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For the People? Hardly.
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With a few hours left before calling it a day, let me turn my attention to operations that run incessant radio ads (I still listen to talk radio a bit) run by slip-and-fall lawyers (we used to call them ambulance-chasers - one of the hillarious scenes in one of the Revenge of the Nerds movies was Booger "going to meet a client"), with some crowing about billions of dollars in "recoveries". The amount of advertising would suggest that it is indeed profitable. The incessant radio commercials and billboards (I don't watch television these days but seem to remember them from the time when I did) suggest a substantial advertising budget.

Normally I ignore them, but your tagline is somewhat offensive. 'For the people'. As the brain-dead puppet infesting the presidency would say "C'mon man". 'For the money' is more accurate. I realize that honesty has little utility in advertising, and perhaps there is no point in mentioning it. C'est la vie.

As to why I may be a little more offended than the average peasant, I was in contact with your firm on two occasions. The first was actually initiated by my guardian at the time, as I was incapacitated by injuries inflicted by the Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro, Arkansas. The second was a contact made by me, offering information I believed you might have an interest in. In the first case my guardian discussed the circumstances and was told something to the effect that "not that you don't have a case, but it is not one we are prepared to deal with", something along those lines. When I contacted you (using the contact form on your website) I received calls several times daily for the next week of so (I didn't answer, obviously) and presumably you gave up and moved on.

That has been my experience with lawyers generally. Let's talk about your case on the phone and we'll see if there is likely to be sufficient money in it. Half of the contact pages on their websites don't work, on most of the ones that appear to I never get even an auto-reply, and the only effort at contact is a phone call. I get it, you're busy and want to get the live ones the easiest way. Likely you have no shortage of customers, so who cares if you miss one.

You missed one with me, but it wasn't one you would want. Too much work, even with the potential payoff. Not to mention the publicity, and that's worth... well, you know all that.

As I said, I get it. Drunk driver kills or injures someone, got insurance or is rich or both, you get a good settlement quick. Generally don't even have to go to trial. Cut-and-dried stuff. Drunk banker head-ons the wrong car, high-school cheerleader left a quadriplegic, her quarterback boyfriend dead for extra points (pardon the expression), let's go. Mostly paperwork, getting the case underway and waiting for the right settlement. Although I do notice you are concentrating on the slip-and-fall (seems to be aimed at workplace incidents, good move) stuff lately.

Here in the real world, as they say, it ain't that easy at all. If you really want justice, for the people, you have to work at it. I've learned that, spending my time and money to try to help a few of those people. I can't do much, with my limited resources, but I'll try. You guys can enjoy the good life those billions buy, and I won't resent it. I'm busy with my own work.

I suppose if you were a bit more enterprising, willing to look beyond just pursuing a business plan that is working and doesn't need changes, you might look at things like this.

You see, what I sent you (and a number of lawyers) that second time was some information about a case which, if you were really doing it "for the people" you would have at least taken a look at. I had a half dozen victims lined up, all of the same corrupt hospital, and more in the pipeline. I sent you a link to the website, no one ever looked (I see the server logs) and it's likely no one had the curiosity. You called me several times a day for a couple of weeks, but I am unable to converse well on the phone. Anyway, here's what you missed:

Arkansas Continued Care Hospital (ACCH) in Jonesboro, Arkansas is at best incompetent beyond belief (I subscribe to the idea that incompetence is the worst type of corruption) and at worst a criminal enterprise, defrauding insurance companies and Medicare and in the process causing physical harm (including death) to its patients. I have compiled considerable evidence to support this, including witnesses to the medical malpractice. With minor work you could have dozens of plaintiffs against one defendant. And one way or another - whether you got the place shut down and it's operators in prison where they belong or get honest and competent replacements - you would be helping other people to avoid becoming victims. But that would be a lot of work. I get it.

More importantly, ACCH is only one of a number of hospitals operated by Community Hospital Corporation of Plano, Texas. The head of the snake you might say. While we have not been able to investigate many of them in the same depth as ACCH, the problem appears to be widespread.

I don't know if any investigation would reveal something of the magnitude of the HCA (the Frist company of Tennessee) affair which netted the federal government billions in settlements, but it would be considerable.

The website has all this information and more. Perhaps someone will notice, or not. Meanwhile I have work to to.

Best wishes,

Jessica Marshall
Communications Coordinator
Victims of ACCH


Victims of ACCH
Continued Care Hospital of Arkansas - Jonesboro, Arkansas
Community Hospital Corporation - Plano, Texas

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