My dictionary, for when the Urban Dictionary doesn't have it or gets it wrong.

El Rushbo   GOAT. Radio talk show host and incisive socio-political commentator, documented to be right 99.7% of the time. Most hated by the left even after he shuffled off the mortal coil. Lefties hate him all the more because they know that unlike their defunct icons, who are burning eternally, El Rushbo was, before he passed to Abraham's bosom, taken up onto a high mountain and shown the future America, cleansed of all their filth.

El Rushbo was known for having a sense of humor that was sometimes too subtle for even long-time audience members to readily detect, and often used pseudo-lingo such as preceding a regular word with "El" and calling it "Spanish lingo" or using improper plurals for words like 'campus' by referring to 'college campii'.