like you are out there getting paid for your stupidity.  Maybe you have some additional duties that make you worth keeping around.  But you're still stupid. 

BTW, Fox 13 Memphis has five meteorologists.  How many people do you need to read the computer screens while looking at the camera.  Mebbe they do have degrees in meteorology, but that isn't a meteorologist.  It's a person who has a degree in meteorology.  The proper term is weather presenter. But it sounds real impressive to some folks maybe.  If any are watching.  Just listen to yourself and if you don't think you sound stupid then you truly are stupid. 

Perhaps I'll add some of your fellow stupid people here to keep you company.  They're not hard to find, but rarely worth the trouble. 

Thu 08 Sep 2022 03:48:58 PM CDT : 1662670138

OK, little feller, you talked me into it.  But no pictures.  Gratuitious hideousness is not allowed in this establishment. 

The present on the Republic naturally includes the installation of tools of the regime in positions of power, wherever possible in positions from which they can not be easily removed, if at all.  While appointments to administration positions may (but too often aren't) replaced in an administration of the opposite party, Supreme court judges are, for better or worse, lifetime appointments.  Worse, in the case of the most recent.  I speak of the abomination which (presumably) rejoices in the name of Kentaji Brown Jackson.  I did a little research, not because I cared.  She is merely a tool of the overlords, who view her and her kind as exactly that - tools to be conditioned with indoctrination and bribes, and used to manage their fellows.  In any case, she was given two ostensibly African names, and the surname of the family.  That would be the Brown part.  One of the overweening "African" names would be unused as she married and assumed the surname Jackson.  So just the one ancestral name remained. Naturally law school, passing the bar, getting jobs was automagic, being the right color.  And then it was into government law.  And eventually winning the lottery.  The puppet president Biden had promised to put a black woman on the supreme court, and a black woman it was when he got the chance.  She got the call. 

The confirmation hearings were pathetic.  Except for confirming what most knew but few would say.  She is not very bright.  Who cares?  Actually it's better if the tools aren't very intelligent.  They do as they're told, or trained, so repeated telling isn't necessary.  They have that much intelligence I suppose.  It would be better if in such cases the Republicans simply didn't bother to participate, since it was a done deal.  I suppose some wanted her on the record as what she is.  And demonstrating that, as I said, she isn't very intelligent. 

For those tools who are merely hired from wherever they go to find stupid people, such formalities aren't necessary.  So when the first press secretary of the Biden regime, not terribly bright herself and brutally ugly to boot, decided to move on to a more lucrative job in the propaganda sector, they hired what must be the stupidest organism available at the moment.  This one, a Haitian by way of France, apparently the name is her original, fashionable hyphenated last name, no middle supplied.  Couldn't get into med school (hard to fail at that given the pigmentation) and went into politics.  Oh yeah, fashionable LGBTQWERTY+@.  Having any kind of sex with that is not something I want to think about.  But maybe I overestimate her stupidity. Probably not, but it could be the conditioning is so successful that she can go out day after day and read responses to questions from a book brought for the purpose, and if the question being asked has an answer provided, simply spews a couple of minutes of word salad. 

Given that non one person in this administration has an IQ above room temperature, that's not surprising.  She is quite robotic, and that's the best quality in the presidential lie-spewer.  She is hideous though, and with that hair I'd expect her to change her name, prepend a "Le" or "De" somewhere, or an extraneous apostrophe or two.  Like the denizens of the blue city cesspools where most of her species live. 

Okey-dokey, enough of that. 'bout time to go out and have a midnight cigar on the back deck.  E&J peach brandy, or Irish Mist?  Hmmm, with the grand finale not far off... 

(I type this stuff on the fly, and don't usually go back and fix typos.  Anyway, I like to talk like Baer Creighton sometimes, so it's spelled correctly wrong.)


Wed 31 Aug 2022 01:32:11 PM CDT : 1661970731
Last updated: Sun 22 Oct 2023 08:05:00 PM CDT : 1698023100

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